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Rotary table bearing is a kind of bearing fixed by a bidirectional thrust bearing and a centripetal-guided bearing. They can support radial loads, axial loads from both directions and tilting moments free from clearance and are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements with high requirements for running accuracy, like rotary tables, millings heads and reversible clamps. Due to the fixing holes in the bearing rings, the units are very easy to fit. The bearings are radially and axially preloaded after fitting.
YRT580 INA bearings
INA YRT580 Rotary table bearings are high precision bearings for high precision applications with combined loads. They can support radial loads
and axial loads from both sides as well as tilting moments and are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements with high requirements for running
accuracy, for example in rotary tables, face plates, milling heads and reversible clamps.
Shanghai sound bearing can supply INA Rotary table bearings YRT series as follows,
Item d D H
YRT50 50 126 30
YRT80-TV 80 146 35
YRT100 100 185 38
YRT120 120 210 40
YRT150 150 240 40
YRT180 180 280 43
YRT200 200 300 45
YRT260 260 385 55
YRT325 325 450 60
YRT395 395 525 65
YRT460 460 600 70
YRT580 580 750 90
YRT650 650 870 122
YRT850 850 1095 124
YRT950 950 1200 132
YRT1030 1030 1300 145

N-2916-B 464761 6397-0267-00
E-1927-B TNU-9238 7602-0212-69
E-1906-B IB-672 6301-0038-00
G-3075-B IB-676 7602-0212-91
G-2791-B IB-678 7602-0212-90
G-2792-B ADA-16202 F-200636
ZB-26250 ADA-42603 10771-RP
ZB-28515 ADA-28364 F-65877
ZB-22000 ADD-42605 F-202670
ZB-4260 ADD-42805 12-RA-44
ZB-7370 ADA-16223 114-Z-01
6301-0038-00 ADD-42205 85-X-04
ZB-5620 215-ADA-263 F-200540
6319-0078-00 AD-4540-D F-201602
ZA-4250 ADA-42007 G-3145-B
ZA-4251 TB-8029 F-94477
ZA-4750 AD-4730-D F-202675
ZA-4500 ADA-26334 F-85928
ZA-4501 ADA-42601 F-87656
ZA-4751 AD-4814-D R-92906
ZA-4752 AD-4644-D HCS-295
464778 ADA-42207 HCS-302
464777 ADA-42002 HCS-310
464779 AD-4630-D HCS-327
464776 12-AM-3 HCS-331
BN- 12-W-84 HCS-336
2-B-493335 12-W-60 SCS-162
464774 7602-0212-78 W-230
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