About us

Vision & Value

Drilling Solutions limited has established a reputation among drilling contractors worldwide as a dependable supplier of high quality genuine O.E.M. drilling rig spare parts. We also offer worldwide repair service for drilling rigs and its components.

1) World Largest Supplier for drilling rig spare parts.

DSL focus on supply USA made drilling rig & equipment original and high quality O.E.M spare parts more than ten(10) years.

Service more than 80 EA drilling contractors direclty and 4,000 disctributors worldwidely.

2) Leader for drilling rig &equipment repair and maintenance.

Base on our international service network and warehouse, our skilled service engineers can work at your local rig yard to do test, maintance, and repair work.

In stock warehouse is a key component of our repair service. enables us to meet cyclical repair demands and improve working efficiency.

Having the right parts in the right place, at the right time is critical to your success. Through the Fleet Care program, spare part requirements are supported through all phases of your business with DSL. We’re here to help keep your drilling operations running at optimum efficiency