Drilling & Workover Rig Repair

Derrick & Substructure Repair & Maintenance

  • Derrick/Mast repairs, recertification or total mast replacement
  • Derrick/Mast Inspection and and survery (incudes:  NDT, MPI,DPI,LPI)
  • Substructure repairs, recertification or total substructure replacement
  • Substructure Inspection and and survery(incudes:  NDT, MPI,DPI,LPI)
  • Load Testing/Pre and Post NDT testing
  • Hoisting and Lifting surveys
  • Upgrade BOP Handling system
  • Replacement of components
  • Upgrade Rig Moving System

DSL provides an above standard approach to repair solutions with rope access specialties. We specialize in Rig Building, Derrick,Substructure Inspections, and Equipment Sourcing worldwidely. As a whole, we are committed to offering our customers with the highest standards of service quality and safety. We are passionate about our work and take pride in our products, services, and solutions we provide. While employing Rig BUilding Crews around the world, we are capable of working in any conditions and offer a rigging team that is always on call for any wants and needs that should arise.

Our Rig Builders are highly qualified and our main concern is getting the job done with the highest levels of satisfaction. DSL has a team of multi skilled inspectors who are equipped to carry our clients’ needs at short notice. All our inspectors are rope access certified to ensure we can achieve every requirement of our customers.

Workover rig, Drilling g Upagrde, Repair & Maintenance

  • Workover rig Maintenance, Upgrade, Refurbishment
  • Drilling rig Maintenance, Upgrade, Refurbishment

We have rig repair workshops and factories at Middel East, Indonesia, Colombia, Middle Asia.

DSL has a long history of working with masts and substructures, carrier and trailer rigs of almost every manufacturer there is or has been. Our extensive knowledge and background is at your disposal to support whatever it is that you need to do to your rig. Our worldwide locations ensure that we are able to support you wherever you are in the world.

API audits DSL annually for its various licences and for rig refurbishments, these certifications include include API Q1 & ISO 9001:2008.
As an API 4F & 8C licensed company we have the qualifications and accreditations to re-certify your drilling structure.