Instrument repair

Rig Instrument Services include:

  • Worldwide field service support
  • Vertical run testing of drilling instrument utilizing custom-designed dynamometer
  • Preventative maintenance and operational support
  • Strategic spare parts sales and planning
  • Rig retrofit work for new and used systems
  • Rig Instrument of all support components
  • Third party consulting

DSL with expertise in rig instrument, our field, technical, and sales staff have extensive experience in all aspects of rig instrument , making each installation,maintenance, repair portable so you may move the top drive from rig to rig in your fleet with ease,  saving your company money, and providing flexibility within your rig fleet and let your rig running smoomthly.

Rig Instrument Services scope:

  • Drilling Instrumentation:
  • Deadline Anchors
  • Monitoring System
  • Mud pump Pressure gauge
  • Tachometer System
  • Torque indicator
  • Weight indicator
  • Driller’s console
  • Driller’s cabinent
  • Mud Logging Unit
  • Well Logging Tools
  • Oil Instrument
  • Test Instrument
  • Core Analyzer
  • Other Instrument