Hosit & Rotating system repair

Hosit and Rotate equipment Services include:

  • Periodic Maintenance and repair
  • Full Maintenance (hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, engine)
  • Emergency Repair on site
  • Refurbishment, Overhauls and Upgrades (Welding, Fabrication/Design)  
  • Equipment Commissioning
  • Inspection & Complete Equipment Testing
  • Training
  • Field Service

DSL services a broad range of Drilling rig hositing and rotating system including repair, refurbishment, and inspection of Crwon block, Travelling block, Hook, Hook block, Power swivel, Swivel, Rotary table etc.  Our highly-trained field service technicians specialize in these equipment repairs and oilfield service, either on-site or at one of our facilities.

Hosit and Rotate equipment Services includes brands:

  • Crown Block
  • Travelling Block
  • Hook
  • Hook Block
  • Power Swivel
  • Swivel
  • Spinner
  • Rotary Table