Drill String, Tubular Repair

Drill Pipe/Tubular Inspection & services provided:  

  • Drill Pipe Inspection
  • OCTG Oil Country Tubular Goods
  • MAG Magnetic Partial Inspection
  • Trip Jobs on derrick vertical position inspection
  • Rack Break Inspection Threaded Connection
  • Pipe Straightening
  • EMI Electro Magnetic Inspection
  • Refacing Service
  • Coating Services
  • Hardbanding Services
  • Machine Services
  • UTI Ultra SonicTesting
  • VTI Visual Threaded Inspection of Connections
  • Full Circumferential Coverage
  • Tube Conditions Classification

We provide Electromagnetic Inspections (EMI) to detect service-related defects and prevent downhole failures.

DSL Services offers our clients full pipe inspection, we are able to conduct on-site and in-house inspection.  All of our inspection technicians’ personnel have certification to ANST Level Il and meet DS-1 specifications. In addition we have certified Level III instructors to provide training and support our field inspectors.

Rely on our inspections for:

  • Ultrasonic testing (UT) to determine wall thickness
  • Locating fatigue cracks
  • Detecting internal pits
  • Measure changes in wall thickness
  • Detail Data Sheet
  • All tube and tool joint inspections are carried out in accordance with standards such as API, DS-1 and customer specifications.

Multidimensional tool joint checks

  • Box end
  • Outside diameter
  • Shoulder width
  • Tong space
  • Counter bore diameter
  • Seal width
  • Bevel diameter
  • Pin end
  • Inside diameter
  • Tong space
  • Neck length
  • Bevel diameter