Canrig 6027AC



Canrig Top Drive Model 6027AC Spare Parts List – One Year
No.Spare PartPart No.
Main Drive Unit
1Gasket View CoverDT12119-4
2Gasket View CoverDT12120-4
Rotary Manifold Assembly
1O-Ring, 0.424 x 0.630 X 0.103S01-1111-01VS
2O-Ring, 11.885 OD, Special587-97-0
3O-Ring, 12 x 12 1/4 x 1/8S01-1278-01N
4Polypak, 12*12, 3/4*3/8S10031
5Seal, Pistion Ring, 12″*11.5″S05-1006-010
Link Tilt Assembly
1Caliper, BreakeM16-1000-010
2Pad, Friction Shoe, Disc BrakeM16-1000-01A
3Seal Kit, Disc BrakeM16-1000-01B
4Prox Sensor, 1-NO, 1-NC, 10-60VDCN10000
Link Support Assembly
1Seal Kit, Bore 3.25, Rod2H10242
2O-Ring, 2 3/16 x 2 3/8 x 3/32S01-1139-01N
3Wiper,1 3/8 x 1 3/4 x 3/16S02-1001-010
4Wiper, 15 x 16 x 1/2S02-1006-010
5Polypak, 1 3/8 x 1 3/4 x 3/16S03-1003-010
Handler Lock Assembly
1Repair Kit, Bore 2, Rod1H18-2010-01B
2Prox Sensor, 1-NO, 10-30VDC, 8MMN10057
Torque Boost Assembly
1Eal Kit, Torque Boost, High TorqueS08-1031-010
2Capscr, Hex HD, m12*40, GR8.8HH-12MM-40MM-GR8-W
Miscellaneous Components
1Kit, O-RingAY11701
2Kit, FuseAY11767
3Cable, 1TSP #20 AWG, Braided ArmE03-1035-030
Buw Assembly
1Seal Kit, Bore 2.5, Rod 1.38H18-2513-01A
2Pin, Pivot, 1in DIA, C to C 3.25H19-1001-010
3Pin, Pivot, CYL, 3/4 DIA, C to C 2.75H19-1009-010
Buw Gripper
1Pin, DIE, Petainer588-26-0
2DIE Block Assy, 5.75-9.00AY12308
3Plate, Stop, Buw, Left Hand588-17-0-L
4Plate, Stop, Buw, Right Hand588-17-0-R
5Stabing Bell, 6.70 ID 5 DP829-15-0
6Rod, Spring Guide, Stabing Bell829-10-7
7Seal Kit, Buw Gripper CylinderS08-1003-010
8Tong DIE, 1/2*1, 1/4*5 LongR02-1000-010
Buw, Telescoping Tube Assembly
1Telescoping Tube Assy, Buw, 26.75AY10028-1
Hydraulic Components
1VLV, Hyd, Flow, Dual Throttle, D03H04-1003-020
2VLV, Hyd, Pressure Reducing, Subpl, D03H05-1002-010
3VLV, Hdy, Press Relife, Dual Sand, D03H06-1006-010
4VLV, Hyd, P.O. Check Sand, D03H07-1006-010
5Test Station, #4 SAEH22-1000-010
6Stud Kit, 10-24H13-1003-010
Hydraulic Components (Flex I/O)
1VLV, Hyd, Dir,3 Pos, 4 Way, 24V, D03H03-1051-010
2VLV, Hyd, Dir,3 Pos, 4 Way, 24V, D03H03-1052-010
3VLV, Hyd, Dir,2 Pos, 4 Way, 24V, D03H03-1053-010
4VLV, Hyd, Dir,2 Pos, 4 Way, 24V, D03H03-1054-010
5Solenoid, 24VDCH03-1051-01A
Lube System Assembly
1Pump, Hyd, Gear, 1.09 CI/REVH01-1001-010
2Motor, AC,2 HP, 575V, 1750 RPME01-1029-010
3CPLG, Half, 7/8 Bore, 3/16 KeyM03-1000-020
4CPLG, Spider Element Style a NBR MATM03-1002-020
5Filter Element, 12 Micron, CartridgeH11-1000-02A
6Filter Element, 25 MicronH11-1003-01A
Mud Flow System
1Wash Pipe, 3.00 Bore, 5000psi722-10-0
2Packing, STD, 3″, Wash PipeR01-1002-010
Hydraulic Fitting
1Kit, Hose & FittingH16-8001-010
PLC (Flex I/O)
1Input, Digital, 16PT, 24VDC, Flex I/ON21-3000-010
2Terminal Base, 52 Terminal, Screw ClampN21-1001-010
Control Console (Flex I/O)
1Relay, 5VDC, 3 Form CE19-1021-010
2Terminal, TS 32 Rail, c/w Plastic ClipE16-1011-010
3Contack Block, 1-NO, 1-NCE06-2002-010
4Lamp, 24VDCE09-1002-01A
5Switch, Air Press, 0.4-1.6 in WaterN08-1004-010
6Switch, Sel, 2Pos, Maint, ILLUM, No KnobE06-1000-010
7OPTO-Coupler, 5VDC IN, 5-4 VDC outN20-1000-010
CIP Assembly
1Manual Starter-O/L, 10HP, Midsize 2 FrameE11105
2Contactor 24VDC, 25HPE10366
Hose & Fitting
1Filter Element, Hydraulic Return FilterH10212
2Counter Balance Valve, BUWH09-1004-010