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Emsco F-1000

Replacement parts for the Emsco F-1000.

Emsco F-1000 Triplex Mud Pumps 7″ x 10″
LinersLiner GasketsPistonsPiston Replacement Rubbers
SizeCeramicSupremeRubberUrethaneWhite LightningSupremeGreen DuoFlexlipWhite LightningSupreme
4″PPNO 012180170PPNO 1502052PPNO 011102926PPNO 015180102
4 1/4″
4 1/2″PPNO 07495450PPNO 05495450PPNO 07918282PPNO 012180197PPNO 012180196PPNO 1502054PPNO 011102928PPNO 015180145PPNO 015180144
4 3/4″
5″PPNO 07495500PPNO 05495500PPNO 07918282PPNO 012180254PPNO 012180253PPNO 1502056PPNO 011103033PPNO 015180186PPNO 015180185
5 1/4″
5 1/2″PPNO 07495550PPNO 05495550PPNO 07918282PPNO 012180338PPNO 012180337PPNO 1502058PPNO 011103132PPNO 015180228PPNO 015180227
5 3/4″
6″PPNO 07495600PPNO 05495600PPNO 07918282PPNO 012180395PPNO 012180394PPNO 1502060PPNO 011103629PPNO 015180269PPNO 015180268
6 1/4″PPNO 05495625PPNO 07918282PPNO 012180493PPNO 1502061PPNO 011103322PPNO 015180285PPNO 015180284
6 1/2″PPNO 07495650PPNO 05495650PPNO 07918282PPNO 012180536PPNO 012180535PPNO 1502062PPNO 011103827PPNO 015180301PPNO 015180300
6 3/4″
7″PPNO 012180619PPNO 012180618PPNO 1502064PPNO 011103926PPNO 015180343PPNO 015180342
Valves, Seats, Springs & InsertsGaskets
RoughneckRoughneck HPSupremeOEMUrethaneL StyleUrethane
Valve – White Lightning InsertPPNO 9700367PPNO 9700359PPNO 060152809Valve CoverPPNO 07916740PPNO 07207129
Valve – Urethane InsertPPNO 9700285PPNO 9700353PPNO 060152808Cylinder HeadPPNO 07918282
Valve – Rubber InsertPPNO 9702601N/APPNO 060122702Plug Seal
SeatPPNO 9702547PPNO 9702547PPNO 061102653HYDRA-LOKOEMMission L
SpringPPNO 8201650PPNO 8201650PPNO 055413371Complete Assembly
Spring – StainlessPPNO 055402952
Insert – UrethanePPNO 9705090PPNO 9700363PPNO 062400106ModulesOEMMission L
Insert – RubberPPNO 9705155N/APPNO 062400056Complete AssemblyPPNO EMSFEMF1000CAPPNO FEMF1000ASSYSW
Seat Puller AssembliesDischarge Module StuddedPPNO FEMF1000DISSW
Puller AssemblyPPNO M1060PPNO M1060PPNO M1060Suction Module StuddedPPNO FEMF1000SUCSW
Puller HeadPPNO 8401977PPNO 8401977PPNO 181235052One Piece OEM Style StuddedPPNO EMSFEMF1000
Crosshead Extension Rods, Quick Connect Rods, Self Aligning Rod Assemblies & Piston Rods
Crosshead RodQuick ConnectSelf Aligning Rod AssemblyPony Rod BafflePiston RodSub RodStudRod NutClampCovered Rod NutPony Rod Seal
PPNO 079130701 PiecePPNO 07208501PPNO 1551702PPNO 005402052PPNO PP601000PPNO CRN-1PPNO 07209107
PPNO 079130702 PiecePPNO 1095000PPNO 07208501PPNO 07109906PPNO 07109904PPNO 10305203PPNO 005402052PPNO PP601000PPNO CRN-1PPNO 07209107

Fluid End Module & Accessories

Emsco F-1000 7″ x 9″ Style “L” Module Fluid End Modules & Accessories
Item #Qty.AM OEM Part #AM Part #Description
3PPES 8422-APPNO Femf800AssyswFluid End Module Complete Assembly (Includes Items: 1 – 27)
13PPES 8422-1DPPNO F1000DisswDischarge Module, Studded (Includes Items: 1, 3 – 12)
23PPES 8422-2SPPNO F1000SucswnsSuction Module, Studded (Includes Items: 2, 5, 6, & 27)
318PPES 4016-97PPNO Owa17DsucsswStud, Discharge Module To Suction Module
418PPNO Emsf1000PfsnNut, Discharge To Suction Stud
572PPES 4015-2PPNO Owa17TrsswStud, Threaded Ring
672PPNO Pz789LcsnNut, Threaded Ring Stud
718PPES 4017-63PPNO Pep70Stud, Power Frame
818Nut, Power Frame Stud
936PPES 4017-51Capscrew, Socket Head (Liner Retainer Flange)
1012PPES 4017-46PPNO 1290344Stud, Discharge Manifold
1112PPNO Emsf1000DmsnNut, Discharge Manifold Stud
126PPES 8488-5PPNO Pep70Pin, Dowell
136PPES 2988PPNO 1290344Seal, Suction To Discharge Module & Wear Plate Seal
143PPES 8422-3PPNO Emsf1000ArswRing, Liner Retainer Pilot
153PPES 8422-5Plate, Liner Wear
163PPES 6422-4Flange, Liner Retainer
173PPES 6522Nut, Liner Retainer
186PPES P-129PPNO 07207129Gasket, Valve Cover
1912PPES 4016-99PPNO Pep73Capscrew, Valve Guide
206PPES 4700-IPPNO Pz789VgiBushing, Valve Guide
216PPES 4775-2RPPNO Pep73Guide, Valve (Includes Item # S 19, 20 & 21)
226PPES 4675-2APPNO 700048511Plug, Valve Cover (Includes Item # S 19, 20, 21.& 22)
236PPES 4475PPNO Owa17FlgswRing, Threaded
246PPES 4575PPNO Owa17CapswCap, Threaded
253PPES 568-241PPNO 99609241Gasket, Discharge Manifold
263PPES 568-442PPNO 99609442Gasket, Suction Manifold
2718PPES 4017-81PPNO 0-7601-0331-13Capscrew, Suction Manifold
3PPES 6222-25PPNO 007109906Piston Rod For F-800/F-1000 (Includes 10305203 Stud)
3PPES 6222-1PPNO 007109904Sub Rod F-1000 Only
3PPES 6294-1Subrod F-800Only
3PPES 1290-2PPNO 10305203Connecting Stud
3PPES 2974-8PPNO 20100016Gasket, Liner
3PPNO 07924528Module Seal Kit: (Kit Includes Two Valve Cover Gaskets, Suction To Discharge Module Gasket, Suction Manifold O-Ring, Discharge Manifold O-Ring, Wear Plate Gasket.)