GD 6″x8″ FD FXX


Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ FD FXX Mud Pump

Replacement parts for the Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ FD FXX mud pump.

Fluid End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ FD FXX Rebuild Kit
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2LinerPPGD FD45660
2Liner ChromePPGD FD45660C
4Liner PackingPPGD FD45660LP
2Lantern RingPPGD FD45660LR
2Head GasketPPGD 25G43
2Piston 6″PPGD 206TBB045A
2Piston Rubber Kit 6″PPGD TBB76015
2Piston RodPPGD 5EF183 (5.1/2 X 8)
2Piston Rod ChromePPGD 14EF183
2Junk RingPPGD BC317
2PackingPPGD 60BH2
2Bushing GlandPPGD 1FD152

Fluid End Valves, Seats and Springs

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ FD FXX Fluid End Valves, Seats and Springs
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
8Valve Cover GasketPPGD 25G18
8Valve SpringPPGD 78D22
8Spring SSPPGD 78A171SS
8Spring SteelPPGD 78A171ST
8Valve GravelPPGD 200FGG482A
8Valve Gravel InsertPPGD 200FGG106
8Valve SeatPPGD 200FGG039
8Valve StandardPPGD 1FG928
8Valve Standard InsertPPGD 1FG452
8Valve Standard SeatPPGD 11FG39
8Seat ValvePPGD 200FDD039
8Valve-BallPPGD 200FDD481
8Cover-ValvePPGD 200FDD147A

Fluid End Stuffing Box

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ FD FXX Stuffing Box
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
4Stud, Stuffing BoxPPGD 79A183
4Nut, Stuffing Box StudPPGD 50B8
2ASM Stuffing BoxPPGD 2007956
2Packing, Braided AsbestosPPGD 60BG13
2Packing, Oil Res Molded ConvexPPGD 60BH2
2Packing, Molded Rubber & DuckPPGD 60DA415
2Ring-JunkPPGD BC317
2GasketPPGD 25C1737
2Bushing-GlandPPGD 1FD152
2Gland, Stuffing BoxPPGD FD21
2ASM GlandPPGD 200FXX008A
2Packing-RingPPGD 60DD75
2NutPPGD 200FXX086

Fluid End Cylinder

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ FD FXX Fluid Cylinder
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
12Stud, Cylinder to FramePPGD 79L92
12Nut, Cylinder to Frame StudPPGD 50B10
16Stud, Valve CoverPPGD 79A559
16Nut, Valve Cover StudPPGD 50B13
8Stud, Discharge FlangePPGD 79A183
8Nut, Discharge Flange StudPPGD 50B8
24Stud, Cylinder HeadPPGD 79A183
24Nut, Cylinder Head StudPPGD 50B8
8Stud, Suction FlangePPGD 79A183
8Nut, Suction Flange StudPPGD 50B8
1Flange, DischargePPGD 64DA5
1Gasket, Discharge FlangePPGD 25G4
2Head CylinderPPGD 4FD41
2Clamp LinerPPGD 3FD217
4Sleeve LinerPPGD 25T32
2Spacer LinerPPGD FD445
2Set Screw, LinerPPGD 76W3
2Nut, Liner Set ScrewPPGD 50B12
2Washer, Liner Set ScrewPPGD 95F12
2Packing, Liner Set ScrewPPGD 60BQ6
1Flange, SuctionPPGD FD77
1Gasket, Suction FlangePPGD 25C320
5Plug, Cylinder CleanoutPPGD 64AU5
8Valve CoverPPGD FD147
32Stud, Flange & HeadPPGD 79A183
32Nut, Flange & HeadPPGD 50B8
1Gasket, Discharge FlangePPGD 25BE14
2PlugPPGD 64AU5

Gear End Pullers

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ FD FXX Gear End Pullers
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1Puller, Seat StandardPPGD 1AUX545
1Puller, Seat GravelPPGD 200FGG219A
1Puller, LinerPPGD FD284

Gear End Oil Stop Head 2 Bolt

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ Gear End Oil Stop Head 2 Bolt
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2Oil Stop HeadPPGD FXD495
4Stud, Oil Stop HeadPPGD 79169
4Nut, Oil Stop Head StudPPGD 50B5
2Gland, Oil Stop HeadPPGD PXD238
2Packing, Oil Stop HeadPPGD 60BG26
2Washer, Oil Stop HeadPPGD BC318
2Gasket, Oil Stop HeadPPGD 25C974

Gear End Oil Stop Head 4 Bolt

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ Gear End Oil Stop Head 4 Bolt
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2Oil Stop HeadPPGD 200VXX051A
4Plate‐RetainingPPGD 201FXX168
8Screw‐Hex CapPPGD 75A54
2GlandPPGD PXD238
4Nut‐HexPPGD 50B5
4StudPPGD 79A69
2PackingPPGD 60BG26
2Ring‐JunkPPGD BC318
8Gasket‐RingPPGD 25F9
2GasketPPGD 25BC177

Gear End Jackshaft

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ Gear End Jackshaft
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1ASM JackShaftPPGD FXX374
1JackShaftPPGD FXX371
1Key, JackShaft to GearPPGD 35C56
1Gear‐DriverPPGD FXX181
2Sleeve‐ShaftPPGD FXX289
2Seal‐Oil, Bearing HousingPPGD 60G5
2Spacer, BearingPPGD FXX376
2Bearing, JackShaftPPGD 12W4
2Housing‐BearingPPGD 1FXX368
4Gasket, Housing & Retain PlatePPGD 25C973
2Plate‐Bearing RetainingPPGD 4FXX370
12Screw, Housing & Retain PlatePPGD 655EF070
4Screw, Shaft Extension CoverPPGD 75A5
1Cover‐Shaft ExtensionPPGD 200FXX490
1Key, JackShaftPPGD 35B99
2Seal‐Oil, Bearing Retaining PlatePPGD 60G19
2Fitting LubePPGD 40E5

Gear End Eccentric Shaft

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ Gear End Eccentric Shaft
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1Shaft‐EccentricPPGD 1FXX367
1Key, Eccentric ShaftPPGD 35C68
1EccentricPPGD 1FXX255
2ASM Oil Stop HeadPPGD 200FXX051A
4Plate‐RetainingPPGD 201FXX168
8Screw‐Hex CapPPGD 655EE080
2GlandPPGD PXD238
4Nut‐HexPPGD 50B5
4StudPPGD 79A69
2PackingPPGD 60BG26
2Ring‐JunkPPGD BC318
8Gasket‐RingPPGD 25F9
2GasketPPGD 25BC177

Gear End Eccentric Shaft Bearing – Connecting Rod Crosshead

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ Gear End Eccentric Shaft Bearing / Connecting Rod CrossHead
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2Sleeve‐ShaftPPGD 20AUX18
2Seal‐OilPPGD 60G7
2Bearing, Eccentric ShaftPPGD 12C33
2Shim, Bearing Cover PlatePPGD 77B20
12Screw, Bearing Cover PlatePPGD 75A18
2Plate‐Bearing CoverPPGD FXX366
1Gasket, Bearing Cover PlatePPGD 25C973
2Fitting-Lube, Bearing CVR PlatePPGD 40E5
2ASM Connecting RodPPGD 2FXX417
2Bushing (Eccentric End)PPGD 2FXX421
2Bushing (CrossHead End)PPGD FXX229
2CrossHeadPPGD FXX175
2Plate‐RetainerPPGD 1FXX281
4Screw(1‐1/4″ LG.) Retainer PlatePPGD 75A18
Screw 1″ LG Retainer PlatePPGD 655EF040
48″WirePPGD 97A29

Gear End Frame

Gardner Denver 6″ x 8″ Gear End Frame
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1ASM FramePPGD 200FXX001A
1Plug‐SQHD Pipe, Oil DrainPPGD 64A5
1Elbow‐Pipe Street, Oil LevelPPGD 64D4
1Plug‐SQHD Pipe, Oil LevelPPGD 64AA4
1HoodPPGD 200FXX053
96″Gasket, HoodPPGD 2009457
12Screw, HoodPPGD 75AA1
1Cover‐FillerPPGD FXX880
2Plug‐SQHD Pipe, CrossHeadPPGD 64AA7
4Stud, CrossHead INSPECT. PlatePPGD 79A6
4Nut, CrossHead INSP. PL. StudPPGD 50B5
2Plate‐Inspection, CrossHeadPPGD FXX723
2Gasket, CrossHead INS. PlatePPGD 25C1180
4Screw, CrossHead INS. PlatePPGD 75A4
1Stud, Plate InspectionPPGD 79A338
1Nut, Plate Inspection StudPPGD 50B3
1Plate‐InspectionPPGD 1PXD237
1Manifold‐WaterPPGD 1FXX315
2Screw, Water ManifoldPPGD 75A5
2Valve‐AnglePPGD 90F4
2Nipple‐PipePPGD 63D9
2Nipple‐PipePPGD 63D14
2Baffle, Piston RodPPGD 1FXX840