Gardner Denver PZ-7

Replacement parts for the Gardner Denver PZ-7.

Fluid End

Gardner Denver PZ-7 Fluid End
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
3Liner, 7″PPGD PY13970
3O-Ring, 7″PPGD 25AH1
3Piston Assy, 7″PPGD 202TBL045A
3Insert Group, 7″PPGD TBL77586
3Liner, 6.5″PPGD PY13965
3O-Ring, 6.5″PPGD 25AH1
3Piston Assy, 6.5″PPGD 201TBL045A
3Insert Group, 6.5″PPGD TBL77585
3Liner, 6″PPGD PY13960
3O-Ring, 6″PPGD 25AH1
3Piston Assy, 6″PPGD 245TBB045A
3Insert Group, 6″PPGD TBB76028
3Liner, 5.5″PPGD PY13955
3O-Ring, 5.5″PPGD 25AH1
3Piston Assy, 5.5″PPGD 243TBB045A
3Insert Group, 5.5″PPGD TBB76026
3Liner, 5″PPGD 200PZG456
3O-Ring, 5″PPGD 25AH1
3Piston Assy, 5″PPGD 241TBB045A
3Insert Group, 5″PPGD TBB76024
3Liner, 4.5″PPGD 201PZG456
3O-Ring, 4.5″PPGD 25AH1
3Piston Assy, 4.5″PPGD 239TBB045A
3Insert Group, 4.5″PPGD TBB76022
3Liner, 4″PPGD 300PZG456
3O-Ring, 4″PPGD 25AH1
3Piston Assy, 4″PPGD 231TBK045A
3Insert Group, 4″PPGD TBK90428
3Fluid Cylinder AssyPPGD 205PZL029D
24Stud (1-1/4), Cylinder to Frame & LCPPGD 79L188
48Nut (1-1/4), Cylinder to Frame & LCPPGD 50B36
12Stud (7/8) Cylinder to FramePPGD 79L73
12Nut (7/8) Cylinder to Frame StudPPGD 50AQ30
48Stud, Valve Cover to CylinderPPGD 79AL6
12Nut, Valve cover Ring to Cylinder StudPPGD 50B34
12Stud, Cylinder to Discharge ManifoldPPGD 202PZL110
6Ring-Retaining, Valve Cover GasketPPGD 2011861
6Gasket, Valve CoverPPGD 2011862
6Bushing, Suction & Disc Valve CoverPPGD 2007674
6Cover ValvePPGD 2011860
6Ring-Valve CoverPPGD 2011699
6Lock Cover, ValvePPGD 2011857
3Valve Guide AssemblyPPGD 2011706
3Plate-RetainerPPGD 2011701
3Guide-Valve, SuctionPPGD 2011700
3Bushing, Suction Valve GuidePPGD 2007674
6LockwasherPPGD 95W2
6ScrewPPGD 655EE06S
1Manifold-SuctionPPGD 200PZG069
3Gasket, Suction Manifold to CylinderPPGD 25G41
24Screw, Suction Manifold to CylinderPPGD 655EG08N
1Gasket, Suction Manifold FlangePPGD 25C131N
1Flange, SuctionPPGD 64CU11
8Screw, Suction FlangePPGD 655EG130
8NutPPGD 50B8
1Manifold-DischargePPGD 200PZG071
3Gasket, Discharge Manifold to CylinderPPGD 25AL35
16Stud, Discharge Manifold FlangePPGD 209PZL110
32Nut, Discharge Manifold Flange StudPPGD 50AW11
2Gasket, Discharge Manifold FlangePPGD 25V24
1Flange- DischargePPGD 64EB15
1Flange-BlindPPGD 64EB240
3Plunger Coupling AssyPPGD 200PZJ4065
3Piston RodPPGD 201PZG060
3Rod Extension Clamp TypePPGD 200PZG839
3LocknutPPGD 50V14
3Clamp-LinerPPGD 1PV14
3Gasket, Liner to CylinderPPGD 25AT37
6Valve Cover GasketPPGD 204PZL715
6Valve SpringPPGD 78H44
6Valve Stem GuidedPPNO 060155041
6Valve InsertPPNO 062400338
6Valve SeatPPNO 061101507

Gear End

Gardner Denver PZ-7 Gear End
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1JackshaftPPGD 200PZG371
1Key-JackshaftPPGD 200PZG062
2Spacer, Jackshaft BearingPPGD 200PZG600
2Sleeve-WearPPGD 80M7
2Gasket, Bearing Housing to FramePPGD 25C2619
2Housing BearingPPGD 201PZG006
2Bearing-Roller, JackshaftPPGD 12W75
2Gasket, Retainer Plate to Brg HsgPPGD 25C2620
2Plate, Bearing RetainerPPGD 200PZG253
16Screw, Bearing HousingPPGD 75A14
2Seal-OilPPGD 60DD39
1EccentricPPGD 200PZG255
1Gear-DrivenPPGD 200PZG280
12Screw, Gear to EccentricPPGD 655EG12D
2Bearing-Roller, EccentricPPGD 12BA20
6Shim (.002″)PPGD 200PZG732
6Shim (.005″)PPGD 201PZG732
8Shim (.020″)PPGD 203PZG732
2Plate-Retainer, Eccentric BearingPPGD 201PZG168
12Screw, Retainer to EccentricPPGD 655EG080
1WirePPGD 97A29
2Plug-SqHd PipePPGD 64AC4
3Connecting RodPPGD 200PZG003
6Bolt-connecting RodPPGD 200PZH254
6Nut, Connecting Rod BoltPPGD 50AQ30
6Locknut, Connecting Rod BoltPPGD 50M2
3Bearing, Connecting Rod to EccPPGD 12BA18
1Ring-Retaining, Conn Rod BearingPPGD 74D18
14Plate Retaining, Bearing to EccPPGD 1PZ1400
14Screw, Bearing to EccentricPPGD 655EF05D
1WirePPGD 97A29
22Plate-Retainer, Bearing to ConRodPPGD PZ1400
2Plate-Retainer, Bearing to ConRodPPGD 201PZH253
48Screw, Bearing to Conn RodPPGD 75B41
1WirePPGD 97A29
3Bearing-Roller, Crosshead PinPPGD 12BA19
3Pin-LockPPGD PZ838
3Set ScrewPPGD 76F10
3CrossheadPPGD 200PZG005
3Pin-CrossheadPPGD 200PZG189
3Plate-Retainer, Crosshead PinPPGD 202PZG168
12Screw, Retainer Plate to XheadPPGD 655EG09D
6Screw, Retainer Plat to PinPPGD 75AG17
1WirePPGD 97A29
3Rod-ExtensionPPGD 200PZG839
18Screw, Rod to CrossheadPPGD PO701
1WirePPGD 97A29
6Plate-Retainer, Oil Stop Hd to FrmPPGD 200PZG168
3Gasket, Oil Stop HeadPPGD 25BC69N
3Head-Oil StopPPGD 200PZG051
24GasketPPGD 25F9
24Screw, Oil Stop Head to FramePPGD 655EE080
6SealPPGD 2011872
6Rng-Retainer, Oil Stop Head SealPPGD 1PV1398
18Screw, Seal Ret to Oil Stop HeadPPGD 75A102
3Baffle-Piston RodPPGD 2FXK840
2Screw, Hex HeadPPGD 655EF050
2Gasket, Crosshead Insp PlatePPGD PZ715
2Plate-Inspection, CrossheadPPGD 200PZG052
1Plate-Bearing RetainerPPGD 201PZG253
2Housing-Bearing, EccentricPPGD 200PZG006
2Gasket, Bearing Cover PlatePPGD 201PZG715N
1Plate-Bearing Cover (Rigid side)PPGD 200PZG315
1Gasket, Inspection PlatePPGD 25C1788N
1Plate – InspectionPPGD 202FXT052
6Screw, Inspection PlatePPGD 655EF050
6Slide-CrossheadPPGD 200PZG309
24Screw, Crosshead Slide to FramePPGD 75LM6
12Seal-FastenerPPGD 60DD35
24LocknutPPGD 50V44
1Plate-Bearing Cover (Floating Side)PPGD 201PZG315
1Gasket, HoodPPGD 200PZG715
3Plate-InspectionPPGD 206PZL052
6Gasket, Inspection PlatePPGD 25C1839
24Screw, Inspection PlatePPGD 655ED040