Gardner Denver TEEB_D

Replacement parts for the Gardner Denver TEEB_D.

Fluid End

TEEB_D Fluid End
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1Fluid Cylinder AssyPPGD 3PE29B
24StudPPGD 79AJ5
12Nut, Cyl to Frame StudPPGD 50B34
24Nut, Valve Cover StudPPGD 50B34
12Stud, Cyl to FramePPGD 79AB16
12Nut, Cyl Stuffing BoxPPGD 50C9
6Cover ValvePPGD 4PE147
6Gasket Valve CoverPPGD 25AL35
1Manifold, SuctionPPGD 6PE110
3Gasket, Manifold TO CYLPPGD 25BE27
12Screw, Manifold to ChamberPPGD 655EF060
2Flange, SuctionPPGD 64CA11
16Screw, Manifold FlangePPGD 655EF100
16Nut, Manifold Flange ScrewPPGD 50B7
2Gasket, Manifold FlangePPGD 25C121N
3Plug, ManifoldPPGD 64AJ16

Fluid End Stuffing Box, Plungers & Packaging

TEEB_D Fluid End Stuffing Box, Plungers & Packaging
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
3Stuffing Box 3″PPGD 10PE14
3Stuffing Box 2.75″PPGD 11PE14
3Stuffing Box 2.5″PPGD 12PE14
3Stuffing Box 2.25″PPGD 13PE14
3Fitting Lube 2.25″-3″PPGD 40E7
3Gland 2.25″-3″PPGD 3PE113
3Gasket 2.25″-3″PPGD 25AL36
3Pin GLand 2.25″-3″PPGD 62L72
3Plunger Colmonoy 3″PPGD 1PE3830
3Plunger Colmonoy 2.75″PPGD 1PE3827
3Plunger Colmonoy 2.5″PPGD 1PE3825
3Plunger Colmonoy 2.25″PPGD 1PE3822
3Plunger Ceramic 3″PPGD PE3830
3Plunger Ceramic 2.75″PPGD PE3827
3Plunger Ceramic 2.5″PPGD PE3825
3Plunger Ceramic 2.25″PPGD PE3822
3Plunger Chrome 3″PPGD 3PE3830
3Plunger Chrome 2.75″PPGD 3PE3827
3Plunger Chrome 2.5″PPGD 3PE3825
3Plunger Chrome 2.25PPGD 3PE3822

Fluid End Packing Style 838

TEEB_D Fluid End Packing Style 838
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
3Packing Assy 3″PPGD 65PE1600
3Packing Assy 2.75″PPGD 66PE1600
3Packing Assy 2.5″PPGD 67PE1600
3Packing Assy 2.25″PPGD 68PE1600
3Ring Junk 3″PPGD 26PE317
3Ring Junk 2.75″PPGD 27PE317
3Ring Junk 2.5″PPGD 28PE317
3Ring Junk 2.25″PPGD 25PE317
3Packing 3″PPGD 60BU74
3Packing 2.75″PPGD 60BU75
3Packing 2.5″PPGD 60BU76
3Packing 2.25″PPGD 60BU77
3Spacer Lantern 3″PPGD 34PE445
3Spacer Lantern 2.75″PPGD 35PE445
3Spacer Lantern 2.5″PPGD 36PE445
3Spacer Lantern 2.25″PPGD 37PE445
3Bushing Gland 3″PPGD 30PE152
3Bushing Gland 2.75″PPGD 31PE152
3Bushing Gland 2.5″PPGD 32PE152
3Bushing Gland 2.25″PPGD 27PE152

Fluid End Suction & Discharge Valve Aluminum Bronze – Wing Guided w/o Insert

TEEB_D Fluid End Suction & Discharge Valve Aluminum Bronze – Wing Guided w/o Insert
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
6Fluid Valve GroupPPGD 208VWF482A
6Valve-FluidPPGD PT206
6SeatPPGD 200VWF039
6SpringPPGD 78H22
6Cage-ValvePPGD 200VWF054

Fluid End Delrin Disc Fluid Valves for Medium Pressure Cast Aluminum Bronze Fluid Cylinders Suction & Discharge Valve

TEEB_D Fluid End Delrin Disc Fluid Valves for Medium Pressure Cast Aluminum Bronze Fluid Cylinders Suction & Discharge Valve
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
6Fluid Valve Assy Alum. BronzePPGD 200VLF482
6Fluid Valve Assy SSPPGD 201VLF482
6Fluid Valve Assy MonelPPGD 202VLF482
6Retainer Alum BronzePPGD 2010585
6Retainer SSPPGD 2010586
6Retainer MonelPPGD 2010587
6FastenerPPGD 2010598
6Plug Thread LockPPGD 2010602
6Spring (Inner)PPGD 2010605
6Spring (Outer)PPGD 2010608
6Disc ValvePPGD 2010612
6Seat Valve Alum BronzePPGD 2010629
6Seat Valve SSPPGD 2010630
6Seat Valve MonelPPGD 2010631

Gear End Crosshead & Oil Stop Head Group

TEEB_D Gear End Crosshead & Oil Stop Head Group
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
3BafflePPGD 200TAE840
3CrossheadPPGD 300TEE005
3Crosshead PinPPGD 2005051
6Snap Ring, Crosshead Pin RetainerPPGD 65W19
3GasketPPGD 25C1948
3Oil StopHead TEEPPGD PE226A
6Stud, GlandPPGD 79A238
6Nut Oil Stop Head 5″ x 6″PPGD 50F5
12Screw Bearing Retainer PlatePPGD 655EE050
3Packing Assembly Plunger 2″ Oil StopHeadPPGD 60DD99
3Gland, Oil Stop HeadPPGD PE238
3Rod ExtensionPPGD 300TEE839
3Crosshead Over Sized (.125) TEEPPGD 301TEE005

Gear End Eccentric & Bearing Group

TEEB_D Gear End Eccentric & Bearing Group
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1Eccentric for TEEPPGD 200TEE255
2OrifacePPGD 200TEE814
1Key, Eccentric to Shaft for a TEE PumpPPGD 35K17
1Shaft Eccentric for a TEE PumpPPGD 1PE367
1Bearing, Eccentric to Shaft for a TEE PumpPPGD 12C60
1Housing-Bearing (Oil Pump End)PPGD 2PE366
0Gasket Valve CoverPPGD 655EF050
6Screw, Bearing Cover Ecct.PPGD 75A18
2Gasket, Bearing HousingPPGD 25C1945
1Housing-Bearing (End Drive)PPGD 3PE366
1Seal-Oil FXD Jackshaft (Inner)PPGD 60G63
1Key, Drive for TEE PumpPPGD 35B72
1Bearing, Roller Ecct. Shaft for TEE PumpPPGD 12BA64

Gear End Connecting Rod

TEEB_D Gear End Connecting Rod
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
3Connecting Rod TEEPPGD PE417
3Bushing Eccentric for a TEE PumpPPGD PE421
3Bushing Crosshead Pin TEEPPGD PE229
3PlugPPGD 64AC2
3Lock ScrewPPGD 75LM162N

Gear End Power Frame & Miscellaneous Parts

TEEB_D Gear End Power Frame & Miscellaneous Parts
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1FramePPGD 200TEE001
2Plate-Inspection, CrossheadPPGD PE723
12Screw, Inspection PlatePPGD 75A136
2Gasket, Inspection PlatePPGD 25C1941
1Gasket, Crankcase FlangePPGD 25C157N
2Screw, Crankcase FlangePPGD 655ED030
1Flange, Crankcase Oil DrainPPGD 29AUX27
1Plug, Crankcase FlangePPGD 64AA7
2Plug, Oil LevelPPGD 64AA5
1Elbow-Pipe StreetPPGD 64D2
1RetainerPPGD PE1400
3StudPPGD 79A69
3NutPPGD 50Q14
3GasketPPGD 25F44
1Plate-Inspection, Frame EndPPGD 200TEE052
1GasketPPGD 200TEE715
1HoodPPGD 201TEE053
18Screw, HoodPPGD 75A136
1Gasket, HoodPPGD 201TEE715
1BreatherPPGD 5C7
1PlugPPGD 64B3
1Inspection PlatePPGD 201TEE052
2StudPPGD 79A466
2Wing NutPPGD 50H1
2Lifting EyePPGD 200TEE263

Gear End Oil Pump & Piping

TEEB_D Gear End Oil Pump & Piping
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1Screen-OilPPGSD 2WAJ511
2StudPPGD 79A204
1GasketPPGD 25C157N
1ConnectorPPGD 200PEE284
2Nut, Conn. to Frame StudPPGD 50B3
1NipplePPGD 63U16X30
1PlugPPGD 64A25
1NipplePPGD 63AP9X94
1Elbow-Pipe StreetPPGD 64BC7
1NipplePPGD 63AP9X60
1ElbowPPGD 64C6
1NipplePPGD 63U16X14
1Bushing-PipePPGD 64E7
1Elbow-Pipe StreetPPGD 64D5
1Hydraulic Hose AssyPPGD 29R30
1Adaptor-HosePPGD 29Q6
1Bushing-PipePPGD 64E95
1Valve-Liquid ReliefPPGD 90Q22
1Elbow-Pipe StreetPPGD 64D6
3NipplePPGD 63U12X14
1Bushing-PipePPGD 64E6
2Adaptor-HosePPGD 29Q16
1Hydraulic Hose AssyPPGD 29R26
1PlugPPGD 64A24
1Bracket-FilterPPGD 200TEE389
4Screw, Brkt to FilterPPGD 655ED030
1Hydraulic Hose AssyPPGD 29E12
4Screw, Oil Pump to Adpt.PPGD 655ED190
1Gasket, Oil Pump to Adpt.PPGD 201PEE715
1Adaptor, Oil PumpPPGD 200PEE170
6Screw, Adpt. to Brg. HousingPPGD 655EE050
1Gauge-PressurePPGD 27A13
1Ring-RetainingPPGD 65W10
1Seal-Oil, MainshaftPPGD 1PE447
2Ring-Piston, Oil SealPPGD 65A33
2ShimPPGD 77G16
1Elbow-TubePPGD 86E64
1TubePPGD 85E6A
1Elbow-TubePPGD 86E65
1Adaptor, NozzlePPGD 201TEE814

Gear End Oil Filter

TEEB_D Gear End Oil Filter
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1Oil Filter AssyPPGD 26C12
1Head AssyPPGD 2109408
1Valve Assy BypassPPGD 2109125
1ElementPPGD 2109394
1HousingPPGD 2109409
1BoltPPGD 2109410
1Washer-GasketPPGD 2109411
1Spring-OilPPGD 2109127
1Screen-OilPPGD 2WAJ511

Gear End Oil Circulating Pump

TEEB_D Gear End Oil Circulating Pump
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
Oil Circulating PumpPPGD 200PEE188
1RotorPPGD 2109376
2Gasket, CoverPPGD 54C222
1CoverPPGD 2109371
1Idler Carrier AssyPPGD 2109374
1Pin, IdlerPPGD 2109373
1Carrier, IdlerPPGD 2109372
1Bracket AssyPPGD 2109370