HHF-800 Drilling pump
Parts list
NB800M.00 HHF-800 General drawing of drilling pump”2
Parts drawings of drilling pump6
1NB800M.01.00 Frame assembly6
2NB800M.02.00 Crankshaft assembly8
3NB800M.03.00 Pinion shaft assembly10
4NB800M.04.00 Crosshead assembly12
5NB800M.05.00 Fluid end assembly14
6NB800M.06.00 Power end lubrication assembly17
7NB800M.08.00 Spray pump assembly20
8NB800M.10.00 Breather cap22
9NB800M.15.00 Oil level gauge23
10NB800M.19.00 Clean out cover24
11NB800M.22.00 Draining filter assembly25
12NB800M.24.00 Elbow assembly26
13NB800M.24.00A Discharge five-way pipe27
14NB800M.27.00 KB-45Pulsation damper29
15NB800M.28.00 JA-3Shear pin Relieve valve31
一、NB800M.00 HHF-800 General drawing of drilling pump
S.NDrawing No.Item
1NB800M.01.00Frame assembly
2NB800M.02.00Crankshaft assembly
3NB800M.03.00Pinion shaft assembly
4NB800M.04.00Crosshead assembly
5NB800M.05.00Fluid end assembly
6ANSI/ASMEB 18.6.3-2003Screw: 8 (0.164) -32×1/2
7NB800M.06.00Power end lubrication assembly
9NB800M.08.00spray pump assembly
10NB800M.09Seal gasket
11NB800M. 10.00Breather cap
13NB800M.12.00Cover plate assembly
14ANSI/ASMEB 18.2.1-1996Bolt: 1/2-13×1 1/4
15GB/T95-2002Washer: 14
16NB800M.13Seal pad
17NB800M.14Indication plate
18NB800M.15.00Oil level gauge
19NB800M.16Adjusting gasket
20ANSI/ASMEB 18.2.1-1996Bolt: 1-8×3 1/8
21GB/T93-1987Washer: 27
22ANSI/ASMEB 18.2.2-1987 (R1999)Nut: 1-8
23NB800M.17Cover, crosshead hole
24NB800M.18Seal pad
25ANSI/ASMEB 18.2.1-1996Bolt: 1/2-13×1 3/8
26NB800M.19.00Clean out cover
27NB800M.20Seal gasket
28ANSI/ASMEB 18.2.1-1996Bolt: 5/8-11×2
29GB/T95-2002Washer: 16
30ANSI/ASMEB 18.2.2-1987 (R1999)Nut: 5/8-11
31NB800M.21Screw plug: Rz1 1/2
32NB800M.22.00Draining filter assembly
33NB800M.23Ring gasket: R44
34NB800M.24.00Elbow assembly
35NB800M.24.00ADischarge five-way pipe assembly
36NB800M.25.00Special tools
37NB800M.26Flange: 5 1/8*35
38NB800M.27.00KB-45 Pulsation dampener
39NB800M.28.00JA-3 Shear pin relieve valve
40NB800M.29.00Spare parts delivered with pump
41NB800M.30.00Cover plates assembly
42GB/T827-1986Rivet: 3*10
43YK-150Dual scale shock-proof pressure gauge:
0~40MPa (0~5800psi)
44Rubber: 30*10*4880
45NB800M.31Blind flange: 5 1/8*35
二、Parts drawings of drilling pump
S.NDrawing No.Item
2NB800M.01.02Main bearing cover
3NB800M.01.03Shim set
4NB800M.01.04Connector: NPT3/4-NPT3/4
5NB800M.01.05Screw plug: NPT3/4
2、NB800M.02.00 Crankshaft assembly
S.NDrawing no.Item
1NB800M.02.01.00Cover, main bearing
2NB800M.02.01A.00Cover, main bearing
3NB800M.02.02Sleeve, main bearing (right)
4NB800M.02.03Seal gasket
5NB800M.02.04Insider retainer
6NB800M.02.05.00Outside retainer
8NB800M.02.07Locating ring (I)
10NB800M.02.09Locating ring (II)
11NB800M.02.10.00Bull gear
12NB800M.02.10ABull gear (hobbing )
13NB800M.02.10BBull gear (gear grinding)
14NB800M.02.11bolt: 1 1/8-8UN-2Ax125
15NB800M.02.11Abolt: 1 1/8-8UN-2Ax100
16NB800M.02.12.00Locking nut: 1 1/8-8UN-2B
17NB800M.02.13spacer ring
18NB800M.02.14Bolt, main bearing: 2 1/4-8UN-3A
19NB800M.02.15.00Shim set
20NB800M.02.16Sleeve, main bearing (left)
21NB800M.02.17retainer ring
22NB800M.02.18Baffle plate
23NB800M.02.19Bolt: 5/8-11×1 1/2
24ANSI/ASMEB 18.2.1-1996Bolt: 5/8-11×1 3/4
25GB/T97.2-1985Washer: 16
26GB/T343-1994Locking wire: SZ-1.50
27NB800M.02.20Bolt: 5/8-11×4 3/4
28NB800M.02.21Bolt: 5/8-11×4
29GB/T343-1994Locking wire: SZ-3.00
30NB800M.02.22Eccentric bearing: NUP 464775 Q4/C9YA4
31NB800M.02.23Main bearing: 23148/C3W33
32242anaerobic adhesive for thread locking and sealing
3、NB800M.03.00 Pinion shaft assembly
S.NDrawing no.Item
1NB800M.03.01Key: 1 3/4×1 3/4×8
2NB800M.03.02Pinion shaft
3NB800M.03.02APinion shaft (hobbing)
4NB800M.03.02BPinion shaft (grinding)
5NB800M.03.03Scuff Sleeve
6NB800M.03.04End cover
7NB800M.03.05Seal gasket
8NB800M.03.06.00Oil collection box
9NB800M.03.07Seal gasket
10NB800M.03.08Baffle plate
11NB800M.03.09Bearing sleeve
12NB800M.03.10Seal gasket
13GB/T93-1987washer: 16
14ANSI/ASME B18.2.1-1996bolt: 5/8-11×1 3/4
15NB800M.03.11paring disc pump flange
16ANSI/ASME B18.2.1-1996bolt: 1/2-13×1 3/8
17GB/T93-1987washer: 14
18ANSI/ASME B18.2.1-1996bolt: 3/4-10×2
19GB/T93-1987washer: 20
20NB800M.03.12oil seal: 7.625″x9.125″x0.625″
21NB800M.03.13cylindrical roller bearing : NU3036X2M/C4
4、NB800M.04.00 Crosshead assembly
S.NDrawing no.Item
2NB800M.04.02Slide, upper
3GB/T4240-1993Stainless steel wire: (p1.60(L=300)
4NB800M.04.03bolt: 3/4-10UNC-2Ax 1 1/2
5NB800M.04.04Double lip oil seal: 4″x5″x0.5″
6NB800M.04.05oil seal ring
7NB800M.04.06stuffing box
8GB/T3452.1-2005O ring: 160×3.55-G-S
9NB800M.04.07Seal gasket
10NB800M.04.08End cover
12NB800M.04.10Mud guard plate
13NB800M.04.11Lock spring
14ANSI/ASME B18.2.1-1996bolt: 3/8-16×1 3/8
15GB/T93-1987washer: 10
16GB/T3452.1-2005O ring: 128×7-G-S
17GB/T3452.1-2005O ring: 103×5.3-G-S
18NB800M.04.12Lockup plate
19NB800M.04.13Slide, lower
20GB/T4240-1993Stainless steel wire: (Φ1.60(L=500)
21NB800M.04.14bolt: 3/4-10UNC-2Ax2
22NB800M.04.15Crosshead pin baffler
24NB800M.04.17Bearing, crosshead:
NNAL 6/177.8-1 Q4/W33XYA2
25NB800M.04.18Crosshead pin
26NB800M.04.19.00shim set
27NB800M.04.20pipe connector: NPT3/8×50.8
28NB800M.04.21adjusting shim
29GB/T4240-1993Stainless steel wire: (p1.60(L=400)
30ASMEB 18.3-2002bolt: 5/8-11×2
31242anaerobic adhesive for thread locking and sealing
5、NB800M.05.00 Fluid end assembly
S.NDrawing no.Item
1NB800M.05.01.00Cylinder assembly
2NB800M.05.02Cylinder cover flange
3NB800M.05.03Cylinder cover
4NB800M.05.04seal ring, linear
5NB800M.05.05.00Cylinder cover plug
6NB800M.05.06Linear pusher
7GB/T3452.1-2005O ring: 97.5×3.55-G-S
8NB800M.05.07discharge outlet cover plate : 5 1/8″
9NB800M.05.08Discharge pipe
10NB800M.05.01.03nut: 1 1/2-8UN-2B (SPL)
11NB800M.05.09Double end bolt : 1 1/2-8UN-2Ax262
12NB800M.05.10Valve cover seal ring
13NB800M.05.11Valve cover
14NB800M.05.12valve rod guide apparatus
15NB800M.05.13.00Spring guide
16NB800M.05.14Guard plate
17NB800M.05.15bolt: 3/8-16UNC-2Ax20
18GB/T4240-1993Steel wire: Φ1.60 (L=1830)
19NB800M.05.16Valve spring
20NB800M.05.17.00Valve assembly
21NB800M.05.18.00Nut, piston
22NB800M.05.19.00piston: 5 1/2
23NB800M.05.20Seal ring, piston
24NB800M.05.21Piston rod
25NB800M.05.22double metal cylinder sleeve
26NB800M.05.22ACylinder sleeve
27NB800M.05.23.00Spray pipe assembly
28NB800M.05.24.00catch hoop assembly
29NB800M.05.25End cover, cylinder sleeve
30NB800M.05.26washer: 39
31NB800M.05.27fixing clip
32NB800M.05.28.00valve rod guide (lower)
33GB/T3452.1-2005O RING: 190×7-G-S
34ANSI/ASME B18.2.1-1996bolt: 7/8-9×1 3/4
35NB800M.05.29.00Suction pipeline
36NB800M.05.30.00shim set
37ANSI/ASME B18.2.1-1996bolt: 7/8-9×3 1/2
38ANSI/ASME B18.2.2-1987 (R1999)Nut: 7/8-9
39GB/T3452.1-2005O RING: 290×7-G-S
40NB800M.05.31Suction flange ( I )
41NB800M.05.32Screw plug: NPT1 1/2
42NB800M.05.33Blanking plate, suction: 10″
43NB800M.05.34Suction flange ( II )
44NB800M.05.35.00Suction pulsation dampener
45243anaerobic adhesive for thread locking and sealing
6、NB800M.06.00 Power end lubrication assembly
S.NDrawing no.Item
2NB800M.06.02.00shim set
32Sgear oil pump (square key included)
4Y60-ZDual scale pressure gauge : (9/16-16UN-2B) (0~1.6MPa/0~230psi)
5NB800M.06.03Inner screw connector : NPT1/4-9/16-16UN-2B
6NB800M.06.04Seal gasket
7NB800M.06.0590°pipe connector: 1/2-20UNF-2A-NPT1/4
8GB/T1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ8*965
9GB/T1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ8* 1448
10NB800M.06.06.00H Pipe clip
11GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ8* 1700
12GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ8*2057
13NB800M.06.07Nut: 1/2 -20UNF-2B
14GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ12*1700
15NB800M.06.0890°pipe connector : 11/16-16UN-2A-NPT1/4
16NB800M.06.09Nut: 11/16-16UN-2B
17NB800M.06.10straight connector: 1/2-20UNF-2A
18GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: 98*698
19NB800M.06.11.00Pipe clip: 912
20NB800M.06.12.00Pipe clip: 98
21NB800M.06.13Straight connector: 11/16-16UN-2A
22GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ12*927
23GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ12*650
24NB800M.06.14Oil nozzle
25ANSI/ASMEbolt: 1/4-20*3/4
26GB/T93-1987washer: 6 (d1min=6.4)
27NB800M.06.1590°pipe connector : 11/16-16UN-2A-NPT3/8
28GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ12*780
29NB800M.06.16Straight connector: 5/8-16UN-2A-NPT1/4
30NB800M.06.17Nut: 5/8-16UN-2B
31GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ10*318
32GB/T1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ10*152
33NB800M.06.18.00Pipe clip: Φ10
34NB800M.06.1990°pipe connector: 5/8-16UN-2A-NPT1/4
35GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ10*700
36GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ10*890
37GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ10*755
38NB800M.06.20plug socket ( I )
39NB800M.06.21screw plug: NPT3/8
40GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe:Φ10* 184
41GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ10*508
42GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ10*610
43GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ10*365
44GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ10*630
45NB800M.06.22screw plug: NPT1/4
46NB800M.06.23.00Filter assembly
47NB800M.06.24Straight connector : 15/16-16UN-2A-NPT1/2
48NB800M.06.25Nut: 15/16-16UN-2B
49GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe:Φ16*330
50GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ16*640
51NB800M.06.26plug socket (II )
52NB800M.06.27Lower plate
53NB800M.06.28Straight connector: 1/2-20UNF-2A-NPT1/4
54GB/T 1527-1997Copper pipe: Φ8*340
55YYFJ-L20Relief valve
56NB800M.06.2990°pipe connector : 15/16-16UN-2A-NPT1/2
57ASMEB 18.3-2002Bolt: 5/16-18*1 9/16
58GB/T93-1987washer: 8
59NB800M.06.30.00Double pipe clip: Φ8
60NB800M.06.31.00gear assembly, oil pump
61TS1609 ^ TS1680anaerobic adhesive for cylindrical part
7、NB800M.08.00 Liner spraying assembly
S.NDrawing no.Item
3NB800M.08.02Belt pulley
4GB/T1171-1996V belt: A2800
5NB800M.08.03.00Support assembly
6NB800M.08.03.00ASupport assembly
7NB800M.08.04Connector: NPT1-1 5/8-12UNF-2A
8NB800M.08.05Short connector: NPT1
9NB800M.08.06Connector: NPT1-1 5/16-12UNF-2A
10Hose assembly : C31.5 I-950 (The connection screw on both ends are1 5/8-12UNF-2B)
11Hose assembly: C25 I -1500 (The connection screw on both ends are 1 5/16-12UNF-2B)
12NB800M.08.07Connector: NPT2 1/2-1 5/8-12UNF-2A
15NB800M.08.09.00Water tank
16NB800M.08.10.00Tank cover
1732SB180J (32PL)centrifugal spray pump (West petroleum or Baoji)
18Q11F-16Inner screw ball valve: NPT1
19NB800M.08.11Flange: NPT1
21ANSI/ASMEBolt: 5/16-18×1
22ANSI/ASMEbolt: 5/8-11×2
23GB/T93-1987washer: 16
24ANSI/ASME B18.2.2-1987 (1999)Nut: 5/8-11
25ANSI/ASMEbolt: 5/8-11×1 1/4
26GB/T95-2002washer: 16
27NB800M.08.13Connection plate
28ANSI/ASMEbolt: 1/2-13×1 1/2
29GB/T93-1987washer: 14
30NB800M.08.1490°elbow: NPT1
31ANSI/ASMEbolt: 1/2-13×2 3/8
32ANSI/ASMENut: 1/2-13
8、NB800M.10.00 Breather cap
S.NDrawing no.Item
1NB800M. 10.01Baffle plate
2NB800M.10.02Connection plate ( I )
3NB800M. 10.03Gasket
4NB800M.10.04Connection plate (II )
5ANSI/ASME B18.2.1-1996bolt: 3/8-16×1
6NB800M. 10.05Connector
7NB800M.10.06Press plate for filter screen
8NB800M. 10.07Copper mesh
9NB800M. 10.08Upper cover
10ANSI/ASME B 18.6.3-2003Bolt: 10 (0.190) 0-24×3/8
9、NB800M.15.00 Oil level gauge assembly
S.NDrawing no.Item
2NB800M.15.02Short connector: NPT1/2
3NB800M. 15.03Elbow: NPT1/2
10、NB800M.19.00 Clean out cover
S.NDrawing no.Item
1Cover plate assembly: Φ152.4*12.7
2NB800M.19.01Connector: NPT3/4
3NB800M. 19.02screw plug: NPT3/4
11、NB800M.22.00 Draining filter assembly
S.NDrawing no.Item
1NB800M.22.01.00Filter screen assembly
3GB/T3452.1-2005O RING: 165×7-G-S
4NB800M.22.03Double ends bolt: 1 1/2-8UN (12UNF) -2Ax128
5NB800M.22.04Nut: 1 1/2-8UN-2B (SPL)
12、NB800M.24.00 Elbow assembly
S.NDrawing no.Item
1NB800M.24.01.00Seat, pressure gauge
2NB800M.24.02.00Safety valve seat
3NB800M.24.03.00Discharging cross
4NB800M.24.04Double ends bolt: 1 1/16-8UN-2Ax180
5NB800M.24.05Thickened nut: 1 1/16-8UN-2B (SPL)
6NB800M.24.06Gasket ring: R27
7243anaerobic adhesive for thread locking and sealing
13、NB800M.24.00A Discharge five-way pipe assembly
S.NDrawing no.Item
1NB800M.24.01.00ASeat, safety valve
2NB800M.24.02ADischarge five-way pipe
3NB800M.24.03.00ASeat, pressure gauge
4NB800M.24.04AGasket ring: R35
5NB800M.24.05ADouble ends bolt: 1 1/8-8UN (12UNF) -2Ax90
6NB800M.24.06ANut: 1 1/8-8UN-2B (SPL)
7NB800M.24.07ADouble ends bolt: 1 1/2-8UN (12UNF) -2Ax130
8NB800M.24.08ANut: 1 1/2-8UN-2B (SPL)
9NB800M.24.09AGasket ring: R44
10NB800M.24.10.00ASupport bracket
11ANSI/ASMEbolt: 7/8-9×2 3/8
12GB/T93-1987washer: 22
14ANSI/ASMEbolt: 7/8-9×3 1/8
15ANSI/ASMEB 18.2.2 -1987 (R1999)Nut: 7/8-9
16NB800M.24.12AConnection plate
14、NB800M.27.00 KB-45 Pulsation Dampener
S.NDrawing no.Item
1NB800M.27.01Gasket ring: R39
2NB800M.27.02Base plug
3NB800M.27.03.00Air rubber
4NB800M.27.04.00Shell assembly
6JZR3-L8Check valve (Xinhua hydraulic device, Fenghua)
7NB800M.27.06.00Cover, pressure gauge
8NB800M.27.07Connector: NPT1/4
9Y-60Double scale shock proof pressure gauge: 0—25MPa (0—3630psi)
11NB800M.27.09T-joint: NPT1/4
12NB800M.27.10.00Air discharge valve
13NB800M.27.11.00Suction hose assembly, pulsation dampener
15、NB800M.28.00 JA-3 shear pin safety valve
S.NDrawing no.Item
2NB800M.28.02Retainer ring
3NB800M.28.03.00Piston assembly
4NB800M.28.04Valve body
5NB800M.28.05Piston rod
6NB800M.28.06Buffer mat
7NB800M.28.07Elastic cylinder pin
8NB800M.28.08Lock spring
10NB800M.28.10Shear pin plate
11NB800M.28.11Shear pin
12NB800M.28.12Instruction plate
13NB800M.28.13Pin shaft
14NB800M.28.14Steel wire retainer ring
15NB800M.28.15Name plate
16GB/T91-2000Pin: 4×25
17ANSI/ASME B 18.6.3-2003Bolt: 8 (0.164) -32×5/8
18ANSI/ASME B 18.6.3-2003Nut: 8 (0.164) -32
19ANSI/ASME B18.2.1-1996bolt: 3/8-16×4 3/8
20ANSI/ASMEB 18.2.2-1987(R1999)Nut: 3/8-16
21ANSI/ASME B 18.6.3-2003Bolt: 5 (0.125) -40×5/16