3D Parts List of Quintuple Pump NB005
Assembly NB005.001
Frame assembly NB005.01.002
Crankshaft assembly NB004.02.003
Connecting rod component NB004.02.01.004
Right-hand bull gear assembly NB001.02.01.005
Left-hand bull gear assembly NB001.02.04.006
Pinion shaft assembly NB001.03.006
Crosshead component NB005.04.007
Lubrication system assembly NB005.05.008
Lubrication system pipeline10
Fluid end assembly NB005.06.0012
Hydraulic cylinder and liner assembly13
Suction pipeline assembly15
Mud guard clamp assembly NB004.06.11.0016
Liner water retaining device 1 NB004.06.12.0017
Liner water retaining device 2 NB004.06.13.0018
Spray system assembly NB005.08.0019
Spray pipe assembly NB005.08.04.0020
Skid assembly NB005.07.0021
Discharge five-way block assembly NB004.09.0022
Guard cover NB004.12.0023
Guard seal NB004.12.09.0025
Assembly NB005.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Pinion shaft assemblyNB001.03.00
2Right guardNB005.28.00
3Crosshead componentNB001.04.00
4Frame assemblyNB005.01.00
5Spring safety valveHSV51-52-F-00-001A
6Safety valve seatNB004.11.00
7Fluid end assemblyNB005.06.00
8Discharge five-way block assemblyNB004.09.00
9Spray system assemblyNB005.08.00
10Skid assemblyNB005.07.00
11Crankshaft assemblyNB004.02.00
12Guard coverNB004.12.00
13Left guardNB005.29.00
14Lubrication system assemblyNB005.05.00
Frame assembly NB005.01.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Rear cover plateHBZ013.32
3Cylindrical pin with internal thread: 16X80GB/T118
4Bolt M36*100NB001.37
5Cover, motor mounting baseNB001.01.07
8Bolt M12x50GB/T5783
9Cylindrical pin with internal thread:Φ16×60GB/T 118-2000
10Bolt M16x60GB/T5783
11Flat washer ΦI6GB/T848-2002
12Side cover plate 2HBZ013.20
13Side cover plate 1 (right)HBZ013.48.00
14Bolt M12x35GB/T5783
15Drainage coverNB800G. 19.00
16Sealing washerNB800G.20
17Crosshead cover plate assembly 4NB005.01.06.00
18Crosshead cover plate assembly 1NB005.01.03.00
19Crosshead cover plate assembly 2NB005.01.04.00
20Crosshead cover plate assembly 3NB005.01.05.00
21Liner chamber cover plateNB005.36.01.00
22Side cover gasket 1HBZ013.17
23Side cover gasket 2HBZ013.19
24Side cover plate 1 (left)HBZ013.52.00
25Side cover plate 2 (left)NB005.20
26Bolt M12x25GB/T5783
27Flat washer 9I2GB/T848-2002
28Bolt M12x25GB/T5783
29Flat washer 9I2GB/T848-2002
Crankshaft assembly NB004.02.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Circlip for shaftNB001.02.02
2Cylindrical roller bearingNB001.02.09.00
3Right-hand bull gear assemblyNB001.02.01.00
4Clamp plateNB001.02.06
5Bolt M10x40GB/T32
6Stainless steel wire Φ1.6×1000GB/T4240-1993
8Connecting rod componentNB004.02.01.00
9Bolt M20x40GB/T5782
10Hexagon socket set screw M12*25GB/T77
11Hexagon flange check nut Spiralock M12DTF6177.1
13Rotary crossover subNB004.02.02
14Bolt M12x30GB/T5783
15O-ring 30×3.55GB/T3452.1
16Bolt M20x170GB/T5782
17Washer 20GB/T97
18Left-hand bull gear assemblyNB001.02.04.00
19Expansion sleeve Z5-215.9×281JB/T7934-1999
20Cylindrical roller bearingNB001.02.10.00
Connecting rod component NB004.02.01.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Connecting rod boltNB001.02.03.02
2Stainless steel wire ΦI.6GB/T4240-1993
3Positioning pin, connecting rod bodyNB001.02.03.04
4Connecting rod bodyNB001.02.03.05
5Socket cap screw M12x 60GB/T70.1
6Spring washer 12GB/T93
7Positioning screw, connecting rod copper sleeveHBZ013.02.03.08
8Connecting rod copper sleeveHBZ013.02.03.06
9Connecting rod bearing shellNB004.02.01.01
10Positioning pin, connecting rod bearing shellNB001.02.03.01
Right-hand bull gear assembly NB001.02.01.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Right-hand bull gearNB001.02.01.01
2Right hubNB001.02.01.02
3Elastic cylindrical pin 20×55GB/T879.1-2000
4Bolt M30x100NB800G02.11A
5Locking nut M30-6HNB800G02.12.00
Left-hand bull gear assembly NB001.02.04.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Left-hand bull gearNB001.02.04.01
2Left hubNB001.02.04.02
3Elastic cylindrical pin 20×55GB/T879.1-2000
4Bolt M30x100NB800G02.11A
5Locking nut M30-6HNB800G02.12.00
Pinion shaft assembly NB001.03.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Left-hand pinionNB001.03.01
3Right-hand pinionNB001.03.02
Crosshead component NB005.04.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Screw M12x60GB/T70.1-2000
3Taper linerNB001.04.05
4Upper slideway, crossheadNB001.04.04
6Mud guardNB005.04.13
7Clamp plate, mud guardNB005.04.12
9Intermediate tie rodNB001.04.08
10O-ring 160×3.55-G-SGB/T3452.1-2005
11Two-lip sealNB800M.04.22
12O-ring 103×5.3-G-SGB/T3452.1-2005
13Sealing washerNB800G.04.07
14Bolt M10x45GB/T5780-1986
15Washer 10GB/T93-1987
16End coverNB800G.04.08
17Dust sealCCK-1000
18Baffle ringNB800G.04.11
19Oil seal ringNB800G.04.05
20Packing boxNB800G.04.06
21Bolt M20x60GB/T32.1-1988
22Stainless steel wire ΦI.6GB/T4240-1993
23Crosshead assemblyNB001.04.01(03)
24Rubber linerNB005.04.15
25Lower slideway, crossheadNB001.04.09
26Plug NPT3/8ZT085.23.05
27Fastening screwNB001.04.07
28Sprialock nut M20x2DTF6177
29Conical head fastening screwNB001.04.06
30Crosshead pinNB001.04.02
Lubrication system assembly NB005.05.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Bolt M12x25GB/T5783
2Washer 12GB/T97.1
3Washer 12GB/T93
4Oil suction filterWU-800x500G-J
5Air filterEF3-40
6Cover plate, oil suction pipeRH11136-010000050
7Seat ring, oil suction portNB005.07.01.22
8Flexible joint DN65JB/T7339
9Bolt M16x30GB/T 5781
10Pump oil suction pipeline
11Gear pumpR45/125-FL-Z-W-SAE2 1/2-R-SO
12EXP motorNEX284TC-6-15HP (600V/60Hz, NEMA certification)
13Oil outlet pipe, cooler
15Oil inlet pipe, cooler
16Panel coolerHEX S522-70-00/G1 1/2
17Oil outlet pipe, filter
18Filter (with bypass)WUI-A1000x80FP
(model of filter element for this
filter: TZX2/1000x80W)
19Ball valve DN40Q11F-16P-DN40
20Oil inlet pipe, filter
21Safety valve DN40AF-E40/1.2
22Bolt M16x65GB/T5780
23Nut M16GB/T6170
24Washer 16GB/T971
25Washer 16GB/T93
26Hose assembly38I-1050 (M52x2 24° cone seal)
27Air filterEF5-65
28Square cover plate assembly140357-010000000
29EXP temperature transmitter7MC7511-1CA12-0CB1-Z T21 E01 Y44:250mm
Lubrication system pipeline
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Hose assembly 25 I -3200, thread M36x2JB/T6142.1
2Hose assembly 13 I -3200, thread M22x1.5JB/T6142.2
3Hose assembly 19 I -1500, thread M30x2JB/T6142.2
4Hose assembly 13 I-1600, thread M22x 1.5JB/T6142.3
5Straight snap on joint M30x2-R3/4^141CT-30-12SP/RN-SS
6B3 type nozzle R1/41/4PZ5900B3
7Finely-drawn steel tube Φ14×2 L=150GB/T14976
8G thread connecting base G1/4
9Straight bulkhead joint M22x1.56C-22-LN/RNSS
10Straight pipe joint M22x1.56C-22-RNSS
11Straight joint M36x2-M33x21CH-36-33SS
12Combination washer 33JB/T982
13Pressure test hoseHFH2-P1-3-P-3000
14Pressure test hoseHFH2-P1-3-P-2000
15Hose assembly 10 I -240, thread M22x 1.5JB/T6142.1
16Hose assembly 10 I-470, thread M22x 1.5JB/T6142.1
17Crossover sub NPT1/2-M22x1.51CN-22-08LASS
18Snap on joint1CN-22-08SS
19Straight snap on joint M22x1.5-M22x 1.51CH-22SS
20Combination washer 22JB/T982
21Combination washer 42JB/T982
22Straight joint M36x2-M42x21CH-36-42SS
23Oil distribution valve block
24Plug screw G1/4AJB/ZQ4444
25Shockproof pressure gauge 0-1.6MPaYQFN-60Z
26Combination washer 14JB/T982
27Pressure gauge joint M14x1.55CB-14-14GDKSS
2890° elbow M52x22C9-52SS
29Straight snap on joint M52x2-M42x21CH-52-42SS
30EXP pressure transmitterMBS 4701 0-2.5MPa
31Straight snap on joint M30x2-M22x21CH-30-22SS
32Mounting plate, oil distribution valve block
33Mounting liner plate, oil distribution valve block
34Screw M8^16GB/T70.1
35Straight snap on joint M16x1.5-M14x 1.51CH-16-14SS
36Hose assembly 13 1-600, thread M22^1.5JB/T6142.1
37Hose assembly 8 I -370, thread M16^1.5JB/T6142.1
38Plug screw M14x1.5JB/ZQ4444
39Hose assembly 13 I-470, thread M22x 1.5JB/T6142.1
40Hose assembly 25 I-420, thread M36x2JB/T6142.1
41Hose assembly 13 I-430, thread M22x 1.5JB/T6142.1
42Hose assembly 13 I-370, thread M22x 1.5JB/T6142.1
43Thin oil distributor
44Hose assembly 13 I-450, thread M22x1.5JB/T6142.1
45Tie rod lubrication pipeline
46Hose assembly 8 I-560, thread M16x 1.5JB/T6142.1
47Hose assembly 13 I-650, thread M22x1.5JB/T6142.1
48Combination washer 20JB/T982
49Straight snap on joint M22x1.5-M20x 1.51CH-22-20SS
50Pressure test jointPT-3
51Instrument mounting plate
52Shockproof pressure gauge 0-1.6MPaYQFN-60T
53Hose assembly 13 I-1500, thread M52x12JB/T6142.1
Fluid end assembly NB005.06.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Hydraulic cylinder and liner assembly
2Suction pipeline assembly
3Bolt 7/8 9UNCx2.5ASME B18.2.1
4O-ring 190×7-G-SGB/T 3452.1
5Valve cap lockerNB001.42.21.00
6Stud 1 5/8-8UN(12UN)-2Ax175NB1600M.01.06.02H
7Nut 1 5/8-8UN-2B (SPL)NB005.06.02.03
Hydraulic cylinder and liner assembly
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Liner water retaining device 1NB004.06.12.00
2Mud guard clamp assemblyNB004.06.11.00
3Piston rod 4″NB005.06.07
3Piston rod 4 1/2″/5″/6″NB005.06.09
4Hexagon boltASME B18.2.1
5Gland locking discNB005.06.13
6Bi-metal liner 4″NB005.06.36
6Bimetallic liner 4 1/2″NB005.06.41
6Bi-metal liner 5″NB005.06.09
6Bi-metal liner 6″NB005.06.38
7O-ring 195×7-G-SGB/T 3452.1
8Liner glandNB005.06.14
9Chamfered pinNB005.06.22
10Square nutNB005.06.02.06
12Hydraulic cylinder sealing ring Φ125NB005.06.17
13Discharge hydraulic cylinderNB005.06.02.01
14ScrewANSI B18.3
15Clamp plateNB005.06.39
17Suction hydraulic cylinderNB005.06.01
19Lengthened nutNB005.06.15
21Liner locking ringNB004.06.15
22Liner flangeNb005.06.06
24Liner sealing ring Φ133 (4″)NB005.06.16
24Liner sealing ring Φ146 (4 1/2″)NB005.06.42
24Liner sealing ring Φ160 (5″)NB004.06.16
24Liner sealing ring Φ183 (6″)NB005.06.24
25Wearable discNB005.06.05
29Cylindrical pin with internal threadGB/T 120.2
3090° elbowNB2200G.06.16
31Valve assembly 6#NB800M.05.17.00
32Valve springNB800M.05.16
35Valve rod guiderNB100.05.27
36Spring guideNB800M.05.13.00
37Valve cap sealing ringNB800G.05.10
38Valve cap 6#NB005.06.03
39O-ring 25×3.55-G-S (4″)GB/T3452.1
39O-ring 38.7×3.55 (4 1/2″/5″/6″)GB/T 3452.1
40Piston (4″)NB005.
40Piston (4 1/2″)NB005.
40Piston (5″)NB005.
40Piston (6″)NB005.
41Piston nut 4″NB500M.05.19.00
41Piston nut 4 1/2″/5″/6″NB800M.05.18.00
Suction pipeline assembly
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Hexagon bolt 1″-8X4ASME B18.2.1
2Suction inlet blind plate12”NB100.05.37
3Suction flange (II)NB100.05.34
4O-ring 345×7GB/T3452.1
5Hexagon nut: 1″-8ASME B18.2.2
6Suction pipelineNB004.06.18.00
7Suction flange (I)NB004.06.17
8Pipe plug: NPT1 1/2NB100.05.35
9Gasket, pressure sensorNB002.09.03
10Plug screw M20x1.5JB/T 1000
11Floating supporting assembly, suction pipeNB005.12.00
12Suction pulsation dampenerNB100.05.32.00
Mud guard clamp assembly NB004.06.11.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Hexagon bolt: 3/8”ASME B18.2.1
2Mud guard assemblyNB001.
5Hexagon bolt 1”ASME B18.2.1
6Spring washer 27GB/T93
Liner water retaining device 1 NB004.06.12.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Hexagon bolt: 1/4”-20×1/2”ASME B18.2.1
2Spring washer 8GB/T93
4Screw 5/16”-18×1 5/8”ASME B18.3
5Positioning screwNB004.06.12.02
6Liner water retaining barrel assemblyNB004.
7Liner water receiving barrel assemblyNB004.
8Spring washer 10GB/T93
9Hexagon bolt: 5/16”-18×5/8”ASME B18.2.1
Liner water retaining device 2 NB004.06.13.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Hexagon bolt: 1/4”-20×1/2”ASME B18.2.1
2Spring washer 8GB/T93
4Screw 5/16”-18×1 5/8”ASME B18.3
5Positioning screwNB004.06.12.02
6Liner water retaining barrel assemblyNB004.
7Liner water receiving barrel assemblyNB004.
8Spring washer 10GB/T93
9Hexagon bolt: 5/16”-18×5/8”ASME B18.2.1
Spray system assembly NB005.08.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Flat washer Φ8GB/T97
2Spring washer Φ8GB/T93
3Bolt M8GB/T5782
4Water cooler bracket assemblyNB005.08.01.00
5Hose assembly20491-36-14T/20411-36-14Tx1S-14×2500
6Water coolerGLC3-8
8Spring washerGB/T93
9Flat washerGB/T97
10Snap on joint5B-32-16HS
11Snap on elbow1DG9-36-16OG
12Bolt M14x60GB/T5782
13Hose assembly20411-45-20T/20411-45-20TX1S-20X1500
15Inlet flangeBZ212.09.01
16Flat washer Φ16GB/T97
17Spring washer Φ16GB/T93
18Bolt M16x35GB/T5782
19Snap on joint1CN9-45-20
20Snap on joint5N-24-20
22Outlet flangeBZ212.09.02
23Spring washerGB/T93
25Flat washerGB/T97
27Right-angle jointNB2200G.08.01
28Ball valveNPT1″-1.6Mpa; one piece type
30Hose assembly20491-36-14T/20411-36-14Tx1S-14×2500
31Bolt M16x50GB/T5783
32Spray pump supporting plate assemblyNB005.08.02.00
33Nut M16GB/6170-2000
34Water tank assemblyHBZ013.08.01.00
35Spray pipe assemblyNB005.08.04.00
36Hose assembly5N-24-20
37Ball valveQ11F-16-NPT3″
Spray pipe assembly NB005.08.04.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Plug with internal thread: M36x29C-36
2Finely-drawn stainless steel tube Φ25×2-L319GB/T14976-2002
3Snap on jointAD-36-26-36RN
4Finely-drawn stainless steel tube Φ25×2-L220GB/T14976-2002
590° elbow joint M36x21D9-36RN
Skid assembly NB005.07.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Skid welding assemblyNB005.07.01.00
2Rubber gasket 3NB005.07.06
3Cover plateNB005.07.05
4Socket cap screwM12x25
5Oil return rectangular pipe assemblyNB005.07.09.00
6Rubber jointJGD-1/DN80
8Spring washer16
9Flat washer16
104 1/2″, 5″ and 6″ pistons installation toolNB005.42.27.00
11Rubber gasket 1NB005.07.03
12Side cover plateNB005.07.10
14Flat washer12
15Flat washer12
16Pipe plugGH3161-01.01.46(G)
17Heater sleeve
224″ piston installation toolNB005.42.28.00
23Cushion blockNB005.07.18
24Rubber gasketNB005.07.16
25Barbed flange jointNB005.07.15
27Steel wire hoseID 2 1/2″, L=150
28Barbed elbow assemblyNB005.07.14.00
29Rubber gasketNB005.07.17
34Supporting seatNB005.61.02.00
35Connecting plateNB005.61.01
37Bolt1″-8×2 3/8″
38Spherical supportNB005.61.04.00
39Steel plateNB005.61.03
Discharge five-way block assembly NB004.09.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Welded female union 2”-1502-HHGHT04.07.01
2Welding neck flange 115 1/8×69NB004.09.05
3Gasket ring BX169ANSI/API Spec 6A-2010
4Filter screenNB2200G.25.05.00
5Holder of pressure gaugeNB004.09.03
6Gasket ring BX152ANSI/API Spec 6A-2010
7Stud 3/4-12UN-2Ax120NB1600M.07.02H
8Nut 3/4-12UN-2BNB1600M.07.03H
9Shockproof pressure gauge YK-150F; 0-80MPAYK-150
10Blind flangeNB004.09.02
11Gasket ring BX155ANSI/API Spec 6A-2010
12Discharge five-way blockNB004.09.01
13Stud 11/8-8UN(12UNF)x115NB1600M.07.04H
14Nut 1 1/8-8UN-2B (SPL)NB800M.24.06A
15Welding neck flange INB004.09.04
Guard cover NB004.12.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Bolt M12x30GB/T5782
2Sight windowNB001.27.11
3Guard cover plateNB004.12.02
4Guard cover frameNB001.27.02
5Guard cover connecting plateNB004.12.01
6Connecting plate 2NB004.12.08
7Bolt M12x35GB/T5783
9Connecting plate 1NB004.12.04
10Gasket 1NB001.27.10
11Supporting plateNB004.12.03
12Skeleton oil seal FB40x55x8GB/T13871
13Seal boxNB004.12.06
15Guard sealNB004.12.09.00
16Gasket 2NB001.27.13
17Clamp plateNB001.27.12
Guard seal NB004.12.09.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)
1Connecting plateNB004.12.09.03
2Water retaining plateNB004.12.09.02
3Socket cap screw M8x20GB/T70.1
4Cover plateNB001.27.02
5Side plateNB004.12.01
6Bolt M12x20GB/T5783
7Clamp plateHBZ013.27.15.03
8Gasket 1HBZ013.27.15.04