Zhongyuan Drill & Production Equipment plant of ZDPE
ZDPE DRAWWORKS JC-70, JC-50, JC-40, JC-30, JC-70D, JC-50D, JC-40D, JC-30D, JC-70DB, JC-50DB, JC-40DB
1. JC-70DB Drawworks Assembly
JC70DB-12.00Drawworks frame
JC70DB-13.00Drum shaft assembly
ZSHJC70DBZLeft reducer casing assembly
DQJC70DBYRight reducer casing assembly
JC70DB-14.00The shield cover of drum shaft
JC70DB-15.00The shield cover of left motor coupling
JC70DB-01Adjustable shim of reducer casing
JC70DB-16.00The shield cover of right motor coupling
JC70DB-17.00Air-control system
JC70DB-18.00The lubricating system of machine oil
JC70DB-02Bolt M36×125
JC70DB-10Drawworks nameplate
JC70DB-21.00Lubricating nameplate
JC70DB-19.00Automatic driller
JC70DB-11.00The shield cover of air-water coupling
JC70DB-22.00The shield cover of bit feeding clutch
JC70DB-23.00The lubricating system of grease
T100-006.00Rope clamp
JC70DB-03Bolt M36×120
JC70DB-25.00Located block
JC70DB-24.00Front shell
JC50DB01-15Located block II
JC70DB-26.00The locating device of reducer casing
JC70DB-27.00Left shield cover
JC70DB-28.00Left inserter
JC70DB-29.00Right shield cover
JC70DB-30.00Right inserter
JC70DB-04Front shell distichals
JC50DB01-24.00Transit seat
JC50DB01-27Connecting block 40×40
JC70DB-05Pin shaft Φ9.5×32
JC70DB-06Double pad eye mounting
JC70DB-07Movable screw bolt M12×70
JC70DB-08Support base
TYJ03.00Wire line stop sheave
JC70DB-09Bolt M36×160
AF50030109Drawworks nameplate
JC50DB01-16Located block III
JC50DB01-23Adjustable washer III
JC70DB01-17Adjustable washer I
SY-PS1600/720DYK-ZHydraulic disc brake PSZ70DB
GCL-12COvaloid coupling I
GCL-15Ovaloid coupling II
JC70DB-31-00Waterway conduit
YJ13A1×1/YJ13A1×2Motor  YJ13A1×1/YJ13A1×2 (800kw)
GB/T6170-M36-6Nut M36
GB/T6172-M36-6Thin Nut M36
Z03-01Check nut M36
GB/T5782-M12×25-4.6Bolt M12×25
GB/T93-87-12Grower washer 12
GB/T62-M12-5Saucer nut M12
GB/T5783-M16×40-8.8Bolt M16×40
GB93-87-16Grower washer 16
GB/T97.1-12Plain washer 12
GB/T6170-M12-6Nut M12
GB/T5782-M12×40-6.8Bolt M 12×40
GB/T67-M10×30-4.6Screw M 10×30
2.   70DB Flow diagram of Drawworks cooling water pipelines spare parts
70DBSL-01.01.00Inlet pipe assembly
70DBSL-01.02.00Return pipe assembly
GB3289.26-82-R1Inside adapter R1
BV-RC1Ball valve RC1
QB/HTQ-11Adapter M39×2G-R1
QB/HTQ-05Hose adapter Φ25×Φ35
RT-Φ25×Φ35Rubber tube Φ25×Φ35
GB3289.22-82-RC1Outer adapter RC1
GB3289.22-82-RC2Outer adapter RC2
GB3289.22-82-RC2-45°45° Bend RC2
GB3289.2-82-RC2Bend RC2
QB/HTQ-12Adapter M62×3G-R2
QB/HTQ-08Hammer-type hose adapter Φ51×Φ63
RT-Φ51×Φ63Rubber tube Φ51×Φ63
PL-8840-R2Pipe L=8840, Double thread R2
PL-8960-R2Pipe L=8960, Double thread R2
Z01-46Eye pad
T01-25Adapter M62×3G-R3
3. Water pipe assembly spare parts
JC70DB-13.01.01Adapter RC3/4
JC70DB-13.01.02Connecting Adapter
JC70DB-13.01.03Steel Pipe L=1862
GB/T3452.1-1992-90×5.3O-ring 90X5.3
4. Water pipe assembly spare parts
JC70DB-13.17.01Steel pipe L=1890
JC70DB-13.17.02Rectangle Joint R3/4-M52X2
JC70DB-13.17.03Pipe clamp assembly
JCTG-01Steel pipe
JCTG-02Steel pipe
JCTG-03Steel pipe
JCTG-04Steel pipe
JB2099-77-42Connecting pipe 42
JB981-77-M52X2Nut M52X2
GB3289.3-82-RC1 1/445°Bend RC1 1/4
QB/THY-01.05.21Adapter R1 1/4-M52X2
GB3452.1-92-33.5X3.55O-ring 33.5X3.55
GB3289.26-86-R1 1/4Inside adapter R1 1/4
GB3289.2-82-RC1 1/4Bend RC1 1/4
5. Air control system for Drawworks spare parts
JC70DB-17.07.00Nameplate 1
T005-010.00Pipe clamp assembly Φ19
QB/HTQ-09Adapter M 16×1.5G-R1/4
JC70DB-17.06Adapter M24×1.5G-R1/2
QB/HTQ-04Hose connector Φ16×Φ28
JC70DB-17.08Adapter M24×1.5-M22×1.5
T001-0503Adapter R1/2-M 16×1.5G
QB/HTQ-03Hose connector Φ10×Φ19
GB3289.26-82-NPT1/2Inside adapter NPT1/2
FV-NPT1/2Fast air release valve NPT 1/2
RF-XJ-L15Rotary table fitting outlet XJ-L15
GB3289.2-82-RC1/2Bend joint RC1/2
GB3289.24-82-RC1-RC1/2Change over sub RC1-RC1/2
GB3289.26-82-R1/2Inside adapter R1/2
BV-RC1/2Ball valve RC1/2
QB/HTQ-49Adapter M 16×1.5-M16×1.5
FP-L16Crown saver valve FP-L16
GB/T5781-2000-M12×50-4.8Bolt M12×50
GB93-87-12Washer 12
RT-Φ16×Φ28Rubber tube Φ16×Φ28
RT-Φ10XΦ19Rubber tube  Φ10×Φ19
GB/T827-86-3×6Rivet 3×6
QB/HTQ-16Adapter R 1/2-M 16×1.5G
QB/HTQ-14Adapter M22×1.5G-NPT1/4
QB/HTQ-53Rectangle connector M16×1.5G-NPT 1/4
QB/HTQ-13Adapter M16×1.5G-NPT1/4
JC70DB-17.09Adapter M 24×1.5G-NPT1/2
6. The lubricating system of machine oil spare parts
JC70DB-18.11.00Scavenge pipe assembly
JC70DB-18.12.00Oil fitter input
JC70DB-18.13.00Guard I
JC70DB-18.14.00Guard II
JC70DB-18.01Joint R1 1/2-M39×2
JC70DB-18.02Rectangle Joint R1 1/2-M39×2
JC70DB-18.15.00Pipe clamp assembly Ф50
JC70DB-18.16.00Pipe clamp assembly Ф38
JC70DB-18.03Joint R1-M39×2
JC70DB-18.17.00Scavenge pipe 1
JC70DB-18.18.00Scavenge pipe 2
JC70DB-18.04Rectangle Joint R1-M39X2
JC70DB-18.05Joint R1 1/2-G1 1/2
JC70DB-18.06Joint G1 1/2-M 42×2
JC70DB-18.07Scavenge pipe
JC70DB-18.08Oil fitter base
JC70DB-18.09Oil fitter flange
JC70DB-18.10Plug M20×1.5
T001—1702Copper packing
T001—1701Copper packing
T005—001.00Pipe clamp assembly Ф10
Z03-24Electric type oil pressure gauge assembly
QB/HTQ-83Casing Ф10
QB/HTQ-69Nut M16×1.5
QB/HTQ-16Joint M16×1.5-R1/2
GB3289.2-82-15Bend Dg15
QB/THY-02.04.21Rectangle welding joint M60×2
JB2099-77-Ф34Welding pipe Ф34
JB981-77-M42×2Nut M42×2
GB3452.1-92-28×3.55O-ring 28×3.55
ST-Ф34×3-1000Steel tube L=1000
GB971-77-34Rectangle welding pipe 34
JB982-77-40Combination washer 40
MG30G1.2Choke valve MG30G1.2
ST-1 1/2″-131Steel tube L=131
GB3289.2-82-40Bend Dg40
JB1885-77-25IA-    pigeonholding type hose 25I –
GB3452.1-92-23.6×3.55O-ring 23.6×3.55
QB/THY-01.02.18Joint NPT1-M39×2
JB1885-77-25 IA-    pigeonholding type hose 25I –
JB1885-77-25IA-    pigeonholding type hose 25I –
BV-RC1 1/2Stainless steel clap valve RC1 1/2
Z03-38Oil pressure detection equipment ZYJ10-3
GB3452.1-92-42.5×3.55O-ring 42.5×3.55
JB1885-77-45IA-    pigeonholding type hose 45I-
XYZ-150ABSXYZ-150ABS Lube oil pump(double pumps)
QU1-E250×40DFPOil filter QU1-E250×40DFP
GB/T70.1-2000-M12×90Allen screw M12×90
GB93-87-12Washer 12
GB/T5781-2000-M16×45-8.8Bolt M16×45
GB93-87-16Washer 16
SPG-1.6Shockproof pressure gauge YN-60(0-1.6Mpa)
QB/HTQ-23Pressure gauge connector M14×1.5-R1/4
7. XYZ-150ABS Lubrication Oil Pump (Double) spare parts
CB3-125CB3-125 Gear Oil Pump
XYZ-00.02Connecting Body
YB2-132M-4W-7.57.5Kw Motor
XYZ-00.04Flowline Assy.
AF-E40/0.5Safety valve AF-E40/0.5
XYZ-00.05Overflow Pipe Assy.
8. Grease lubricating system spare parts
JC50DB01-05.12Joint R3/8-M16×1.5
JC50DB01-05.13.00Pipe clamp Ф10
JC50DB01-05.14Joint over wall
JC50DB01-05.15Stand plate
QB/HTQ-94Back nut M16×1.5
QB/HTQ-69Nut M16×1.5
QB/HTQ-83Casing Ф10
CT-Ф10×1Copper tube
GB1152-79-M10×1Alemite M10×1
9. Drawworks skid spare parts
JC70DB-12.02Left wall plate
JC70DB-12.03Front windage resistance
JC70DB-12.05Back wall plate
JC70DB-12.07Support beamⅤ
JC70DB12.08Right wall plate
JC70DB-12.09Support beam
JC70DB-12.10Connecting plate
JC70DB-12.11Support beam
JC70DB-12.12Angle brace
JC70DB-12.13Support beam
JC70DB-12.14Support beam
JC70DB-12.15Angle brace
JC70DB-12.18Brace L=300
Z03-50Brace L=179
Z03-51Brace L=270
Z03-52Angle brace L=2374
Z03-53Roof 2374×527
Z03-54Support beam L=275
Z03-55Support beam L=275
Z03-56Angle steel L=927
Z03-57Windage resistance 76.5×200
10. Drum shafts assembly spare parts
JC70DB-13.01.00Water pipe assembly
JC70DB-13.02Key B50×28×282
JC70DB-13.04Left bearing seat
JC70DB-13.05Washer set (2)
JC70DB-13.06Left bearing cover
JC70DB-13.08Key B56×56×280
JC70DB-13.10.00Drum body assembly
JC70DB-13.12Press pad
JC70DB-13.13Right bearing cover
JC70DB-13.14.00Right bearing seat
JC70DB-13.15Bolt M36×120
JC70DB-13.16Bolt M 36×130
JC70DB-13.17.00Water pipe assembly
AF0000030100Air-water coupling
AF0000010600Water/gas instrument devices
GB32.1-88-M20×45-5.8Bolt with hole M20×45
GB93-87-20Washer 20
GB/T288-94-23148CABearing 23148CA /W33/240×400×128
GB/T6170-2000-M36-5Nut M36
GB93-87-36Washer 36
GB/T5782-2000-M20×50-6.8Bolt M20×50
GB9877.1-88-260×300×20Oil seal 260×300×20
GB32.1-88-M8×20-5.8Bolt with hole M8×20
GB93-87-8Washer 8
Z03-67Wire Ф1.5
AF700304-0202Press plate
11. Drum body assembly spare parts
JC70DB-13.10.01Drum body
JC70DB-13.10.02Screw M30X330
GB/T6170-2000-M30-8Nut M30
GB93-87-30Washer 30
12. Sensor and encoder connection device
AF0000010601Coupling shaft
JC40D01-02.01.19Bearing shaft
JC40D01-02.01.22Pressure spring
HG4-337-66-70×95V-type weave seal(A)70×95
JC40D01-02.01.21Spring pedestal
JC40D01-02.01.18Shaft sleeve
JC50DB01-02.15.10Air outlet cover I
JC50DB01-02.15.13Key 12×8
JC50DB01-02.15.14Air outlet cover II
JC50DB01-02.15.15Washer I
JC50DB01-02.15.17Shaft II
JC50DB01-02.15.18Washer II
JC50DB01-02.15.21Washer III
JC50DB01-02.15.22Ventilate plug R1/2
T007-001.00Oil spill mouth
GB1152-79-M10×1Alemite M10×1
HG4-692-67-100×130×12Oil seal PD100×130×12
GB/T812-76-M85×2Round Nut M85×2
GB/T858-2000-85Washer 85
GB/T5782-2000-M10×35-5.8Bolt M10×35
GB93-87-10Grower washer 10
GB276-64-214Bearing 214(70×125×24)
GB/T68-2000-M6×15-5.8Socket screw M6×15
HG4-692-67-50×70×12Oil seal PD50×70×12
GB276-64-208Bearing 208(40×80×18)
GB/T894.2-2000-40Elastic circlip used in oil 40
HG4-692-67-40×65×12Oil seal PD 40×65×12
GB/T893.1-2000-80Elastic circlip used in hole 80
GB/T5781-2000-M10×25Bolt M 10×25
GB3452.1-92-74×5.3O-ring 74×5.3
GB/T5782-2000-M12×45Bolt M 12×4574×5.3
GB93-87-12Grower washer 12
13 water-air coupling for drum shafts spare parts
JC40D01-02.01.19Bearing cap
JC40D01-02.01.23Backing plate
JC40D01-02.15.22Pressure spring
Z03-86HG4-337-66-70×95V type seal ring (A)70×95
JC40D01-02.01.21Spring seat
JC40D01-02.01.18Shaft sleeve
T007-001.00Oil spill fitting
GB1152-79-M10×1Grease fitting M10×1
HG4-692-77-100×130×12Oil seal PD 100×130×12
GB/T5782-2000-M10×35-5.8Bolt M 10×35
GB93-87-10Spring washer 10
GB276-64-218Bearing 218(90×160×30)
GB/T68-2000-M6×15-5.8Socket screw M6×15
GB3452.1-82-74×5.2O-ring 74×5.3
GB/T5782-2000-M20×45-4.8Bolt M20×45
GB93-87-20Spring washer 20
GB/T812-2000-M85×2-45Round nut M85×2
GB/T858-2000-85Washer 85
14. Emergency shaft assembly for ODS gear box spare parts
GB/T5783-2000-M16×40-8.8Bolt M 16×40
GB3452.1-88-38.7×3.55O-ring 38.7×3.55
AF7003030400-5-2End shield
GB/T5783-2000-M20×75-8.8Bolt M 20×75
SKF-NU2334C3Gear NU2334-C3(170×360×120)
AF7003030400-5-3Distance ring
GB1096-79-45×200Key 45×200
SKF-22336CC/W33-C3Bearing 22336CC/W33-C3(180×380×126)
AF7003030400-5-5Adjustable collar
AF7003030400-5-6Adjustable collar
GB879-86-5×30Pin Ф5×30
AF7003030400-5-7End shield
GB1096-79-B40×220Key B 40×220
AF7003030400-5-9Output axis
AF7003030400-5-10Distance ring
JB/ZQ4224-86-180×5.7O-ring 180×5.7
AF7003030400-5-13Adjustable collar
AF7003030400-5-14Adjustable collar
AF7003030400-5-17Distance ring
15. Output shaft assembly for (DS/ODS) gear box spare parts
AF7003030400-6-1Output shaft
AF7003030400-6-2End shield
GB/T5783-2000-M24×60-8.8Bolt M 24×60
GB1096-79-C63×270Key C63×270
AF7003030400-6-4Distance ring
SKF-24048CC/W33Bearing 24048CC/W33(240×360×118)
AF7003030400-6-5Adjustable collar
AF7003030400-6-6Adjustable collar
AF7003030400-6-7End shield
AF7003030400-6-8Distance ring
AF7003030400-6-9Pressure pad
GB/T5783-2000-M20×60-8.8Bolt M 20×60
AF7003030400-6-10Oil disc
AF7003030400-6-11Oil disc
GB879-86-5×30Pin Ф5×30
AF7003030400-6-12Adjustable collar
AF7003030400-6-13Adjustable collar
AF7003030400-6-14Distance ring
JB/ZQ4224-86-230×5.7O-ring 230×5.7
16. Input shaft assembly for (DS/ODS) gear box spare parts
GB1096-79-36×145Key 36×145
AF7003030400-8-1Input shaft
AF7003030400-8-2End shield
AF7003030400-8-3Distance ring
SKF-NU2228CMBearing NU2228CM(140×250×68)
AF7003030400-8-4Distance ring
AF7003030400-8-5Distance ring
SKF-QJ226N2MABearing QJ226N2MA(130×230×40)
AF7003030400-8-6End shield
GB858-88-125Washer 125
GB812-88-M125×2Nut M125×2
AF7003030400-8-7Adjustable collar
SKF-NU2226ECMBearing NU2226ECM(130×230×64)
AF7003030400-8-8Adjustable collar
AF7003030400-8-9Adjustable collar
AF7003030400-8-10Oil disc
AF7003030400-8-11Oil disc
GB879-86-6×30Pin 6×30
17. Intermediate shaft assembly for (DS/ODS) gear box spare parts
SKF-22244CC/W33Bearing 22244CC/W33(220×400×108)
AF7003030400-7-2Distance ring
GB1096-79-50×200Key 50×200
DQJC70DBY-3-1Distance ring
SKF-22344CC/W33Bearing 22344CC/W33(220×460×145)
DQJC70DBY-3-2End shield
GB1096-79-50×150Key 50×150
AF7003030400-7-19Pressure pad
GB/T5783-2000-M20×45-8.8Bolt M 20×45
DQJC70DBY-3-5End shield
18. ODS gear box spare parts
DQJC70DBY-2Machine cover
GB/T5783-2000-M30×145-8.8Bolt M 30×145
GB/T6170-2000-M30-8Nut M30
GB/T5783-2000-M20×45-8.8Bolt M20×45
GB/T901-2000-M36×200-8.8Bolt M 36×200
GB/T6170-2000-M36-8Nut M36
GB/T5783-2000-M24×50-8.8Bolt M 24×50
GB/T5783-2000-M12×35-8.8Bolt M 12×35
CTAC-G3“”C type air cleaner G3’
GB/T5783-2000-M6×8-8.8Bolt M 6×8
AF7003030400-4Oil baffle
GB117-88-30×130Pin 30×130
AF7003030400-5Emergency axis assembly
AF7003030400-6Output axis assembly
DQJC70DBY-3Intermediate axle assembly
AF7003030400-8Input axis assembly
AF7003030400-10Lubricating system
GB/T5783-2000-M10×20-8.8Bolt M 10×20
19. DS gear box spare parts
DQJC70DBZ-2Machine cover
GB/T5783-2000-M30×145-8.8Bolt M 30×145
GB/T41-2000-M30-8Nut M30
GB/T5783-2000-M20×45-8Bolt M20×45
GB/T901-2000-M36×200-8.8Screw M 36×200
GB/T6170-2000-M36-8Nut M36
GB/T5783-2000-M24×50-8.8Bolt M 24×50
GB/T5783-2000-M12×35-8.8Bolt M 12×35
AF7003030400-3Eyehole cover
CTAC-G3MC-type air cleaner G3’
GB/T5783-2000-M6×8Bolt M6×8
AF7003030400-4Oil baffle
GB117-88-30×130Pin Ф30×130
AF7003030400-6Output shaft assembly
DQJC70DBY-3Intermediate shaft assembly
AF7003030400-8Input shaft assembly
AF7003030400-3Lubrication system
GB/T5783-2000-M10×20-8.8Bolt M 10×20
20. Automatic driller spare parts
JC50DB01-04.01Pressure pad
JC50DB01-04.02Connecting plate
JC50DB01-04.03Joint NPT1/2-M27×1.5
JC50DB01-04.04Rectangle Joint NPT1/2-M27×1.5
JC50DB01-04.05.00Pipe clamp assembly
JB1885-77-16IRubber tube 16I
ATD327Push-disc clutches
Z03-149Reducer(including 37kw motor)
GB1235-76-20×2.4O-ring 20×2.4
GB/T5782-2000-M30×70-8.8Hexagon head bolt M 30×70
GB93-87-30Grower washer 30
1.Disc and Caliper Installation
Caliper Support ArmF-03
Main Caliper AssemblySC-00
Emergency Caliper AssemblyEC-00
Disc AdapterC-05
2.Caliper Support Arm
Caliper Support ArmF-03
Curbed BeamF-0301
Upper Bridge PieceF-0303
Cap ScrewF-0306
Lower Bridge PieceF-0302
3. Main Caliper Assembly
Main Caliper AssemblySC-00
Cylinder Assembly, ServiceSG-00
Spring, Caliper ReturnSC-03
Pin,  Service SupportSC-19
Pin, Finger Loop CotterSC-12
Pin, CylinderSC-02
Cap ScrewT-02
Plate, Pivot Pin RetainerSC-07
Pin, Caliper PivotSC-08
Pin, Brake PadSC-10
Long Bolt of Brake BlockT-09
Bolt of Brake BlockSC-16
Plate Assembly, Brake PadSC-14
Pad AssemblySC-20
AF Rod WiperAF80
Support MuffSC-17
Lever Assembly, ServiceSC-04-00
A5 Rod WiperA530
4.Cylinder Assembly, Service
Cylinder Assembly, ServiceSG-00
Bearing Cylinder PinSG-05
Screw PlugT-0101
Combined Seal WasherJB982-77-14
One-Way Oil Injecting ValveT-0103
Adapter of Injecting ValveT-0102
Plunger Assembly, AdjustableSG-01
O Ring2-337
BA Seal ringBA71
A5 Rod WiperA5C0
BA Seal RingBAC1
F3 Wiper, RodF356
Elbow BoltL-0101
Elbow BodyL-0102
Screw PlugSG-03
Hollow AdapterSC-15
Combined Seal WasherJB982-77-18
Body, CylinderSG-04
Valve, BleederEG-07
Bushing, Bleeder ValveEG-08
5.Lever Assembly, Service
Lever Assembly, ServiceSC-04-00
Caliper LeverSC-04
A5 Rod WiperA530
Bolt of Cover PlateT-08
Cover PlateT-07
Middle SpacerSC-21
6. Emergency Caliper Assembly
Emergency Caliper AssemblyEC-00
Emergency CylinderEG-00
Pin,  Emergency SupportEC-04
Pin, CylinderEC-01
Lever Assembly, EmergencyEC-02-00
Pin, Caliper PivotSC-08
Pin, Finger Loop CotterSC-12
Pin, Brake PadSC-10
Long Bolt of Brake BlockT-09
Plate Assembly, Brake PadSC-14
Bolt of Brake BlockSC-16
Pad AssemblySC-20
Cap ScrewT-02
Plate, Pivot Pin RetainerSC-07
Support MuffSC-17
AF Rod WiperAF80
A5 Rod WiperA530
7.Cylinder Assembly, Emergency
Cylinder Assembly, EmergencyEG-00
Bolt of Emergency CylinderEG-03
Washer 12T-05
Screw PlugEG-02
Ring, GuideEG-09
OK Seal RingOK19
Wiper, RodPO97
BA Seal RingBA28
A5 Rod WiperA5A0
Body, CylinderEG-04
Combined Seal WasherJB982-77-18
Screw PlugSG-03
Valve, BleederEG-07
Bushing, Bleeder ValveEG-08
BA Seal ringBA71
O Ring2-337
Plunger Assembly, AdjustableSG-01
Adapter of Injecting ValveT-0102
One-Way Oil Injecting ValveT-0103
Combined Seal WasherJB982-77-14
Screw PlugT-0101
Bearing Cylinder PinSG-05
Elbow BoltL0101
Hollow AdapterSC-15
Elbow BodyL0102
8.Lever Assembly, Emergency
Lever Assembly, EmergencyEC-02-00
Caliper LeverEC-02
A5 Rod WiperA530
Bolt of Cover PlateT-08
Cover PlateT-07
Middle SpacerSC-21
9. Disc
10.Disc Adapter
Disc AdapterC-05
1. 20m3 parts list of forced cooling device
Ex. Fluid Level Relay BUQK-01QL-01
Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve DN100QL-02
Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve DN80QL-03
Pressure Gauge(0-1.6MPa/0-230Psi)QL-04
Centrifugal Blower S4-72-60QL-05
Heat Sink QD-F1TypeQL-06
Magnetic Liquid Level ControlerQL-07
Centrifugal Pump3X2-10QL-08
Water TankQL-09
Ball ValveQ41FQL-10
Butterfly Valve DN200QL-11
Ex. Fluorescent Lamp GBYL-2X40W/A110-W24-L15QL-12
Ex. Sound and Lighting Warner BBJ-2QL-13
15Kw Ex. Electrical Motor YB2-160L-4WQL-14
Air-blower Drive V-beltB2700
14Bolt M36×125JC70DB-02
15Rope ClampT001-006.00
16Wire line stop sheaveTYJ03.00
17Rope ClampT001-006.00
18Bolt M36×120JC70DB-03
19Wire line stop sheaveTYJ03.00
20Bolt M36×160JC70DB-09
21Nut M36GB6170-M36-6
22Thin Nut M36GB6172-M36-6
23Check Nut M36Z03-01
24O-ring 90×5.3GB3452.1-92-90×5.3
25Rectangle Joint R3/4-M52×2JC70DB-13.17.02
26Connecting pipe 42JB2099-77-42
27Nut M52X2JB981-77-M52×2
2845°Bend RC1 1/4GB3289.3-82-45°-RC1 1/4
29Adapter R1 1/4-M52X2QB/THY-01.05.21
30O-ring 33.5×3.55GB3452.1-92-33.5×3.55
31Inside adapter R1 1/4GB3289.26-86-R1 1/4
32Bend RC1 1/4GB3289.2-82-RC1 1/4
33Adapter M 16×1.5G-R1/4QB/HTQ-09
34Hose connector Φ16×Φ28QB/HTQ-04
35Adapter M24×1.5-M22×1.5JC70DB-17.08
36Adapter R1/2-M 16×1.5GT001-0503
37Hose connector Φ10×Φ19QB/HTQ-03
38Inside adapter NPT1/2GB3289.26-82-NPT1/2
39Fast air release valve NPT 1/2FV-NPT1/2
40Rotate fitting outlet XJ-L15XJ-L15
41Bend joint RC1/2GB3289.2-82-RC1/2
42Change over sub RC1-RC1/2GB3289.24-82-RC1-RC1/2
43Rustless Steel Ball Valve RC 1/2BV-RC1/2
44Adapter M 16×1.5QB/HTQ-49
45Crown Block Saver FP-L16FP-L16
46Rubber Tube φ16×φ28RT-φ16×φ28
47Rubber Tube φ10×φ19RT-φ10×φ19
48Adapter R 1/2-M 16×1.5GQB/HTQ-16
49Right angle connector M16×1.5G-NPT 1/4QB/HTQ-53
50Adapter M16×1.5G-NPT1/4QB/HTQ-13
51Adapter M16×1.5G-NPT1/4JC70DB-17.09
52Joint R1 1/2-M39×2JC70DB-18.01
53Joint R1 –M39x2JC70DB-18.03
54Rectangle Joint R1-M39×2JC70DB-18.04
55Joint R1 1/2-G1 1/2JC70DB-18.05
56Joint G1 1/2 –M42x2JC70DB-18.06
57Plug M20 x1.5JC70DB-18.10
58Bend Dg15GB3289.2-82-15
59Rectangle Welded Joint M60×2QB/THY-02.04.21
60Welding pipe Ф34JB2099-77-34
61Nut M42×2JB981-77-M42×2
62O-ring 28×3.55GB3452.1-92-28×3.55
63Combination Washer 40JB982-77-40
64Choke Valve MG30G1.2MG30G1.2
65Bend   Dg40GB3289.2-82-40
66O-ring 23.6×3.55GB3452.1-92-23.6×3.55
67A-pigeonholding type hose 25I –JB1885-77-25I
68A-pigeonholding type hose 45I-JB1885-77-45I
69Stainless steel clap valve RC1 1/2BV-RC1 1/2
70O-ring 42.5×3.55GB3452.1-92-42.5×3.55
71XYZ-150ABS Lube oil pump(double pumps)XYZ-150ABS
72Oil filter QU1-E250×40DFPQU1-E250×40DFP
73Shockproof pressure gauge YN-60(0-1.6Mpa)YN-60-1.6
74Pressure gauge connector M14×1.5-R1/4QB/HTQ-23
75Bolt M36×120JC70DB-13.15
76Bolt M36×130JC70DB-13.16
77Bearing 23148CA/W33(240×400×128)GB/T288-94-23148CA/W33
78Washer 20GB93-87-20
79Washer 36GB93-87-36
80Oil seal 260×300×20GB9877.1-88-260×300×20
81Screw M30×330JC70DB-13.10.02
82Nut M30GB6170-86-M30-8
83Washer 30GB93-87-30
84V-ring (A)70×95HG4-337-66-70×95
85Oil Seal PD100×130×12HG4-692-67-100×130×12
86Round Nut M85×2GB812-76-M85×2
87Bearing 214(70×125×24)GB276-64-214
88Oil Seal PD50×70×12HG4-692-67-50×70×12
89Bearing 208(40×80×18)GB276-64-208
90Oil Seal PD40×65×12HG4-692-67-40×65×12
91O-ring 74×5.3GB3452.1-74×5.3
92Grease fitting M10×1GB1152-79-M10×1
93O-ring 38.7×3.55GB3452.3-88-38.7×3.55
94O-ring 180×5.7JB/ZQ4224-86-180×5.7
95O-ring 230×5.7JB/ZQ4224-86-230×5.7
96Bearing NU2228CM(140×250×68)SKF-NU2228CM
97Bearing QJ226N2MA(130×230×40)SKF-QJ226N2MA
98Bearing NU2226ECM(130×230×64)SKF-NU2226ECM
99Joint NPT1/2-M27×1.5JC50DB01-04.03
100Rectangle Joint NPT1/2-M27X1.5JC50DB01-04.04
101O-ring 20X2.4GB1235-76-20×2.4
102AC Motor of DrawworksCT13
Disc Brake
103Main Caliper AssemblySC-00
104Emergency Caliper AssemblyEG-00
Service Caliper ArmSC-04-00
105Spring, Caliper ReturnSC-03
106Pin,  Service SupportSC-19
107Pin, Finger Loop CotterSC-12
108Pin, CylinderSC-02
Latched JointL-01
Snap joint 3/8 NPTL-02
109Cap ScrewT-02
110Plate, Pivot Pin RetainerSC-07
111Pin, Caliper PivotSC-08
112Pin, Brake PadSC-10
113Long Bolt of Brake BlockT-09
114Bolt of Brake BlockSC-16
115Plate Assembly, Brake Pad(back plate)SC-14
116Pad AssemblySC-20
117Support MuffSC-17
118Lever Assembly, ServiceSC-04
119Grease FittingT-04
120Screw PlugT-0101
121Combined Seal WasherJB982-77-14
Combined Seal WasherJB982-77-16
122One-Way Oil Injecting ValveT-0103
123Adapter of Injecting ValveT-0102
124Elbow BodyL-0102
125Hollow AdapterSC-15
126Combined Seal WasherJB982-77-18
127Middle SpacerSC-21
128Pin,  Emergency SupportEC-04
129Pin, Cylinder(Upper Pin,Emergency Caliper)EC-01
130Lever Assembly, EmergencyEC-02-00
131Pad AssemblyEC-20
132Bolt of Emergency CylinderEG-03
134Elbow BoltL0101
135O Ring2-337
135-1BA Sealing RingBA71
BA Sealing RingBA28
135-2BA Sealing RingBAC1
BA Sealing RingOK19
136AF80 Rod WiperAF80
136-1A530 Rod WiperA530
136-2A5C0 Rod WiperA5C0
A5A0 Rod WiperA5A0
137Combination Washer 16JB982-77-16
2m3 Forced Cooling Water Tank
138Ex. Fluid Level Relay BUQK-01QL-01
139Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve DN100QL-02
140Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve DN80QL-03
141Pressure Gauge(0-1.6MPa/0-230Psi)QL-04
142Ball ValveQ41FQL-10
143Ex Fluorescent Lamp GBYL-2×40W/A110-W24-L15QL-12
144Ex. Sound and Lighting Warner BBJ-2QL-13
14515KW  Ex. Electrical Motor YB2-160L-4WQL-14
146Air-blower Drive V-beltB2700
147Centrifugal Pump (15Kw)3×2-10PWA3×2-10(15Kw)
148Centrifugal Pump (15Kw)3×2-10PWA3×2-10(15Kw)