JC28/11 Drawworks parts

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Repair kit for main drum of JC28/11 Drawworks
Oil seal PD220×260×18
Oil seal PD190×225×18
Bearing 22236 CC/W33
Bearing 6234
Clutch gas bag 30″
Clutch friction disc 30″
Clutch thrust disc 30″
Spring JC28/11-03-03
Brake pad (Intwining type) JC28/11-03-13
Brake pad (Casting type) JC28A-02-08
Repair kit for sand reel of JC28/11 Drawworks
clutch ATD124
Air bag of the clutch 24″
Clutch friction dics 24″
Clutch thrust disc 24″
Braid brake block XJ40C-09-01
Foundry brake block XJ40C-09-05
Oil sealing PG130×160×15
Oil sealing PG125×150×14