Mission magnum XP Style centrifugal pump model 8x6x18; 12x10x23; 14x12x22 parts list


Item #Part NumberDescriptionQty Required
0Complete Mission Style Magnum XP Model
Tool, Impeller Nose (HEX)
Auxiliary Tools
Packed Split-Box and Wearplate
1662001001Casing, 12x10x231
1651120206Casing, 14x12x221
1662002089Casing, 8x6x181
2648402014Nut, Casing32
3648401118Stud, Casing (8×6)16
3601208285Stud, Casing (8×6)16
3658403308Stud, Casing (14×12 and 12×10)32
4658410501Gasket, Casing (14x12x22)2
4662010032Gasket, Casing (8x6x18)2
4661010001Gasket, Casing (12x10x23)2
5662014129Cover, Front (8x6x18)1
5662014003Cover, Front (12x10x23)1
5654310309Cover, Front (14x12x22)1
6662005003Impeller, 14×12 Clockwise Rot. 22″1
6662005002Impeller, 12×10 Clockwise Rot. 23″1
6662005018Impeller, 8×6 Clockwise Rot. 18″1
7658408109Seal, Impeller Nose1
8658405006Key, Impeller1
9662014054Nose, Impeller (2 Flat Ion Nitride)1
9652309601Nose, Impeller (Hex Design)1
9652309600Nose, Impeller (Two Flat Design)1
10658411400Screw, Set1
11658414255Jam Nut1
12658408059Seal, Impeller1
13658416102Mechanical Seal (Crane Type)1
14653322305Stuffing Box, Mech. Seal (14×12)1
14662014002Stuffing Box, Mech. Seal (12×10)1
14662014128Stuffing Box, Mech. Seal (8×6)1
15648401016Bolt, Stuffing Box1
16656422201Sleeve, Shaft1
17658408505Seal, Sleeve1
19658408554Seal, Slinger1
20658413604Oil Seal, Inboard Bearing1
21658413000Bearing, Inboard1
22654312008Frame 14×121
22662014130Frame 8×61
22662014001Frame 12×101
23654313006Housing, Bearing1
24658408901Seal, Bearing Housing1
25661009001Bearing, Outboard (12×10 and 8×6)2
25658413307Bearing, Outboard (14×12)1
26658408802Seal, Bearing Cover1
27658407002Lock Washer1
28658406509Lock Nut, Bearing1
29658413638Oil Seal, Bearng Cover2
30601482417Drive Screws6
33658405055Key, Coupling1
34654314004Cover, Bearing1
35648401081Bolts, Bearing Cover2
36648402030Washer, Bearing Cover2
37626402702Nuts, Bearing Housing2
38648401057Bolt, Bearing Housing4
39648402030Washer, Flat2
40601408289Bolt, Packing Gland2
41654315100Gland, Packing Half2
42658409503Packing Set1
43658404207Screw, Cap2
44601474695Plug, Grease1
46661010020Plug, Fitting1
47654310507Wearplate, Split Box1
48658409552Packing Set1
49658413935Nut and Washer Assembly2
501/2-13×4 Ig Gr. 5Bolt, Split-Box2
51654317007Stuffing Box, Split2
52658418207Latern Ring Half2
53601499403Fitting, Grease1
54658404405Screw, Cap2
55658420203Tool, Impeller Nose and Nut1
56658420252Tool, Impeller Removal1
57658420302Tool, Shaft Holder1
58658409859Plug, Pipe2
59658410006Plug, Pipe1
60603445727Tag, Mechanical Seal1