Mission 2500 Supreme centrifugal pump model  3x2x13; 5x4x14; 6x5x14; 8x6x14; 4x3x13; 6x5x11; 8x6x11; 10x8x14 parts list


Item #Part NumberDescriptionQty Required
0Complete Mission Style 2500 Supreme Model Centrifugal Pump
1E601474703Plug, Casing Drain1
1C648401115Stud, Casing12
1DWear Pad Assembly (2500)
1A648403014Gasket, Casing Viton
1A648403013Gasket, Casing Teflon
1A648403012Gasket, Casing Celluloid1
1Casing Assembly (2500)
1B648402014Nut, Casing12
2Impeller Assembly (2500)
2A648405082Seal, Impeller1
3B601499403Grease Fitting1
3A648401016Bolt, Stuffing Box1
3Stuffing Box (2500)
4H20622-4AGland Assembly, Packing1
5A648414308Seal, Mechanical (tungsten carbide faces)1
5A25001-1Seal, Hub Mount Mechanical (tungsten faces)
5A648414340Seal, Mechanical (ceramic to carbon faces)
5A22451-9ASeal, Mechanical (silicon carbide faces)
5B661007006Packing, Shaft – w/latern ring (Kevlar)
5B661007011Packing, Shaft – w/latern ring (Teflon)
5B661007008Packing, Shaft – w/latern ring (King)
5B661007005Packing, Shaft – w/latern ring (Graphite)1
5ASeal, Double Olympia Kit (WC to WC & WC to C)
5B648402600Packing, Shaft – M.S. Backup (Graphite)
5A648414357Seal, Mechanical (silicon to tungten faces)
6601102494Bolt Assembly, Gland2
7C648415156Seal, Shaft Sleeve1
7B601212392Key, Shaft1
7A641103437Sleeve, Shaft 316SS
7A641102181Sleeve, Shaft Cr2O3 coat 416SS (Pack Pump std)1
7A641102182Sleeve, Shaft 416SS (M.S. Pump std.)1
8641116108Deflector Assembly1
917444HFrame, Grease Lubricated1
9F2539-3HDip Stick1
9E2565-1HPlug, Oil Fill1
9C601474737Plug, Frame Drain1
9B601474703Plug Oil1
9A8505-1Plug, Oil Drain1
9G2538-1HBolt, Casing Jack2
10E661010033Grease Fitting1
10D3861-1HBolt, I.B. Brg. Cover2
10C2564-4HLabyrinth Seal, IB Brg. Cover1
10B648408706Gasket, I.B. Brg. Cover1
10A17950AHCover, Inboard Bearing1
11661009010ABearing, Inboard & Spacer1
12C658404702Nut, O.B. Brg. Housing Jam2
12B3861-138Bolts, O.B. Brg. Housing4
12A648402295Seal, O.B. Brg. Housing1
1220624HHousing, O.B. Bearing1
13D3861-139-4Bolt, O.B. Brg. Cover2
13C2564-3HLabyrinth Seal, O.B. Brg. Cover1
13A661010020Grease Zerk, O.B. Brg. Cvr.1
1320617AHCover, O.B. Bearing1
13B072200017O-ring, O.B. Bearing Cover1
14648408201SBearing, O.B. (2 Bearing Set)2
14A648402105Lockwasher, O.B. Bearing1
14B648402055Locknut, O.B. Bearing1
15648408607Lantern Ring1