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Caterpillar engine assembly, engine parts Caterpillar

DSL SUPPLY CATERPILLAR excavators, bulldozers, loaders and other construction machinery parts. Products are engine parts, engine assembly, maintenance parts, hydraulic pump assembly and accessories, walkingmotor assembly and accessories, cab assembly and parts, electrical parts , multi-valve assembly, rotary bearing, track assembly, wear parts and other engineering machinery parts. Company and Caterpillar have a good business relationship, the United States has a direct point of purchase, you can purchase directly to primary sources, reducing the number of intermediate links, shorten the delivery time to the customer and reduce the purchase cost of the customer. Most of the products directly from manufacturers well-known US brand manufacturers and original (OEM). Company in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong has a large inventory spot, relying on three major cities logistics concentrated radiation. Supply at a lower price pure genuine Caterpillar engine assembly and accessories, the company in first person, after mentality of doing things adhere to market-centric management service for the purpose. Provinces and cities nationwide to provide users with heavy-duty engine parts, solve the user’s overhaul, repair, minor repairs emergency service needs, solve customer worries. Calle – Caterpillar your reliable supplier of pure original accessories genuine imported US Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) engine parts: engine assembly, cylinder components, piston assembly, four matching engine, piston, connecting rod,! piston pin, crankshaft, overhaul kits, turbocharger, the cylinder assembly, the cylinder head assembly, valve chamber cover, intake valve, exhaust valve, intake valve seat, exhaust valve seat, door springs, air lock sheet, nozzle assembly, fuel injectors, diesel pump assembly, plunger, delivery valve, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, cylinder, piston rings, connecting rod bearing, main bearing, pump total Cheng, oil cooler, oil cooler side cover, cooling water tank, up / down pipes, fan blades, timing gear chamber cover, Sui crankshaft timing gear teeth, camshaft gear, gear pumps, pump assembly, fuel motor, turn off the switch, storage battery, axle bolts, cylinder head bolts, oil sensor, water temperature alarm, coupling, pilot pump assembly, hydraulic oil cooler, intake and exhaust valve catheter, radiator core, muffler, filter / filters, air filters, oil filters, diesel filter, hydraulic oil filter, pilot filter. Pure imported US Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) hydraulic parts: hydraulic pump assembly, pump casing, hydraulic front axle, rear axle hydraulic pump bile / cylinder, piston, return plate, oil pan, copper ball, lifter, swing assembly, rotary pumps, pump running, dispensing valve, the drive shaft / transmission shaft, coupling, thrust plate, shell, ball joints, swing seat assembly, spring, thimble, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinder series pure components. Gearbox assembly, travel motor assembly, pump gall, plunger, return plate, drive shaft, swash plate assembly, motor oil base, walking planetary gears, bearings, floating seal, flange, slewing ring, rotary motor , vertical pure imported US Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) electrical parts: computer board, the operation display panel, cab assembly, door assembly, the windshield, the entire vehicle wiring harness / wire-speed, insurance tablets, instrument lights, seat chair assembly, headlights, angle sensors, speed sensors, pressure sensors, starter motors, generators, electrical instruments, walking Mody mirror. ECU computer board, EPS panels, instrument panel, displays, sensors, actuators, pressure switch, throttle motor, air-conditioning assembly, compressor, controller, control panels. Pure imported, master valve assembly, valve assembly, speed sensors, flame solenoid valves, pipe fittings, hydraulic oil cooler, high pressure tubing, fittings, inlet pipe clamps. Imported chassis parts: track assembly, supporting wheels, guide wheels, drive wheels, child care sprocket, chain plate assembly, tension device (cylinders, spring assembly), bucket, ripper, bucket teeth, adapters, knife cross plate (blades, blade), connecting rod, word frame, fighting shaft Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) excavator series: CAT301.6C, 301.8C, 302.5C, 303.5C CR, 303C CR, 304C CR, 305.5,305C CR, 307C, 307C SB, 307D, 308D CR, 308D CR SB, 311C, 311D LRR, 312C, 312CL, 312D, 312DL, 314C LCR, 315C L, 315D L, 318C L, 320B 320C, 320D 320D, 321C LCR, 322D, 22DL, CAT323,324D 324D L, 325C, 325D 325D L, 328D LCR, 329D / 329D L, 330D, 33C0,330DL, 336D / 336D L, 345C 345C L, 345C, 345D, CAT349, CAT350, 365C, 365C FS, 365CLME, 365CLUHD, 385C FS, 385C L, 385C L ME, 385C L, CAT390 Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) bulldozer:. D3B, D3G, D3K, D4D, D4G, D4K, D4H-HD, D5G , D5H, D5K, D5N, D5G, D5C, D6C, D6D ,, D6H, D6G, D6K, D6N, D6R, D7G, D7R, D7F, D7H, D8H, D8K, D8N, D8R, D8L, D8T, D9H, D9G, D9N, D9R, D9L, D10R, D10N, D10T, D11N, D11R Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) loaders:. 247B 2,257B 2,277C, 287C, 297C, 519,519 SM EHC, 529,559,569, 569 SM EHC, 579,924H, 930H, 938G II, 950,953D, 962H, 963D, 966D, 966H, 972H, 973C, 977,980C, 988B, 980H, 988H, 993K, 994F Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) engine group series: 3066,3114,3116, S6K, 3126,3126B, 3126E, 3145,3150,3160,3176,3176B, 3176C, 3196,3204,3208,3304,3304B, G3304,3306,3306B, 3306C, G3306,3406, 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, 3408,3408B, 3408C, 3408E, G3408,3412,3412C, 3412E, G3412,3456,3504,3504B, 3508,3508B, G3508,3512,3512B, G3512, PM3512,3516,3516B, G3516, PM3516, C-9, C-10, C-12, C-15, C-16, D13000, D311, D315, D318, D320, D326, D330, D333, D333C, G333, D334, D336, D337, D342, . G342, D343, G343, D346, D348, G348, D349, D353, D364, D375, D379, D379B, G379, D386, D397, D398, D398B, G398 and other accessories Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) scraper series: 621G , 627G, Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) Grader series: 12H Standard, 140H Standard, 160H Standard, 14M Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) skid steer loaders series: 216B series 2,226B, 226B series 2,236B series 2,242B series 2,246B, 246C, 247B, 256C, 257B2,262B, 262C, 272C Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) Tipper series: 740,770,772,773D, 773F, 775F, 777D, 777F, 785D, 789C, 793D , 797B Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) paver series: AP600, AP655D, AP755, AS4251, RB-5700 Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR) milling machine: PM 102 W, PM102 T, PM200, PM201 Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR ) roller series: CB-113, CB-114, CB-14, CB-214E, CB-224E, CB-225E, CB-334E, CB-334E XW, CB-335E, CB-434D, CB534D, CB-534D XW, CB-535B, CB564D, CP-433E, CP-533E, CP-563E, CP-633E, CS-423E, CS-433E, CS-533E, CS-563E, CS-573E, CS-583E, CS- 663E, CS-683E, CS76 XT TAGļ¼š
3512B, 3516,3516B, CAT305, CAT320, CAT325, CAT330, CAT345, C

Common models: 3306,3406,3406E, 3408,3412,3456,3508,3508B, 3512,3512B, 3516,3516B, CAT305, CAT320, CAT325, CAT330, CAT345, CAT365, C7, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C15, C18, C27, C32, turbocharger, starter, charging machine, charging machine belts, fan, fan belt, crank, crank watts, crankshaft oil seal, connecting rod, connecting rod bearing, cylinder head gasket, cylinder liner, pistons, piston rings, piston pins, inlet valve, exhaust valves, valve guides, valve seat rings, repair kits, gaskets, seals, fuel pump, fuel injectors, oil cooler, water pump, expansion tank, oil, rust-proof fluid, maintenance with original filters, oil-water separators and the like.
Carter various types of high-pressure tubing: 4P9386,4P3922,4P3926,7C5556,7C6589,9Y3969
133-5673 oil-water separators, oil filters 1R-0739, machine filter 1R-0716, hydraulic oil filter 1R0746, filter 1R0722, oil filter 1R0726, hydraulic oil filter 5I8670, diesel filter 5I7951, fuel filter 1R0770, hydraulic pilot filter 937 521, diesel filter 1R0750, 117-4089 oil-water separators, diesel fuel filters 1R-0749, filter 1R0756, intake valve 5I7738, piston rings group 2W1709, piston rings 9S3068, piston ring 1W8922, intake valve seat 4N5893, piston ring assembly 1W8922, injector 8N7005, injector 4W7017, injector 4W7018, 1152368 intake valve, piston rings group 2W1709, exhaust valve seat 1W5283, exhaust valve conduit 1,737,188, conduit seal 6N7174, piston rings (oil ring ) 6I0497, diesel filter 1R0751, diesel fuel filter 1R0771, exhaust valve seat 1W5283, valve guides 1,487,425, 1,737,188 exhaust ducts, intake valve seat 4N5893, CAT3408 pump 4N7498, CAT3406 pump 7W1821, CAT3512 pump water pump 1220500 CAT3408 4N1101 , CAT320B pump 1253016, CAT3412 pump 1N4558, CAT3116 pumps 7C6436, D399 pumps 6L8983, oil pressure gauge 7W2937, engine coolant temperature gauge 7W2060, tachometer 9X1117, tachometer sensor 5N9292, generators 4N3986, starter 6V0890, starter assembly 2,071,556, air filter 7W5495, air filter 6L4714 parts, air filters, diesel filter 9M2341 crude diesel filter 1R0750, filter 1R0719, machine filter 6N6798, hand pump 1375541, 1052508 hand pump, hand pump 4W0788, alternator belt 4N8216, alternator belt 4N-8216 , air compressor belt 4N-6373, fan belt 3S9653, water filter, fuel injector assembly 8N7005, plunger 7W-5928, before the repair kits 6V5433, after repair kits 6V2900, 1152368 intake valve, an exhaust valve 115-2367 , water pump assembly (3406) 9N3228, water pump assembly (3408) 4N7498, water pump repair kits 9N6289, hand pump assembly 4W7498, oil pump assembly (3406) 4N0733, 1 oil pump assembly (3408) 4N8734, turbocharger assembly (3406) 7C6648, supercharger assembly (3408) 1W5580, turbocharger repair kits 2W0715, turbocharger bearings 9N2041, for pump assembly (3406) 1W1700, for pump assembly (3408) 4N1101, governor assembly (3406) 2W7325, speed control assembly (3408) 4W6013, high pump assembly (3406) 4W2549, high pump assembly (3408) 7W1983, nozzle 4W7019, nozzle 4W7018, 2W3413 plunger pay , gasket 6N9135