Shenkai BOP rubber seals



We stock Shenkai BOP rubber seals and Parts with MODEL NO FH18/70 & FH18/105 Original & replacement are available.
1.Bonnet H09.04.00
2.Packer H09.07.00
3.Seal-Adapter Ring(I.D.)(1) H09.08.00
4.O ring(Adapter Ring O.D.) H09.09
5.Adapter Ring H09.03
6.Piston H09.02
7.Seal-Shell H09.12.01
8.O ring H09.12.02
9. O ring (Shell) H09.01
10.Seal adapter ring (I.D.)(2) H09.11.01
11.O ring H09.11.02
12.Wear ring-piston O.D. H09.14
13.Seal-Piston O.D. H09.15.01
14. O ring H09.15.02
15. Wear Ring- Shell H09.13