ZJ30 rig parts


Russia drilling rig, SJ/RG RIG ZJ30 PARTS LIST
ЗИП к мобильной буровой установке ZJ30
Spare parts for drilling rig ZJ30

Lot: Reverse-gear reducer YOTEJ750-25DD
22Coupling disc2
44Seal ring2
55Sleeve intake pipe2
Lot: Winch (ZJ 30 ser.no № 0803122)
61Fast rope roller/快绳挡辊Z03260000013AA8
72Tension wheel/张紧轮Z06030400002AA10
83Gear hub (gor shaft Z03030400006AA)Z03030400004AA1
Lot: Filters
102Air filter inner12VB.36M.5014
113Air filter main12VB.36M.4014
124Oil filter element12VB.18.10B39
135Filter element12V.10.30A8
146Filter elementTFX-250×1002
Lot: Sand pumps
173Rotor fork2552051
184Pin for jaw2554151
type SB6×8J-12 1/2
224Mechanical sealSB68J004440
246Seal coverSB68J001126
Lot: Mud pumps (liners, pistons)
F 500
261Piston RS-HS 100270
272Piston RS-HS 110180
283Double metal liner diam 100RS11311.05.11.00220
294Double metal liner diam 110RS11311.05.11.00150
3NB-1000F (GH3101.00)
316Double metal liner diam 17072
327Double metal liner diam 15060
338Double metal liner diam 120150
349Double metal liner diam 11027
3510Piston 120200
3611Piston 11042
3NB-1300F (GH3101.00)
371Piston 130360
382Piston 140110
393Piston 150120
404Piston 170430
415Double metal liner diam 130210
426Double metal liner diam 14078
437Double metal liner diam 15030
448Double metal liner diam 170290
Lot: Mud pumps (spare parts)
F 500
451Air bag КВ-4520
462Valve assembly API 5#250
473Cylinder assemblyRS11311.05.01.017
484Mud ring 2.75″Х3.75″Х0.562″RS11311.04.0960
495Intermediate extension rodRS11311.04.069
506Stick, liner cover flangeRS11311.05.0212
517Cylinder headRS11311.05.0312
528Top cylinderRS11311.05.0612
539Seal ring 75х5.324
5410Ring Ø71х5,3 GB3452.1-8260
5511Head sealRS11311.05.0424
5612Charging manifoldRS11311.10.01.002
5713Cylinder head plugRS11311.05.051
5814Seal valve API 5# F500250
5915Seal liner200
6016Piston rod clampRS11311.05.16.0118
6117Ring gasket R3912
3NB-1000F (GH3101.00)
621Crosshead pinRUS6.404002
632Air bagGH3161-27.03.0024
643Piston rod М39х3 (42мм)24
654Stick, liner cover flangeGH3101-05.0212
665Liner locking ringGH3101-05.04200
676Valve rod guideGH3101-05.27.009
687Intermediate extension rodGH3101-04.099
698Shear pinGH3101-28.11200
709Piston assemblyGH3101-28.03.0030
7110Piston rodGH3101-28.05(NB800G.28.05)30
7211Short connectorGH3101-05.1672
7312Valve assembly API 6#GH3101-05.17.00(NB800.05.17.00)144
7413Double metal liner diam 110GH3101-05.2227
7514Seal for valve GH3101-05.17.0024
7615Oil seal 4.5″×5.5″×0.5″GH3101-04.1848
7716O-ring 140х7.0G18
7817Seal ringGH3101-05.0939
7918O-ring 115х5.30G48
8019Clamp assemblyGH3101-05.24.006
3NB-1300F (GH3101.00)
811Valve springRS11306.05.01372
822Piston ring 41,2*3,55100
833Valve assemblyRS11309.05.10.00150
844Piston rod6
855Pump 32 PL2
866Upper guide boardRS11309.04.0021
877Lower guide boardRS11309.04.0131
888Positioning panelGH3161-05.0718
899Liner flangeGH3161-05.1618
9010Wearable discGH3161-05.1518
9111Cylinder lid plugGH3161-05.06.0018
9212Liner sealing ringRS11309.05.013100
9313Valve cap sealing ringRS11309.05.011100
9414Cylinder lid sealing ringRS11305.05.008150
9515Inserter assemblyRS11309.05.04.0024
9616Seal valve К7 F1300100
9717Valve cap18
9818Liner flangeRS11309.05.0169
9919Cylinder lidRS11309.05.00318
10121Shear pin safety valveJA-32
10222Piston nut М39*3RS11306.05.015.0080
10323Angle type check valveJZR3-L814
Lot: Brake system
1051Brake band for JC450S ZJ202
1062Disc spring for BK-7-7ABK-7-7A412
1073Ribg ОК for BKD-7-6CBKD-SR-55
1084Ring for BKD-7-6CBKD-SR-48
1095Ring for BKD-7-6CBKD-SR-330
1106Ring 110х125х10BKD-SR-62
1117Guide beltBKD-GB-216
1139Guide beltBKD-GB-14
11410Sealing ringBKD-SR-115
11511Disc spring for BKD-0-6DBKD-7-6A459
11612Spring 8х46х65ВК-12-7А32
11713Service caliper cylinder assemblyBKD-7-7Bg8
11814Pin L=241mmBKD-4-6C4
11915Steel backingBKD-2-6C4
12016Emergency caliper cylinder assemblyBKD-7-6C4
12117Accumulator bladder NXQ1-A-6,3/31,5-H-CR2
12218Accumulator NXQ1-A-6,3/31,5-H-CR1
Lot: Air clutch
1241Release spring ATD330H (23х80)W00-33-90348
1252Air tube ATD330H2
1263Air tube ATD236H (ZJ40CZ CPTDC)2
1274Friction disc ATD236H (ZJ40CZ CPTDC)3
1285Plate for ATD324 (ZJ20CZ SJPETRO)G 301.51.1С1
1296Airflex dual 16CB5001424322
1307Release spring for W16-20-90E-1 (F500)90
1318Center plate WSH1411100 for W16-20-900 E1 (F500)WSH14111006
1329Friction disc for W16-20-900 E1 (F500)24
13310Airtube for W16-20-900 E1 W135044006003073 (F500)2
13411Airtube МП300х100 wyth brake pads6
Lot: Diesel engine G12V190PZL1
1361Oil pressure gauge Чидун, pipe 3 mZ12VB.32.181
1372Timer   Чидун12VB.32.081
1383Water outlet temp gauge, oil cooler  Чидун, pipe 3 m12VB.32.071
1394Oil inlet pressure gauge  Чидун12VB.32.191
1405Tachometer and transducer  ЧидунZ12VB.32.211
1416Air switch subassembly Чидун12VB.46.130F1
1427Air intake pipe subassembly  Чидун12VB.46.40F1
1438Intake pipe subassembly  Чидун12VB.46.20F1
1449Intake pipe subassembly  Чидун12VB.46.30F1
Lot: Unions type FIG
1451Thread union 4″ type Fig602, thread R4″-11 (BSPT) ГОСТ 6211-8120
1462Weld unioin 4″ type FIG 60230
1473Seal for union 4″ type FIG602 (1502)120
1484Seal for Union type FIG1003100
1495Weld union 4″ type FIG 150220
Lot: Manifold
1501Manifold 4″  ZJ 30 № 0803122  2008 г.в49215010000003AA1
1512Manifold 3″ SJX5560T ZJ 20 № 0506106  2005 г.в1
Lot: Manual tongs
1521Manual tong, type C, ambient temp. -45°С, with latch lug jaw no. 2#; 3#Q2.3/8-10,3/4-48С2
1532Manual tong type DB, ambient temp. -45°С, with 2a; 2b; 2с.Q3 1/2 – 178
1543Latch assembly for manual tong type B10-20251
Lot: Spiders
1551Drill collar slips DCS-R 5 1/2-7 (6 3/4″) with inserts1
1562Drill collar slips DCS-L 8 -9 1/2″ with inserts1
1573Medium rotary slips SDML 5″2
1584Spider WA-C3″ 1/2 – 4″ 5/82
1595Spider WA-C3″ 1/2 – 13″ 3/82
Lot: BOP
1601Air cylinder 3″ (FKQ BOP)QG-00-001
1612Relief valveY 40-151
1634Oil inlet port springSDTYF-00-154
1645Oil in-take slide bushSDTYF-00-162
1656Seat for oil relieving slide bushSDTYF-00-114
1667O-ring 54х3,5 GB 1235-76 (FKQ BOP)2
1678Top seal for 2FZ35-35FZ897.21.01.034
16910Top sealFZ897.21.10.034
17011Ring sealFZ897.1.88
17112Front sealRJ11148.09.01.024
17213Front sealRJ11148.09.04.024
17314Locking shaftFZ897.1.72
17617BOP packing elementF 35-111
17718Front sealRJ11148.09.03.024
Lot: Right angle gear box JCX 140 (Z03070000087AA ZJ 40)
1781Bearing case for JCX 140 (Z03070000087AA )P0200873AA1
Lot: Power tong ТQ340/35Y2
1791Gear motor TQ178-16YCMN1351
Lot: Pneumo/Hydro-systems
1801Rotary joint  ( Made in USA)DEUBLIN 1115.000-001 331790/X11121
1812Rotary joint1205-001 (4700650114)6
1823Hydraulic cylinder for JJ225/38-WHG-D120/110-16800X16250-F/R2
1834Hydraulic cylinder for ZJ-4007130000034АА2
1845Hydraulic cylinder  (Tianjin)DW40E070200000000002
1856Pneumatic cylinder SJPETRO54006000063
Lot: EATON 236, 324
1861Cylinder seal kit EATON 324WSB2107727С5
1872Wear plate kit EATON 324WSB2 for reaction plate, 1к-т=2шт107727А6
1883Ballonet (additional brake)1
1894Wear plate kit 236WSB2 for mounting flange and pressure plate107662А1
1905Wear plate kit 236WSB2 for reaction plate107662А2
1916Friction disc kit WCB236107822ВА2
1927Cylinder seal kit EATON 236107662С2
Lot: Hydraulic station YZBF-120LD
1931Hydraulic system oil pumpJG125SCY14-1BF2
1942Relief valve for YZB-120II XYF-B20H3-s2
1953Ball valveYJZQ-J15W2
Lot: Power tongs ZQ203-100, ZQ162-50II
1961ZQ Spring retainer 35 GB/ZQ894.2-866
1972ZQ162 Planetary gearbox1
1983ZQ162 Brake band ZQ162-50II17.06.01.0010
1994ZQ162 Brake pad for
2005ZQ162 Pin 10х30 GB879-86140
2016ZQ162 Shaft17.02-191
2027ZQ162 Shaft17.02-151
2038ZQ162 Screw17.01-3130
2049ZQ162 Slope plate17.01-1412
20510ZQ162 Gear17.02-091
20611ZQ162 Ring 75*6.3 GSF075012
20712ZQ162 O-ring 100х3.1 (JB/ZQ4224-1997)8
20813ZQ162 O-ring 22х2,4 JB/ZQ4224-976
20914ZQ162 Roller pin17.01-2749
21015ZQ162 Bearing 6018 (140*90*24)60186
21116ZQ162 Piston17.04-043
21217ZQ162 Roller ф102  (ZQ162-50II)17.01-196
21318ZQ162 Roller (ZQ162-50II)
21419ZQ162 Retainer ring01.09.02-116
21520ZQ162 Spring retainer 35 GB/ZQ4224-19978
21621ZQ162 Spring retainer 65 GB894.2-866
21722ZQ162 Spring retainer 90 GB/T894.1-19864
21823ZQ162 Shifting cylinder ZQ162-50II1
21924ZQ162 Jaw 105-114 mm ZQ162-50IIRS17.130.006
22025ZQ162 Gear17.02-171
22126ZQ162 Air tube ZQ162-50II07.
22227ZQ162 Piston rod07.10.01-03M5
22328ZQ162 Piston rod17.А6
22429ZQ162 Piston rod 517.04-003
22530ZQ203 ZQ162 Manual reverse valve34SH-B20H-T3
22631ZQ203 ZQ162 Relief valveNG20 DBD-H-20K-204
22732ZQ203 ZQ162 Ring 75*6.3 GST590612
22833ZQ203 ZQ162 O-ring 120×3.1 JB/ZQ4224-976
22934ZQ203 ZQ162 Bearing 6306 (72*30*19)63064
23035ZQ203 ZQ162 Bearing  (42х28,7х22)RNA V400448
23236ZQ203 ZQ162 Piston01.09.02-05А3
23337ZQ203 ZQ162 Positioning handle ZQ162-50II01.01.01.00М6
23438ZQ203 Screw ZQ203-10001.01-28M140
23539ZQ203 Inserts of jaw rack01.02.-02М120
23640ZQ203 Hydraulic motorJML 12-F0.8H2
23741ZQ203 Brake band16
23842ZQ203 Jaw insert ZQ203-100 (Н=13мм)600
23943ZQ203 Cam (ZQ 203-013)01.01-30М36
24044ZQ203 SpringRUS 6.40.066-02-2208
24145ZQ203 Roller d100 (jaw 5″)01.01.-11М8
24246ZQ203 Locating turning pin01.01.01-02M14
24347ZQ203 Griping cylinderRUS 6.40.066-08      01.042
24448ZQ203 Shifting cylinder ZQ 203-100RUS 6.40.066-072
24549ZQ203 Jaw rack ZQ203-100RUS 6.40.066-02-2218
24650ZQ203 Jaw 3-1/2″ (101-121) ZQ203-1008
24751ZQ203 Jaw 4 1/2″ (О126-146) ZQ203-1008
24852ZQ203 Jaw 5 ” (О142-162) ZQ203-10016
24953ZQ203 Jaw 5 1/2″ (О158-178) в сборе с осью и роликом.12
25054ZQ203 Piston rodRUS.6.40.066-07-139
25155O-ring D75*3.1 JB/ZQ4224-97 (ZQ162-50II)6
25256Anti-dust ring 40 JB/ZQ6657-93 (ZQ162-50II)6
25357Anti-dust ring  40 JB/ZQ6657-93 (ZQ162-50II)6
25458J-ring 100 HG4-332-6622
25559J-ring 40 HG4-332-6622
25660Y-ring 100 JB/ZQ 4264-8612
25761Y-ring 120 JB/ZQ 4264-8616
25862Y-ring 40 JB/ZQ 4264-8612
25963Y-ring 75 JB/ZQ 4264-8624
26064О-ring 40*3,1 GB1235-7626
26165О-ring 75*5,7 GB1235-7622
26266О-ring 95*3,1 GB1235-7622
26367O-ring 120х3.1 JB/ZQ4224-1997 (ZQ162-50II)20
26468Yx-ring D1008
69O-ring 35х3.1 JB/ZQ4224-1997 (ZQ162-50II)8
26570ZQ162 Bearing 221122211210
26671Bearing 51105 (25х42х11) analog 81055110533
Lot: Chassis
2681Steering set WS5531TZJ(steering rods, bushings, etc.)1
2692Oil pumpV10F-1P7P-038C-8H-221
2703Ball jointXJ350I-
2714Piston rod for Z02030900007AA ZJ30P2300002AA4
2725Steering rod end chassis SJX5821TZJ302
2736Thermostat automatic transmission AMOT2BOCT205-00-AA4
2747Steering power assisting cylinder ZJ30Z02030900007AA2