250 SandMaster Pumps parts

Double Life 250 SandMaster Pumps parts

1Varies by Size1Housing
1A7207002Gasket, Housing
Housing1BB1609212100004812Stud, Housing
1CN1905212100000012Nut, Housing
1D721651 – (OPTION)1Plug, Drain – (OPTION)
1E721651 – (OPTION)1Plug, Neck – (OPTION) (3 x 2 x 13 and 4 x 3 x 13 Only)
2Ref. Work Ticket1Impeller
2AB03F521210000281Bolt, Impeller
2BW010522413120001Flatwasher, Impeller
3B03F520813000201Bolt, Stuffing Box
3AL030520000080001Lockwasher, Stuffing Box
M37213501Stuffing Box – Mechanical Seal
M3-A7215401Mechanical Seal Assembly
M3-A-1Stationary Seat
E M3-A-2O-Ring, Stationary Seat
c 2M3-A-3Rotating Seal Ring
< in ro u c CO [ u M3-A-4Cage Assembly with Bellows
M3-A-6Spring Retainer
M3-A-7Spring Pin
M3-B7204411 SetPacking, Back-Up
M3-C721651 – (OPTION)1Plug, Cleanout – (OPTION)
Packed ArrangementP37213401Stuffing Box – Packed
P3A7204701 SetPacking – King
720440Packing – Graphite
720500Packing – Teflon
P3B7215801Grease Fitting – Packing
Shaft Sleeve Assembly47215801Shaft Sleeve, 416 SSC
4A7214901Seal, Shaft Sleeve
4B7214801Seal, Impeller
57205901Packing Gland
67206002Gland Bolt Assembly
7A7215001O-Ring, Deflector
87201801Sandmaster Pedastal
Inboard Bearing Cover Assembly97207801Cover, Inboard Bearing
9A7203701Seal, Inboard Bearing Exclusion
9B7203801Seal, Inboard Bearing Cover
9C7206701Gasket, Inboard Bearing Cover
9DB03F520616000442Bolt, Inboard Bearing Cover
9EW010521406050004Flatwasher, Inboard Bering Cover
9FN190520616000002Nut, Inboard Bearing Cover
9G7207811Grease Fitting, Inboard Bearing
9H7207821Grease Fitting, Seal
107203001Bearing, Inboard
11A7212701Key, Shaft
Outboard Bearing Housing Assembly127208101Housing, Outboard Bearing
12A7215101Seal, Outboard Bearing Housing
12BB03F520813000242Bolt, Adjustment, O/bd. Brng. Hsg.
12CN120520813000002Jam Nut
12DB03F520813000202Bolt, Attachment, O/bd. Brng. Hsg.
137203202Bearing, Outboard
147215601Locknut, Bearing
14A7215501Lockwasher, Bearing Locknut
Outboard Bearing Cover Assembly157207901Cover, Outboard Bearing
15A7203901Seal, Shaft, Outboard Bng. Cover
15B7215201Seal, Outboard Bearing Cover
15C7216711Grease Fitting, Outboard Bearing
15DB03F520616000202Bolt, Attach., O/bd., Brng. Cover
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