70DB Rig spare parts

#Ware namePart numberUnit measureQuantity
for Top Drive DQ70BS-JH (2015 )
1Hydraulic Pump M2JA132 M6B B35 A37-F-R-01-H-S-KYB015.537set1
2Wash pipe seal 127х95NT75401030810pcs.150
3Mud hose ø4″х35 Мра, connection type FIG 1003, 23 meters, quick coupling connection for connecting top driver with stand pipes on Chinese drilling rig pcs.20
4Centre pipe 95х250NT7540103 08-VIpcs.30
Drill winch spare parts ZJ70DS (2002y.)
5Winch brake disk JC-70106.06.25.00pcs.14
6Winch friction coil JC-70106.25.10.00pcs.1
7Drive roller chain 10 meters32S-2set10
8Drive roller chain 10 meters32S-4set10
9Drive roller chain 10 meters24S-6set10
10Drilling sleeve ø4 “x35 MPa FIG thread type 1003.19 meters, quick-detachable thread-nut for Chinese installations pcs.15
11Outer gear bushing106.16.30.05pcs.6
12Outer gear bushing106.16.36.01pcs.6
13Outer gear bushing106.16.37.04pcs.6
14Outer gear bushing106.16.37.03pcs.6
15Outer gear bushing106.16.36.02pcs.6
16Outer gear bushing106.16.36.05pcs.6
17Outer gear bushing106.16.36.09pcs.6
18Rotor transmission sprocket Z-20T=50.08106.16.10.01pcs.4
19Fixing bolt for brake disk106.02.24.05pcs.168
Spare parts for drilling rig ZJ-70D (2010)
20Centrifugal pump 32SB180-10032SB180J-2.2KWpcs.2
21Brake Oil Pump Rexroth D-72150A10V-Horbpcs.8
2210-meter chain24S-3pcs.4
Spare parts for mud pump F-1300, F-1600
23Cylinder sleeve Ø 130 mmАН000003031200pcs.100
24Cylinder sleeve Ø 140 mmАН000003031300pcs.200
25Cylinder sleeve Ø 150 mmАН000003031400pcs.300
26Cylinder sleeve Ø 160 mmАН000003031500pcs.360
27Cylinder sleeve Ø 170 mmАН000003031600pcs.400
28Cylinder sleeve Ø 180 mmАН000003031700pcs.300
29Polyurethane piston Ø 130 mmАН0000040300pcs.200
30Polyurethane piston Ø 140 mmАН0000040500pcs.400
31Polyurethane piston Ø 150 mmАН0000040600pcs.600
32Polyurethane piston Ø 160 mmАН0000040700pcs.720
33Polyurethane piston Ø 170 mmАН0000040800pcs.800
34Polyurethane piston Ø 180 mmАН0000040900pcs.600
35Valve body107.11.140.00pcs.1800
36Valve seat107.11.140.04pcs.600
37Fluid end assemblyF-1600/F-1300set6
38Polyurethane valve rubber (plate) pcs.2000
39Valve holder (upper)АН 1001010510pcs.100
40Valve holder (lower)АН130101050500pcs.100
41Half-rod sealF-1600/F-1300pcs.240
42Rod cooling pump assembly with electric motor, horizontal typeF-1600pcs.4
43Spray pump with electric motor, vertical typeF-1600pcs.5
44Air bag diaphragm KW-75AH130101050500pcs.20
45V-belt А3708 L=9000 F-1300HGT-2819set6
Drilling rig ZJ-30Т. JS-30 OC Winch spare parts
46Cardan shaft crosspieceSWC 180 (21KN)pcs.20
47Auxiliary brake of the main drum WCB-324JC 060000pcs.2
48Combined transfer gear case for the Power systemDL050000pcs.1
49Coupling cylinder 20 CB 500 (pump drive F-800)BZ070300pcs.4
51Cylinder block (flat ring plate) АТD330 H pcs.16
52Drive chain 44.45mm 10 meters each set5
Hoist unit spare parts XJ-750
53Winch brake disk JC-70JC28/11-06-12-00pcs.8
54Drilling sleeve ø4 “x35 MPa FIG thread type 1003. 17,5 meters, quick-detachable thread-nut (ХJ -750,ZJ -30T) for Chinese installations pcs.8
55Crosspiece for universal joint shaft pcs.25
56Universal joint shaft SWC-180ВН-1370+60 21КNJB/T5513-2006set6
57Universal joint shaft SWC-180ВН-1355+60 21КNJB/T5513-2006set5
58Universal joint shaft SWC-180ВН-1755+60 21КNJB/T5513-2006set6
59Universal joint shaft SWC-180ВН-1600+60 21КNJB/T5513-2006set5
60Universal joint shaft SWC-180ВН-18750+60 21КNJB/T5513-2006set6
61Auxiliary brake ETON (WСВ324 water cooler brake) set3
“SULLAIR” compressor Spare Parts
62Oil filter02250054-605pcs.25
63Water separation filter02250100-753pcs.60
64Air filter12Р/N 049301pcs.60
65Oil radiator pcs.40
CAT 3512B Diesel generator Spare Parts
66Belt 8N-6717 set2
ZP-275 Rotor spare parts
67Chain wheel (sprocket) Z=24 Р=50,8ZP 000001pcs.6
68Main bearing 5692/800ZP 000004pcs.6
69Support bearing NU 2330ZP 000011pcs.6
70Auxiliary bearing 591/800ZP 000028pcs.6
Swivel spare parts SL-450
71Mud pipe assembly104.05.30.00set10
72Feeding tube104.05.30.03pcs.200
73Upper bushing АD4500010506 pcs.40
74Spring O-ring (top) PD220x260x18HG4-692-67pcs.100
75Spring O-ring (bottom) PD250x290x18HG4-692-67pcs.150
76Bottom bearing 240х360х56    (32148)SL 000039pcs.20
77Main bearing 270х550х130  (19954ЕQ)SL 000036pcs.40
78Top bearing 200х310х70 (2007140)SL 000031pcs.20
79Mud pipe collar pcs.1000
80Feed tube O-ring (top)
81Feed tube O-ring (bottom)
YZBF-120LD Hydraulic Power Station Spare Parts
82Axial piston pump JGBOY-BL pcs.10
83Gear oil pump YB040013 pcs.10


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