ABB Drives

ABB Drives include Power Interface Circuit Boards, Frequency Converters and Drive ACs for Speed Controls
1SAP155500R0279ABB Drives PM595-4ETH-F Programmable Logic Controller (1SAP155500R0279)
1SAP280000R0001ABB Drives SM560-S Safety Module – CPU (1SAP280000R0001)
1SAP281200R0001ABB Drives TU582-S SPR Terminal Unit for Safety I/O (1SAP281200R0001)
1SAP284000R0001ABB Drives DI581-S Safety Digital Input Module (1SAP284000R0001)
1SAP48200R0001ABB Drives TU582-S SPR Terminal Unit for Safety I/O (1SAP481200R0001)
1SFB536068D1013ABB Drives Low Voltage Input Output Module (1SFB536068D1013)
3ADT220090R0020ABB Drives SDCS-IOB-3 Board (3ADT220090R0020)
3ADT220134R0001ABB Drives SDCS-COM-81 Fast Optical DDCS Communication Module (3ADT220134R0001)
3ADT306000R1ABB Drives SDCS-FEX-1 Field Exciter Board (3ADT306000R1)
3ADT306200R1Power Interface Circuit Board (3ADT306200R1)
3ADT309600R0002ABB Drives SDCS-CON-2A Control Board (3ADT309600R0002)
3ADT309600R0012ABB Drives SDCS-CON-2B Control Board (3ADT309600R0012)
3ADT311500R0001ABB Drives SDCS-FEX-2A Power Board (3ADT311500R0001)
3ADT312500R0001ABB Drives SDCS-PIN-205B Power Interface Board (3ADT312500R0001)
3ADT312700R0001ABB Drives SDCS-AMC-DC-2 Control Board (3ADT312700R0001)
3ADT314900R1002ABB Drives Communication Module (3ADT314900R1002)
3ADT315100R1001ABB Drives SDCD-POW-4 Power Supply Board (3ADT315100R1001)
3ADT316300R1510ABB Drives Power Interface Board (3ADT316300R1510)
3AUA0000036521ABB Drives RDCU-12C Control Unit (3AUA0000036521)
3AUA0000047068ABB Drives JCU-11 Control Unit (3AUA0000047068)
3BHB003041R0101ABB Drives IOEC Input Output Interface (3BHB003041R0101)
3BSE004086R1ABB Drives SDCS-IOB-3 Option Module (3BSE004086R1)
3BSE004939R1012ABB Drives SDCS-PIN48-SD Pulse Transformer Board (3BSE004939R1012)
3BSE004939R2ABB Drives SDCS-PIN-48 Pulse Transformer Board (3BSE004939R2)
3BSE005023R1ABB Drives CI626A Bus Administrator Board (3BSE005023R1)
3BSE006065R1ABB Drives NAMC-03 Control Board (3BSE006065R1)
3HAB8101-1ABB Drives DSQC345A Rectifier (3HAB8101-1)
3HAB8101-13ABB Drives DSQC346U Servo Drive Unit (3HAB8101-13)
3HAB8101-5ABB Drives DSQC346A Servo Drive Unit (3HAB8101-5)
3HAB8101-6ABB Drives DSQC346B Servo Drive Unit (3HAB8101-6)
4890024-ADBABB Drives Field Current Reference Board (4890024-ADB)
4890024-LG1ABB Drives YX0 Basic Control Unit (4890024-LG/1)
4890024-LLABB Drives YXX 154 Trigger Pulse Module (4890024-LL) Alt# YT296000-LV
4890024-LM1ABB Drives Fuse Holder Module (4890024-LM/1)
4890024-NKABB Drives YXT 115B Basic Control Unit (4890024-NK)
4890024-TUABB Drive YXR 162 Control Module (4890024-TU)
48931000-CELABB Drives YFBE Field Exciter (48931000-CEL)
5366368-BABB Drives Input Output Power Module (5366368-B)
61037136DABB Drives SNAT-617-CHC Control Module (61037136D)
64606859ABB Drives Profibus Adapter (64606859) Alt# RPBA-01
64635875ABB Drives IGBT Module (64635875) Alt# FS450R12KE3/AGDR-61C S
64717812ABB Drives IGBT Module (64717812)
68569354ABB Drive IGBT Module and Drive FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C SP Kit (68569354)
68685826ABB Drives Main Circuit Interface Board (68685826) Alt# AINT-14C
68806399ABB DRIVES Busbar Kit R8I 50 (68806399)
6SA8242-0BD53-ZABB Drives Relay Output Module (6SA8242-0BD53-Z)
ACC60100053000S0200901ABB Drives ACS 600 Frequency Converter (ACC60100053000S0200901)
ACH-CP-BABB Drives Advanced Control Panel (ACH-CP-B)
ACH401600632ABB Drives Variable Frequency Drive Unit (ACH401600632)
ACH501-003-4-00P2ABB Drives AC Drive (ACH501-003-4-00P2)
ACH501-005-4-L0P2ABB Drives AC Drive (ACH501-005-4-L0P2)
ACH501-025-4-00P2ABB Drives Adjustable Frequency AC Drive (ACH501-025-4-00P2)
ACH550-01-012A-4ABB Drives Low Voltage AC Drive (ACH550-01-012A-4)
ACH550-01-015A-4B055ABB Drives Wall-mounted Drive for HVAC (ACH550-01-015A-4+B055)
ACH550-01-02A4-4B055ABB Drives Low Voltage AC Drive (ACH550-01-02A4-4+B055)
ACH550-01-06A9-4B055ABB Drive HVAC Drive (ACH550-01-06A9-4+B055)
ACH550-UH-012A-4ABB Drives HVAC Drive (ACH550-UH-012A-4)
ACH550-UH-012A-4B055ABB Drives HVAC Drive (ACH550-UH-012A-4+B055)
ACH550-UH-015A-4ABB Drives HVAC Drive (ACH550-UH-015A-4)
ACH550-UH-04A6-2ABB Drives HVAC Drive – 3 HP (ACH550-UH-04A6-2)
ACH550-UH-08A8-4ABB Drives HVAC Drive – 5HP (ACH550-UH-08A8-4)
ACH550-VCR-06A9-4F267ABB Drives E-clipse Bypass Drive (ACH550-VCR-06A9-4+F267)
ACH550-VCR-08A8-4P901ABB Drives HVAC Drive (ACH550-VCR-08A8-4+P901)
ACM 150ABB Drives Serial Interface Converter (ACM 150)
ACN6340006500000000902ABB Drives ACS 600 Drive Inverter Unit (ACN6340006500000000902)
ACS 100-PANKeypad Display (ACS100-PAN)
ACS 101-1K-1-UDrive – Frequency Converter (ACS101-1K-1-U)
ACS 101-1K1-1Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS101-1K1-1)
ACS 101-1K6-1Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS101-1K6-1)
ACS 101-2K7-1Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS101-2K7-1)
ACS 101-2K7-1-UDrive – Frequency Converter (ACS101-2K7-1-U)
ACS 101-K75-1Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS101-K75-1)
ACS 103-2K1-1-UDrive 1.5HP (ACS103-2K1-1-U)
ACS 103-K75-1Drive AC (ACS103K75-1)
ACS 141-1K1-1-UDrive AC for Speed Control (ACS141-1K1-1-U)
ACS 141-1K6-1-UDrive AC for Speed Control (ACS141-1K6-1-U)
ACS 141-4K1-1Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS141-4K1-1)
ACS 141-K18-1Machinery Drive .12 kW (ACS141-K18-1)
ACS 141-K75-1Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS141-K75-1)
ACS 143-1K1-1Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-1K1-1)
ACS 143-1K6-1Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-1K6-1)
ACS 143-1K6-3Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-1K6-3)
ACS 143-1K6-3-UDrive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-1K6-3-U)
ACS 143-2K1-3Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-2K1-3)
ACS 143-2K7-1Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-2K7-1)
ACS 143-2K7-1-UDrive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-2K7-1-U)
ACS 143-2K7-3Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-2K7-3)
ACS 143-4K-1Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-4K-1)
ACS 143-4K1-3Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-4K1-3)
ACS 143-4K1-3-UDrive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-4K1-3-U)
ACS 143-K75-1Machinery Drive .37 kW (ACS143-K75-1)
ACS 143-K75-1-UDrive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-K75-1-U)
ACS 143-K75-3Drive AC for Speed Control (ACS143-K75-3)
ACS 150-01E-07A5-2Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS150-01E-07A5-2)
ACS 150-01U-02A4-2Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS150-01U-02A4-2)
ACS 150-01U-04A7-2Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS150-01U-04A7-2)
ACS 150-01U-06A7-2Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS150-01U-06A7-2)
ACS 150-01U-07A5-2Low Voltage AC Drive (ACS150-01U-07A5-2)
ACS 150-03E-02A4-2Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS150-03E-02A4-2)
ACS 150-03E-05A6-4Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS150-03E-05A6-4)
ACS 150-03E-08A8-4Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS150-03E-08A8-4)
ACS 150-03U-01A-24Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS150-03U-01A-24)
ACS 150-03U-04A1-4Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS150-03U-04A1-4)
ACS 150-03U-08A8-4Low Voltage AC Drive 5 kW (ACS150-03U-08A8-4)
ACS 163-4K1-3-UDrive 600 Amp (ACS163-4K1-3-U)
ACS 201-1P1-1-00P10Inverter Drive with Operator Panel (ACS201-1P1-1-00P10)
ACS 201-1P6-1-00-10Drive AC (ACS201-1P6-1-00-10)
ACS 201-2P7-3-00-10Drive AC (ACS201-2P7-3-00-10)
ACS 201-4P1-3-00-10Drive AC (ACS201-4P1-3-00-10)
ACS 300-PL-0025AKeypad Display (ACS300-PL-0025A)
ACS 301-00123Drive AC (ACS301-00123)
ACS 301-08P7-3DEDrive AC (ACS 301-08P7-3DE)
ACS 301-1P6-3Drive AC (ACS301-1P6-3)
ACS 301-2P7-3Drive AC (ACS301-2P7-3)
ACS 301-4P1-1AC Drive (ACS301-4P1-1)
ACS 301-4P1-3Drive AC (ACS301-4P1-3)
ACS 301-4P9-3Drive AC (ACS 301-4P9-3)
ACS 311-016-3Drive AC (ACS311-016-3)
ACS 311-1P1-1Drive AC (ACS311-1P1-1)
ACS 311-1P6-1AC Drive (ACS311-1P6-1)
ACS 311-1P6-3Drive AC (ACS311-1P6-3)
ACS 311-2P1-3Drive AC (ACS311-2P1-3)
ACS 311-2P7-3Drive AC (ACS311-2P7-3)
ACS 311-41P-3Drive (ACS311-41P-3)
ACS 311-4P1-1Drive AC (ACS311-4P1-1)
ACS 311-6P6-3Drive AC (ACS311-6P6-3)
ACS 311-8P7-3Drive AC (ACS311-8P7-3)
ACS 350-01E-02A4-2Drive .5 HP (ACS350-01E-02A4-2)
ACS 350-01E-04A7-2Drive 1 HP (ACS350-01E-04A7-2)
ACS 350-01U-02A4-2-J400-K466Drive .5 HP (ACS35001U02A42J400K466)
ACS 350-01U-02A4-2-J404Drive .5 HP (ACS350-01U-02A4-2-J404)
ACS 350-01U-06A7-2Drive (ACS350-01U-06A7-2)
ACS 350-03E-01A9-4Drive .75 HP (ACS350-03E-01A9-4)
ACS 350-03E-02A4-4Drive 1 HP (ACS350-03E-02A4-4)
ACS 350-03E-04A1-4Drive 2 HP (ACS350-03E-04A1-4)
ACS 350-03E-05A6-4Drive 3 HP (ACS350-03E-05A6-4)
ACS 350-03E-08A8-4-B063Drive 5 HP (ACS35003E08A84B063)
ACS 350-03E-12A5-4Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS350-03E-12A5-4)
ACS 350-03E-13A3-2Drive 3 HP (ACS350-03E-13A3-2)
ACS 350-03U-01A2-4Drive (ACS350-03U-01A2-4)
ACS 350-03U-01A94Drive (ACS350-03U-01A94)
ACS 350-03U-02A4-2-J400-K466Drive .5 HP (ACS35003U02A42J400K466)
ACS 350-03U-02A4-2-J404Drive .5 HP (ACS350-03U-02A4-2-J404)
ACS 350-03U-02A4-4Drive 1 HP (ACS 350-03U-02A4-4)
ACS 350-03U-02A4-4-J400Drive 1 HP (ACS350-03U-02A4-4-J400)
ACS 350-03U-02A4-4-J400-K466Drive 1 HP (ACS35003U02A44J400K466)
ACS 350-03U-02A4-4-J404Drive 1 HP (ACS350-03U-02A4-4-J404)
ACS 350-03U-04A1-4Drive (ACS350-03U-04A1-4)
ACS 350-03U-04A1-4-J404Drive 2 HP (ACS350-03U-04A1-4-J404)
ACS 350-03U-04A7-2-J400-K466Drive 1 HP (ACS35003U04A72J400K466)
ACS 350-03U-07A5-2Drive (ACS350-03U-07A5-2)
ACS 350-03U-07A5-2-J400-K466Drive 2 HP (ACS35003U07A52J400K466)
ACS 350-03U-08A8-4Drive 5 HP (ACS350-03U-08A8-4)
ACS 350-03U-09A8-2-J400-K466Drive 3 HP (ACS35003U09A82J400K466)
ACS 350-03U-09A8-2-J404Drive 3 HP (ACS350-03U-09A8-2-J404)
ACS 350-03U-12A5-4Drive (ACS350-03U-12A5-4)
ACS 350-03U-15A6-4Drive (ACS350-03U-15A6-4)
ACS 350-03U-17A6-2-J400-K466Drive 5 HP (ACS35003U17A62J400K466)
ACS 350-03U-17A6-2-J404Drive 5 HP (ACS350-03U-17A6-2-J404)
ACS 350-03U-23A1-4Drive (ACS350-03U-23A1-4)
ACS 350-03U-44A0-4Drive AC (ACS350-03U-44A0-4)
ACS 355-01E-02A4-2Drive – Low Voltage AC (ACS355-01E-02A4-2)
ACS 355-03E-01A2-4Drive – Low Voltage AC (ACS355-03E-01A2-4)
ACS 355-03E-02A4-4Drive – Low Voltage AC (ACS355-03E-02A4-4)
ACS 355-03E-05A6-4Drive – Low Voltage AC (ACS355-03E-05A6-4)
ACS 355-03E-07A3-4Drive – Low Voltage AC (ACS355-03E-07A3-4)
ACS 355-03E-15A6-4Drive – Low Voltage AC (ACS355-03E-15A6-4)
ACS 355-03E-23A1-4Drive – Low Voltage AC (ACS355-03E-23A1-4)
ACS 355-03E-38A0-4Drive – Low Voltage AC (ACS355-03E-38A0-4)
ACS 355-03U-04A1-4Drive 2 HP (ACS355-03U-04A1-4)
ACS 400-IF31-3EMC Filters (ACS400-IF31-3)
ACS 401-0005-3-2Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS401-0005-3-2)
ACS 401-0009-3-2Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS401-0009-3-2)
ACS 401-001-2-00P2Drive (ACS401-001-2-00P2)
ACS 401-0011-3-2Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS401-0011-3-2)
ACS 401-6004-2-2Drive – Low voltage AC 3 HP (ACS401-6004-2-2)
ACS 401-6005-3-2Drive – Low voltage AC 5 HP (ACS401-6005-3-2)
ACS 401-6006-2-2Drive (ACS401-6006-2-2)
ACS 401-6009-2-2Drive (ACS401-6009-2-2)
ACS 401-6016-1-2Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS401-6016-1-2)
ACS 401-6020-3-2Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS401-6020-3-2)
ACS 401-6020-3-5Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS401-6020-3-5)
ACS 401-6041-3-5Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS401-6041-3-5)
ACS 501-002-4-00P2Drive 3 HP (ACS501-002-4-00P2)
ACS 501-002-4-00P5Drive 2 HP (ACS501-002-4-00P5)
ACS 501-002-4-00P51Drive (ACS501-002-4-00P51)
ACS 501-003-4-00P2Drive 3 HP (ACS501-003-4-00P2)
ACS 501-004-3-00P200000Drive (ACS501-004-3-00P200000)
ACS 501-005-4-00P2Drive 5 HP (ACS501-005-4-00P2)
ACS 501-005-4-00P5Drive 5 HP (ACS501-005-4-00P5)
ACS 501-007-4-00P2Drive 7.5 HP (ACS 501-007-4-00P2)
ACS 501-007-4-00P5Drive 7.5 HP (ACS501-007-4-00P5)
ACS 501-010-4-00P2Drive (ACS501010400P2)
ACS 501-010-6-X00P5Drive (ACS5010106X00P5)
ACS 501-020-4-00P2Drive (ACS501020400P2)
ACS 501-025-4-00P2Drive 25 HP (ACS501025400P2)
ACS 501-025-4-00P5Drive (ACS501025400P5)
ACS 501-030-4-00P2Drive 45 HP (ACS501030400P2)
ACS 501-050-40AP2Drive 50 HP (ACS50105040AP2)
ACS 550-01-012A-4Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS55001012A4)
ACS 550-01-023A-4Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS55001023A4)
ACS 550-01-03A3-4Drive (ACS550-01-03A3-4)
ACS 550-01-04A1-4-0J400Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS5500104A140J400)
ACS 550-01-06A9-4Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS5500106A94)
ACS 550-01-08A8-4Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS5500108A84)
ACS 550-01-157A-4Drive – Low voltage AC 125 HP (ACS55001157A4)
ACS 550-PC-072A-4-B055-K466-L511Drive – Low voltage AC 7.5 HP (ACS550PC072A4B055K466L511)
ACS 550-U1-011A-6Low Voltage AC Drive (ACS550-U1-011A-6)
ACS 550-U1-012A-4Drive – Low voltage AC 50 HP (ACS550U1012A4)
ACS 550-U1-015A-4Drive – Low voltage AC 10 HP (ACS550U1015A4)
ACS 550-U1-017A-2-B055-K454Drive – Low voltage AC 5 HP (ACS550U1017A2B055K454)
ACS 550-U1-031A-4Low Voltage AC Drive (ACS550-U1-031A-4)
ACS 550-U1-04A1-4Drive – Low voltage AC 2 HP (ACS550U104A14)
ACS 550-U1-06A9-4Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS550U106A94)
ACS 550-U1-08A8-4Drive – Low voltage AC 5 HP (ACS 550-U1-08A8-4)
ACS 550-U1-09A0-6Drive – Low voltage AC (ACS550U109A06)
ACS 550-U1-125A-4Low Voltage AC Drive (ACS550-U1-125A-4)
ACS 601-0005-3Drive Inverter (ACS60100053)
ACS 601-0006-3Drive (ACS60100063)
ACS 601-0006-4-000B-120001Drive 5 HP (ACS60100064000B120001)
ACS 601-0006-4-000B0200801Drive 5 HP (ACS60100064000B0200801)
ACS 601-0006-4-000B1200801Drive (ACS60100064000B1200801)
ACS 601-0006-4-000B1500801Drive (ACS60100064000B1500801)
ACS 601-0006-5-000B1200000Drive (ACS60100065000B1200000)
ACS 601-0009-4-000B1200800Drive (ACS60100094000B1200800)
ACS 601-0009-4-000B1200801Drive 7.5 HP (ACS60100094000B1200801)
ACS 601-0009-4-000B1500801Drive (ACS60100094000B1500801)
ACS 601-0009-5-000B1200000Drive 5 HP (ACS60100095000B1200000)
ACS 601-0009-5-000B1500800Drive (ACS60100095000B1500800)
ACS 601-0009-6-000B1200901Drive 7.5 HP (ACS60100096000B1200901)
ACS 601-0011-3-000A1200000Drive (ACS60100113000A1200000)
ACS 601-0011-4-000B1500801Drive (ACS60100114000B1500801)
ACS 601-0016-2-000B1200801Drive 15 HP (ACS60100162000B1200801)
ACS 601-0016-3-000C1200000Drive Inverter (ACS60100163000C1200000)
ACS 601-0016-4-000B1200801Drive (ACS60100164000B1200801)
ACS 601-0016-4-000B1500801Drive (ACS60100164000B1500801)
ACS 601-0016-5-000B1200000Drive 10 HP (ACS60100165000B1200000)
ACS 601-0016-6-000B1200901Drive 10 HP (ACS60100166000B1200901)
ACS 601-0020-3-S00C1200001Drive (ACS60100203S00C1200001)
ACS 601-0025-3-000C1200001Drive (ACS60100253000C1200001)
ACS 601-0030-6-000B1200901Drive 30 HP (ACS60100306000B1200901)
ACS 601-0040-3-000F1200000Drive (ACS60100403000F1200000)
ACS 601-0040-4-000B1200801Drive 10 HP (ACS60100404000B1200801)
ACS 601-0060-4-000B1200801Drive (ACS60100604000B1200801)
ACS 601-0070-4-000B1200801AC Drive (ACS601-0070-4-000B1200801)
ACS 601-0070-5-000B1200800Drive (ACS60100705000B1200800)
ACS 601-0095-0-00B1200000Drive (ACS6010095000B1200000)
ACS 601-0100-4-000B1200801Drive (ACS60101004000B1200801)
ACS 601-0100-5-000B1200800Drive (ACS60101005000B1200800)
ACS 601-0120-5000-A1200000Drive 100 HP (ACS60101205000A1200000)
ACS 601-1007-0-3000-C1200000Drive (ACS601100703000C1200000)
ACS 604-0100-6-000B0200901Drive 100 HP (ACS60401006000B0200901)
ACS 604-0210-3-000C0000900Drive (ACS60402103000C0000900)
ACS 604-0210-5-000B00009R1Drive (ACS60402105000B00009R1)
ACS 604-0260-5-00002000900Drive (ACS6040260500002000900)
ACS 604-0260-5-000B0000901Drive (ACS60402605000B0000901)
ACS 604-0320-6-000B0000901Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS60403206000B0000901)
ACS 800-01-0006-3-E200Drive – Frequency Converter (ACS8000100063E200)
ACS 800-01-0009-3-E202Drive (ACS8000100093E202)
ACS 800-01-0060-3-E200Drive 75 HP (ACS8000100603E200)
ACS 800-104-0175-3Drive – Control Unit (ACS80010401753)
ACS 800-104-0580-7Drive – Control Unit (ACS80010405807)
ACS 800-31-0025-5AC Drive – 22 KW (ACS800-31-0025-5)
ACS 800-31-0030-5AC Drive – 30KW (ACS800-31-0030-5)
ACS 800-ITTU1-0009-5-P901Drive (ACS800ITTU100095P901)
ACS 800-U1-0005-5AC Drive (ACS800-U1-0005-5)
ACS 800-U1-0006-5-L502-L503-N661-P901Drive 5 HP (ACS800U100065L502L503N661P901)
ACS 800-U1-0006-5-L502-L508-N660Drive (ACS800U100065L502L508N660)
ACS 800-U1-0006-5-P901Drive 5 HP (ACS800U100065P901)
ACS 800-U1-0011-5Drive 10 HP (ACS800U100115)
ACS 800-U1-0011-5-L502-L508-N660-P901Drive 10 HP (ACS800U100115L502L508N660P901)
ACS 800-U1-0011-5-P901Drive 10 HP (ACS800U100115P901)
ACS 800-U1-0016-5Drive (ACS800-U1-0016-5)
ACS 800-U1-0020-5-E200-K454-L509-P901Drive 20 HP (ACS800U100205E200K454L509P901)
ACS 800-U1-0120-5Drive (ACS800U101205)
ACS 800-U1-0120-5-E202-L500-L502-P901Drive 125 HP (ACS800-U1-0120-5+E202+L500+L502+P901)
ACS 800-U11-0020-5Drive 20 HP (ACS800U1100205)
ACS 800-U11-0100-5Drive 100 HP (ACS800U1101005)
ACS 800-U4-0210-5-D150-L503Drive (ACS800U402105D150L503)
ACS 8003100205AC Drive – 18.5 KW (ACS800-31-0020-5)
ACS355-03U-38A0-4ABB Drives Low Voltage AC Drive 38 A 25 Hp (ACS355-03U-38A0-4) Alt# 3AUA0000058224
ACX 550-U0-023A-4HVAC Drive 15HP (ACX550-U0-023A-4)
ACX 550-U0-031A-4HVAC Drive (ACX550-U0-031A-4)
ACX 550-U0-04A6-2HVAC Drive (ACX550-U0-04A6-2)
AI86-16Analog Input Card (AI86-16)
AI86-8CHTerminal Block (AI86-8CH)
AIO86-84Analog Interface Board (AIO86-8/4)
BRS5D3DR053XXPServo Drive Unit 5A (BRS5D3DR053XXP)
CDP 312Control Panel Keypad (CDP 312)
CDP-311Hand-held Key Panel w/ Display (CDP-311)
CDP312RControl Panel (CDP312R)
CPU86-8MHzCPU Processor Module (CPU86-8MHz)
CPU86-NDPCPU Processor Board (CPU86-NDP)
DAC86-16CHAnalog Output Module (DAC86-16CH)
DCS502B0075-41-2100000Servo Drive (DCS502B0075-41-2100000)
DFE 03Fieldbus Ethernet Module (DFE 03)
DI85-8BDigital Input Module (DI85-8B)
DI86-32Digital Input Board (DI86-32)
DID086-32CHFTerminal Block Board (DI/D086-32CHF)
DIDO86Terminal Block (DI/DO86)
DKL01501Digital Servodrive DKL (DKL01501)
DO86-16Digital Output Module (DO86-16)
FDC86-CONTFloppy Disk Controller (FDC86-CONT)
GAT 542989R0001Axodym Power Supply (GAT 542989R0001)
GAT 543152R0001Power Supply – Servo Drive Case Unit (GAT 543152R0001)
GLM86Ground Leak Monitor (GLM86) Alt# 58038032
ID15H201-WAC Inverter Drive (ID15H201-W) ABB Baldor
ID15J201-ERInverter Drive (ID15J201-ER) ABB Baldor
IMCPM07A0000Drive (IMCPM07A0000)
IOD86Input Output Transceiver Assembly (IOD86) Alt# 57088338
IOD86-MEMMemory Board (IOD86-MEM) Alt# 57088338
IOD86-TRInput Output Transceiver Assembly (IOD86-TR) Alt# 57088338
JCU-01Drive Control Unit (JCU-01)
MEM85-16KMemory Module (MEM85-16K)
MEM86-3X192KProgrammable Memory Board (MEM86-3X192K) Alt# 58031844
MM1012Drive Module (MM1012) Alt# GNT0149400R0001
MR1012Drive Module (MR1012) Alt# GNT0149500R0001
NAMC-11Control Board (NAMC-11) Alt# 3BSE015488R1
NBIO-31Input Output Unit (NBIO-31) Alt# 3BSE011337R1
NBRA-653Braking Chopper Unit (NBRA-653) Alt# 58914975
NBUB-41Bus Main Board (NBUB-41) Alt# 58937703
NDBU-95DDCS Branching Unit (NDBU-95) Alt# 63985341
NDBU-95CDDCS Branching Unit (NDBU-95C) Alt# 6398 5350 B
NDCO-03Communication Option Card (NDCO-03) Alt# 3BSE017193R1
NDCU-11Drive Control Unit (NDCU-11) Alt# 64053400
NDIO-01Digital Input Output Extension (NDIO-01)
NDIO-02Digital Iput Output Extension (NDIO-02)
NDPI-04LED Data Adapter Module (NDPI-04) Alt# 57619741
NFLN-01FLN Adapter (NFLN-01) Alt# 3AUA575001B72
NGDR-03Gate Circuit Driver (NGDR-03) Alt# 58908193
NINP-61Input Output Inverter Board (NINP-61) Alt# 58907146
NINT-41Main Circuit Interface (NINT-41) Alt# 58907944
NINT-46Main Circuit Interface (NINT-46) Alt# 58937291
NINT-62CMain Circuit Interface (NINT-62C) Alt# 61353321
NINT-66CMain Circuit Interface (NINT-66C) Alt# 57619783
NINT-70CMain Circuit Interface (NINT-70C)
NIOC-01Input Output Base Board (NIOC-01) Alt# 3BSE005735R1
NIOC-01CInput Output Base Board (NIOC-01C) Alt# 3BSE009858R1
NMC86Main Voltage Drive (NMC86) Alt# 57287641
NPBA-12Profibus Adapter (NPBA-12)
NPBU-42CPPCS Branching Unit (NPBU-42C)
NPCU-01PC Connection Unit (NPCU-01)
NPOW-41Power Supply (NPOW-41) Alt# 58907294
NPOW-43Power Supply (NPOW-43) Alt# 58912646
NTAC-02Pulse Encoder Interface (NTAC-02)
PP07512HSPower Module (PP07512HS) Alt# ABBN 5A
PWD86Watchdog Timer (PWD86) Alt# 57087234
PYT0450W071Power Supply (PYT0450W071)
RCNA-01ControlNet Adapter (RCNA-01)
RDCO-01CABB Drives Fiber Communication Module (RDCO01C) Alt# 64606913
RDIO-01Digital Input Output Extension Module (RDIO-01)
RDO86-16LRelay Module (RDO86-16L) Alt# 58038750
RLON-01LonWorks Adapter (RLON-01)
SAFT 103 CONCPU Control PCB Circuit Board (SAFT 103 CON) Alt# 57777290
SAFT 110 POWPower Supply (SAFT 110 POW) Alt# 57411414
SAFT 120 PACPulse Amplifier (SAFT 120 PAC) Alt# 57411490
SAFT 121 PACPulse Amplifier (SAFT 121 PAC) Alt# 57411503
SAFT 123 PACPulse Amplifier (SAFT 123 PAC)
SAFT 125 CHCChopper Control Board (SAFT 125 CHC) Alt# 57411546
SAFT 132 CBSSupervision Board (SAFT 132 CBS) Alt# 57411619D
SAFT 145 F440Control Display Board (SAFT 145 F440)
SAFT 151 CPDControl Display Board (SAFT 151 CPD)
SAFT 163 IOCPC Input Output Connection Board (SAFT 163 IOC) Alt# 58096067
SAFT 164 AIOAnalog Input Output (SAFT 164 AIO) Alt# 58097691 EB
SAFT 166 APCPower Connection Board (SAFT 166 APC)
SAFT 167 APCPower Connection Board (SAFT 167 APC) Alt# 58096709
SAFT 168 PACPulse Amplifier (SAFT 168 PAC) Alt# 58095117
SAFT 169 PACPulse Amplifier (SAFT 169 PAC)
SAFT 171 PACPower Supply (SAFT 171 PAC) Alt# 58095141
SAFT 172 POWPower Supply (SAFT 172 POW)
SAFT 173 TSITacho/Serial Interface (SAFT 173 TSI) Alt# 57776013
SAFT 174 TBCTerminal Block (SAFT 174 TBC) Alt# 58101346
SAFT 175 RDORelay Digital Output (SAFT 175 RDO) Alt# 58101290
SAFT 187 CONControl Board (SAFT 187 CON) Alt# 58122203 ED
SAFT 189 TSIInterface Board (SAFT 189 TSI)
SAFT 190 APCPower Supply Card (SAFT 190 APC)
SAFT 192 POWPower Supply Card (SAFT 192 POW) Alt# 56162B44
SAMC 19 INFInterface Board (SAMC 19 INF) 57401389 FB 920722
SAMI 018MS4-M2Frequency Inverter Drive (SAMI 018MS4-M2)
SC86-4CMOCurrent Loop Interface Termination Card (SC86-4CMO)
SDCA-POW-1CPower Supply Card (SDCA-POW-1C) Alt# 22009003
SDCS-COM-5Communication Board (SDCS-COM-5) Alt# 3BSE006567R1
SDCS-IOB-23External Isolated Digital Input Output (SDCS-IOB-23) Alt# 3BSE005178R1
SDCS-PIN-51Measurement Card (SDCS-PIN-51) Alt# 3BSE004940R0001, 3BSE004940R1
SGCP 1000Pulse Amplifier (SGCP 1000)
SGHF 1001DDC Terminal Block (SGHF 1001) Alt# 58113972
SHM86-M64KShared Memory Board (SHM86-M64K)
SNAT 602 TACRelay Module (SNAT 602 TAC)
SNAT 632 PACPulse Amplifier Card (SNAT 632 PAC) Alt# 61049428D
SNAT 7520Input Output Extension (SNAT 7520) Alt# 3BSE003861R1
SNAT 7902 INPDrive Board (SNAT 7902 INP)
THI86-15Thermocouple Board (THI86-15) Alt# 57289091
UC86-8CHEight Channel Counter Board (UC86-8CH) Alt# 57275B71
USART86-8CHControl Card (USART86-8CH) Alt# 57088648
USART86-INTInterface Module (USART86-INT)
UT86-2X40CTerminal Block (UT86-2X40C) Alt# 57287896
UT86-2XB+BTerminal Block (UT86-2XB+B) Alt# 577701B0
VD86Video Controller Module (VD86) Alt# 58173975
YGBC 320-20Power Assembly (YGBC 320-20)
YGBC 420-20Power Assembly (YGBC 420-20)
YL621001-BHCentral Control Board (YL621001-BH) Alt# QHFG 208
YL643001-ACAdaption Board (YL643001-AC) Alt# QHFA 202
YL643001-CFTest- Expansion Board (YL643001-CF) Alt# QHFA 200
YT 296 000-TPPulse Transformer (YT 296 000-TP) Alt# YXU 153
YT236001-AAFilter and Frequency Module (YT236001-AA) Alt# YXI 109A
YT296000-MLPulse Transformer (YT296000-ML) Alt# YXU 143
YT296000-PDInput Module (YT296000-PD) Alt# YXM 156 and 2668 156-214/1
YXC110Control Card (YXC110) Alt# 4890024-UM/1
YXN 116Blocking Unit (YXN 116) Alt# 4890024-LK/2
YXT 116Expansion Board (YXT 116) Alt# 4890024-80
YXT120AInput Module (YXT120A) Alt# IN4890-1001-GV/07
YXU 149Pulse Transformer (YXU 149) Alt# YT296000-MZ
YXU 150Pulse Transformer (YXU 150) Alt# YT296000-MY/1
YXU 151Pulse Transformer (YXU 151) Alt# IN4890-1001-KT/00
YYT 102EServo Control Board (YYT 102E)
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