ABB Module

70EB20A-E HESG332161R0001 Input Module for Binary Sign
70EI05A-E HESG447427R0001 Input Module for Speed Sensor
70FV01B-E HESG332164R0001 Intra-Plant Bus Traffic Director
70LR01A HESG447449R0001 Relay Module for Protect., 2 NO
70MB01B-24T HESG223162R0001 Rack for Microcomputer
70MB02B-31T HESG223163R0001 Rack for Microcomputer
70PR 03d-E HESG223170R1 70PR03d-E Processor Module
70PR03D-ES HESG223170R0001 Programmable Controller
70PR05B-ES HESG332204R0001 Programmable Processor
70SK06 GMMR202615R0001 Programming Module, Basic.o.PC
70SK35A HESG446694R0001 Output Module f. Voltage Signals
70SL05A HESG332188R0001 Test Module for Signals
70SP02B HESG223097R0001 Test memory
70SS01C HESG223135R0001 Simulation memory
70ST01A HESG446526R0001 Control Module for Test Funct.
70VA01A-E HESG223073R0001 Power Supply Module
70VA01B-E HESG223147R0001 Power Supply Module
AT 5513a HEIA404921R1, HEIA404921R0001 AT5513a Module
BT 370A-E GJR2 3074 00 R1, GJR2307400R0001 BT370 Module

BT 5506a-E HEIA405343R1, HEIA405343R0001 BT5506a-E Module
CT 370a GJR2 237500 R1, GJR2237500R0001 CT 370a Module
CT 5536a HEIE420807R1, HEIE420807R0001 CT5536a Module
DC 371a GJR2 237100 R1, GJR2237100R0001 DC 371a Group Control Module
DC 372a GRJ2 238200R1 , GRJ2238200R0001 Step Control Module
DC 375a GJR2 304400 R1, GJR2304400R0001 DC375a Operating Mode Controller Module
DD 370A GJR2237400R0001, GJR2237400R1 DD370A Diode Module
DD 371a HEIE 420334 R1 DD 371a Module
DT 370a GJR2 237600 R1, GJR2237600R0001 DT 370a AND Gate Module
DT 371a GJR2 242100 R1, GJR2242100R0001 DT371a Module

DT 5534a HEIE420575R1,HEIE420575R0001 DT5534a Module
DT 5535a HEIE420578R0001, HEIE420578R1 DT5535a Module
ET 5502a HEIA405502R1, HEIA405502R0001 ET5502a Module
HESG223168R0031 70BL01C-S Backplane for Rack’s, 31-slots
HESG223170R0002 70PR03D-ES Programmable Controller
HESG332181R0002 70BL02D-S Connection Cable Rack to Rack
HESG446037R0001 HESG 446037 R1 HESG 446037 R1 Flat Connector Module
HESG447271R0002 70BK03B-ES Bus Coupling Module
HESG447449R0002 70LR01A Relay Module for Protect., 4 NO
HESG447449R0003 70LR01A Relay Mod. for Protect, 2 NO,2NC
KT 5191a HEIA 100323 R1 KT 5191a Module
KT 7386a HEIE 210050 R1, HEIE210050R0001 KT 7386a Module
KT 8991a HESG 446869 R1 KT 8991a Module
LA 370a-E HEIE 421267 R1, HEIE421267R0001 LA370a-E Voltage/Current Converter Module
LR 379a-E GJR2 242000 R1, GJR2242000R0001 LR379a-E Relay Module
LR370A-E GJR2 242000 R1, GJR2242000R0001 LR370a-E Relay Module
LT 370c GJR2 336500 R1 LT 370c Module
LT 371a GJR2 240200 R1 LT 371a Buffer Module
LT 9673a HESG 446076 R1 LT 9673a Module
LT5410B-E HEIA201026R0002, HEIA201026R2 Positioner Controller F BBC-EH
PT 5504a HEIA 404656 R1, HEIA40656R0001 PT5504a Module

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