ABB Parts

Part NumberPart DescriptionSpare Part Type
1801658-001Jumper Coax, 100 feet, n male to n male (all FCU’s using radio’s)Antennas and Radios
1801685-001Wika, 15000 psig, external pressure transmitter without termination boxDrucks
1801686-001Radio, Freewave, 902-928 MHZ, with IO, FGRIO-M (master)Antennas and Radios
1801687-001Radio, Freewave, 902-928 MHZ, FGRIO-S (slave)Antennas and Radios
1801689-001Separator, liquid/vapor with liquid block, included in 2102024-002 assembly (NGC8206)NGC
1801707-001Antenna, Omni, 6.5 db, 902-928MHZAntennas and Radios
1801747-001SD Card, 128 MB (NGC)NGC
1801749-001SD Card, 512 MB (NGC)NGC
1801750-001SD Card, 1 GB (NGC)NGC
1801755-001Magnet, for operating display (NGC)NGC
1801762-001Ethernet Device Server, Lantronix UDS 100, single serial port (will not support modbus protocol)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1801763-001Ethernet Device Server, Lantronix UDS 200, dual serial port (will not support modbus protocol)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1801766-001Oring, feed thru to case, 1.989 inch ID, .070 inch width, neoprene (NGC8200)NGC
1801771-001Cartridge, for moisture scrubber, used on part number 2102166-001 (NGC/Btu 8000)Btu 8000 Transmitter
1801779-001Demo Power Supply, general purpose indoor use, 115230 vac 50-60 HZ (If customer is ordering this they will also need part number 2102362-002.) (NGC)NGC
1801781-001Thermostat, for electric heate in cold weather enclosureNGC
1801783-001Wika, 2000 psig, external pressure transmitter without termination boxDrucks
1801784-001Radio, MDS4710AAntennas and Radios
1801785-001Radio, MDS4710BAntennas and Radios
1801786-001Radio, MDS9710AAntennas and Radios
1801787-001Radio, MDS9710BAntennas and Radios
1801788-001Radio, MDS9810Antennas and Radios
1801800-001Cable, USB 16 footNGC
1801842-001Tool, ball driver, 5/16 inch, 5.6 inches long, blade (NGC82XX/BTU)NGC
1801900-001Sealing ring for manifoldManifolds
1801902-001Probe, tool, for Genie installation, (GPRiL), stainless steel housing for installation length (L3) is 11 inch to 27 inch, TL-3500-SS-27 (NGC/Btu 8000)Btu 8000 Transmitter
1801933-001Probe, regulator, Genie, removable under line pressure, 4 inch length, 3/4 inch inlet, GPR 206-SS-004 (NGC/Btu 8000)Btu 8000 Transmitter
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