ABB Parts

Part NumberPart DescriptionSpare Part Type
2101491-0LPIMV, Stainless Steel, Accuracy .075% DPOL/APOH, (Model # Cross Ref 4XXSYS) (6210/6213), Low Pressure 1500 or lessXIMV IMV AMU
2101510-002Manual, NGC8206 usersNGC
2101511-001Manual,1 each,XFC6200EX/XFC6201EX users, Order additional copies via Accessories.Manuals
2101525-001Outlet Box Assembly, RS-232 communication with flex seal connection, mineral cableBtu 8000 Transmitter
2101542-002Bracket,Battery,12V,26AH enclosure types I and II (66181)Batteries and Accessories
2101549-001Cable, external MMI connection with dust cap kit, model 8000 onlyBtu 8000 Transmitter
2101556-001Communication Mounting Kit, for MDS radio to 15 pin connector, 9810, 9710 (66181)Communication Mounting Kits
2101556-002Communication Mounting Kit, for MDS radio to RS232 communication termination board, 9810, 9710 (66181)Communication Mounting Kits
2101559-002Module Mounting Kit, mounts up to 3 I/O modules, with battery bracket , will accommodate up to a 26/30 AH Battery (66181)XSeries
2101562-001Manual, multivariable setup with Xseries equipment user’sManuals
2101665-001Tool, Btu type M, multipurpose tool, includes manual (Btu 8000)Btu 8000 Transmitter
2101667-001PCCU Mounting Kit, internal (XFC6200EX)Xseries
2101683-001Termination board mounting kit (XFC6200EX/XFC6201EX).Xseries
2101684-001Mounting Kit, for Ex Flow Computer PCBAXseries
2101688-001Display Kit (XFC6200EX)Xseries
2101688-002Display Kit, XFC6201EXXSeries
2101691-020RTD probe Assy, 2.00 U Length (XFC6200EX & XFC6201EX)RTDs
2101691-025RTD probe Assy, 2.50 U Length (XFC6200EX & XFC6201EX)RTDs
2101691-030RTD probe Assy, 3.00 U Length (XFC6200EX & XFC6201EX)RTDs
2101691-040RTD probe Assy, 4.00 U Length (XFC6200EX & XFC6201EX)RTDs
2101691-050RTD probe Assy, 5.00 U Length (XFC6200EX & XFC6201EX)RTDs
2101691-060RTD probe Assy, 6.00 U Length (XFC6200EX & XFC6201EX)RTDs
2101691-070RTD probe Assy, 7.00 U Length (XFC6200EX & XFC6201EX)RTDs
2101691-080RTD probe Assy, 8.00 U Length (XFC6200EX & XFC6201EX)RTDs
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