ABB Parts

Part NumberPart DescriptionSpare Part Type
2102212-001Door, replacement (6413 Enclosures) Old StyleMisc. Parts and Hardware
2102237-001Front panel, for single rack mount (XRC6990)Misc. Parts and Hardware
2102244-001Flange Mounting Assembly (NGC)NGC
2102245-001Manual, startup guide for BTU (Portugese Translation)(Btu 8000)Manuals
2102246-001Manual, startup guide for uFlo 6213 (Portugese Translation (uFLO 6213)Manuals
2102247-001Manual, startup guide for XFC6200EX (Portuguese Translation)Manuals
2102248-001Manual, startup guide for XFC/XRC (Portugese Translation)Manuals
2102257-001WTW6450 Barrier Board Kit,W/900MHZ,200MWRS-485 RadioWellTell Wireless
2102258-001Electronics Board Kit,I/O Client,900MHZ,200MWWellTell Wireless
2102266-0LPEXIMV, Static Pressure Only, .075% Acc, SST, Lo Press 1500 or less, (XFC6201EX)XIMV IMV AMU
2102296-001Switch, DC, with flex cable communication kit (NGC)NGC
2102300-001Tool Kit, includes 10 inch wrench and tubing cutter (NGC)NGC
2102300-002Tool Kit (NGC)NGC
2102325-001Installation Kit, includes vent tubes and fittings for 1/16 inch tube entry to the manifold. Kit is provided with each NGC purchased. (NGC)NGC
2102325-002Installation Kit (NGC)Includes 50cc/min Sample Conditioning Restrictor (NGC8209)NGC
2102362-002Cable, power adapter (NGC8206)NGC
2102400-015Software,NGC PCCU 32,CD-ROM, Version (7.04.1),Standard PickNGC
2102427-001Engine Card, used on XFC and XRC G4 boardsG4
2102438-001PCCU Mounting Kit,USB local with flameproof housing (NGC)NGC
2102456-002Training CD, on-line start-up guide for NGC8200NGC
2102494-001Sample conditioning system, single stream, 400 cc/minute with liquid removal with liquid drain with liquid shut off (NGC)Uses A+Model 38M Filter ABB Part No. 1801946-001NGC
2102807-503Analytical Module without GC Module 12 VDC, No metrology,DBPVNGC
2102807-504Analytical Module without GC Module 24 VDC, No metrology,DBPVNGC
2102817-0HPXIMV, Liquid, G.O.,DP low on left, AP on high .05% Acc,PSIA, Hi Press 2000 or above (Model # Cross Ref 4XXNYS)XIMV IMV AMU
2102817-0LPXIMV, Liquid, G.O.,DP low on left,AP on high .05% Acc,PSIA, Lo Press 1500 or less (Model # Cross Ref 4XXNYS)XIMV IMV AMU
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