ABB Parts

Part NumberPart DescriptionSpare Part Type
V82050Valve, ball, 1/8 inch inlet/outlet connection, stainless steelNGC
2103445-012Software, PCCU 32, CD-ROM, Version
2103068-001Enclosure, Hoffman, includes door part number (6413)Misc. Parts and Hardware
2015231-005Bracket, for 20 watt solar panelsCharging Options
F37201Plug, hex head, 1/16 inch, stainless steelMisc. Parts and Hardware
2103707-001Manual, startup guide for welltell wirelessManuals
2018107-015Druck, 7500 psig, external pressure transmitter (This is not a standard size.Drucks
2100927-004Bracket, communication mounting (6213)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1000012-001Filter, Genie filter membrane kit, 130-505, (5 per pack) large membrane (Btu 8000) (Note: Normally used at the City of Riverside only.)Btu 8000 Transmitter
10732-00Screw, pan head, phillips drive, #4-40 X 3/8 inch, stainless steel (6600/6400/6700)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1131700-055Latch, for Chatham enclosures, over center draw (6400/6700)Misc. Parts and Hardware
11384-00Washer, flat, 1/8 inch X 1/4 inch X 1/16 inch, stainless steel (6400/6700)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1191021-004Modem, desktop, U.S. Robotics Courier V.Everything (56K ud capable)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1192005-005Board, dialogic speech, ISA versionCOMMUNICATIONS OPTION
1193900-006Case, for carrying PCCU FS/2 Husky, nylon (6625)PCCU
1193900-008Neckstrap, for PCCU FS/2 Husky, nylon (6625)PCCU
1193950-002Converter, Patton, RS232 to RS485 (6790/6400/6700/NGC/Btu 8000)COMMUNICATIONS OPTION
1201003-001Connector, conduit, elbow, liquid tight, 3/8 inch flex-1/2 inch hub (all ennclosures)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1201050-027Fitting, drain, breather, Atex/Cenelec approved (Btu 8000)Btu 8000 Transmitter
1201100-700O-ring, for 1/2 inch NPT Neoprene with steel retainer (all enclosures)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1201101-002Connector, cord, straight, for the cable to go into flow computer unit, 1/2 inch holes (all enclosures)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1201101-003Connector, cord, elbow, for the cable to go into flow computer unit, 1/2 inch holes (all enclosures)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1201101-004Connector, cord, elbow, 1/2 inch MNPT, 1/4-3/8 inch cord, this connector should be used with our RS485 cable or any cable with an outside diameter from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch. (all enclosures)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1201700-001Conduit, nut, ground, 1/2 inch NPT, aluminum (6400/6700)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1212003-004Connector, 6 position phoenix , used on UCI (n/a)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1212003-007Connector, 12 position phoenix, used on UCI (n/a)Misc. Parts and Hardware
1212006-702Jumper, 2 position metal for termination board (on .325 center) (n/a)Misc. Parts and Hardware
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