UNITROL offers Power Converters and Packs, Control and Voltage Regulator Modules and Measuring Interface Units.
3ADT218439R0002ABB Unitrol 6000 Power Converter (3ADT218439R0002)
3BHE032025R0101ABB Unitrol Exciter Control Module (3BHE032025R0101) Alt# PCD235A101
HEIR 445991 R1ABB Unitrol
HEIR207569R1ABB Unitrol UN 2010b-P Var.1 Module (HEIR207569R1)
HEIR315104R1ABB Unitrol Voltage Regulator Module (HEIR315104R1) Alt# UN 0006A-P V.1
HEIR316364R1ABB Unitrol Pulse Intermediate Stage Module (HEIR316364R1) Alt# UN 0004A-P V.1
HEIR318418R1ABB Unitrol Summary and Monitoring Module (HEIR318418R1) Alt: UN 0077A-P V1
HEIR318629R1ABB Unitrol Rotor Current Limiter (HEIR318629R1)
HEIR318757R1ABB Unitrol Pulse Monitoring Module (HEIR318757R1) Alt# UN0053C-P V1
HEIR318790R1ABB Unitrol Pulse Comparison Stage Module (HEIR318790R1) Alt# UN0040B-P
HEIR319360R1ABB Unitrol Power Pack Module (HEIR319360R1)
HEIR319404R1ABB Unitrol Power Signal Converter Module (HEIR319404R1) Alt# UN 0031A-P V.1
HEIR319429R1ABB Unitrol Pulse Final Stage Supervision Module (HEIR319429R1) Alt# UN 0056A-P V.1
HEIR440820R1ABB Unitrol Output Signal Limiter Module (HEIR440820R1) Alt# UN 0074a-P Var.1
HEIR441987R1ABB Unitrol Current Indicator Module (HEIR441987R1) Alt# UN 0025A-P V.1
HEIR443243R1ABB Unitrol UN0026 Module (HEIR443243R1)
HEIR443259R1ABB Unitrol Test Module (HEIR443259R1) Alt# UN0094A-P Var. 1
HEIR445543R1ABB Unitrol Diode Module (HEIR445543R1) Alt# UN 0084B-P Var. 1
HEIR445926R1ABB Unitrol Summing Module (HEIR445926R1) Alt# UN 0090A-P Var.1
HEIR445991R1ABB Unitrol Adapter Print Module (HEIR445991R1) Alt# UN 0089a-P Var.1
HEIR448075R1ABB Unitrol UN 0503A-P Var.1 Module (HEIR448075R1)
HEIR448085R1ABB Unitrol Supervisory Module (HEIR448085R1)
HEIR448194ABB Unitrol UN 0800A-P Module (HEIR448194)
HEIR448307R1ABB Unitrol UNS 0001a Module (HEIR448307R1)
HIEE205014R0001ABB Unitrol Measuring Interface Unit (HIEE205014R0001) Alt# UNC 4673A,V.1
HIEE405087R1ABB Unitrol UNS0982b-P V1 Module (HIEE405087R1)
HIEE405200R1ABB Unitrol UNS0983C-P V1 Module (HIEE405200R1)
HIEE405205R3ABB Unitrol UNS0980c-P V3 Module (HIEE405205R3)
HIER319619R2ABB Unitrol Pulse Control Module (HIER319619R2) Alt# UN 0510D-P Var. 2
HIER443950P1ABB Unitrol UN 07209A-P Module (HIER443950P1)
HIER44842R1ABB Unitrol UNS 0850a-P Module (HIER448/42R1)
HIER448503R1ABB Unitrol UN0801A-P Module (HIER448503R1)
HIER448845R1ABB Unitrol Breaker Time Selection Module (HIER448845R1)
HIER448871R2ABB Unitrol UN 0711B-P Module (HIER448871R2)
HIER448877ABB Unitrol UN 07209A-P Module (HIER448877)
HIER448888R1ABB Unitrol UN 0712A-P Module (HIER448888R1)
HIER448925R1ABB Unitrol UN 0820A-P Module (HIER448925R1)
HIER449177R1ABB Unitrol UN 0841A-P Module (HIER449177R1)
HIER449240ABB Unitrol UN 0803A-P Module (HIER449240)
HIER449248R1ABB Unitrol UN 0700B-P Module (HIER449248R1)
HIER449641R1ABB Unitrol Command Generation Module (HIER449641R1)
HIER449696R1ABB Unitrol UN 0710B-P Module (HIER449696R1)
HIER449811ABB Unitrol UN 0902B-P Module (HIER449811)
HIER449840R1ABB Unitrol UN 0808a-P Var.1 Module (HIER449840R1)
HIER452076R1ABB Unitrol UN0802A-P Module (HIER452076R1)
HIER452221R1ABB Unitrol UN 0701B-P Module (HIER452221R1)
HIER454022R5ABB Unitrol UN 0809a-P Var.1 Module (HIER454022R5)
HIER455232ABB Unitrol M Rack (HIER455232)
HIER458606R1ABB Unitrol UN 0804B-P Var.1 Module (HIER458606R1)
HIER460247R1ABB Unitrol UN 0806b-P Var.1 (HIER460247R1)
HIER460262ABB Unitrol UN 0810b-P Regulator Module (HIER460262)
HIER460271R1ABB Unitrol UN 0807C-P Module (HIER460271R1)
HIER460279R1ABB Unitrol UN 0901d V1 Module (HIER460279R1)
HIER460356R2ABB Unitrol UN 0821b-P Module (HIER460356R2)
HIER460385ABB Unitrol UN 0820B-P Module (HIER460385)
HIER460394ABB Unitrol UN 0841B-P Module (HIER460394)
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