Baffle Plates

Baffle Plates can be placed on top of the drill pipe float valves or the drill bit to help prevent damage from recorders or other wire line tools that are dropped down the string. Keystone carries ring-type and spider-type baffle plates.

Baffle Plates are designed to be inserted in the tool joint or connection of a drilling string in the place of a crow’s foot. The function of the baffle plate is to keep foreign objects such as rocks, and trash out of the down hole tools and bit jets. Another function is to land survey tools dropped on the hole. Keystone Energy Tools baffle plates are designed to withstand increased pump pressures, temperatures and fluid-borne bodies that cause washing of the metals within the drill string.

baffle plates
 Part #Connection Type/SizeDPFV Size TypeWeight (lbs.)Baffle Plate OD
K-91701 **2-7/8″ API Reg1F-2RSpider0.51.94Add to Quote
K-91702 **3-1/2″ API Reg2F-3RRing0.42.28Add to Quote
K-91703 **4-1/2″ API Reg4RRing0.83.22Add to Quote
K-91704 **5-9/16″ API Reg5RRing1.33.87Add to Quote
K-91705 **6-5/8″ API Reg5F-6RRing1.54.63Add to Quote
K-91706 **7-5/8″ API Reg5F-6RRing1.75.33Add to Quote
K-91707 **8-5/8″ API Reg6FRing2.26.18Add to Quote
K-91711 ***Replaced by K-917213FSpider0.62.75Add to Quote
K-91712 ***4-1/2″ API FH4FRing0.93.36Add to Quote
K-91713 ***5-9/16″ API FH5F-6RRing1.54.63 Add to Quote
K-91714 **6-5/8″ API FH6FRing2.25.45 Add to Quote
K-91721 *3-1/2″ API FH3FSpider0.62.63 Add to Quote
K-91722*4-1/2″ API FH
4-1/2″ API Reg
5-9/16″ API Reg
Spider0.73.44 Add to Quote
K-91723*5-9/16″ FH
6-5/8″ FH/ 6-5/8″ Reg
Spider1.04.68 Add to Quote
K-91724*6-5/8″ API FH6FSpider1.06.56 Add to Quote
K-91725*3-1/2″ API IF3.5IFSpider0.63.06 Add to Quote
K-91726*Replaced by K-917225RSpider0.83.76 Add to Quote
K-91741 ***3-1/2″ API IF3.5IFRing0.73.06 Add to Quote
K-91742 ***4-1/2″ API IF5RRing1.64.22 Add to Quote
K-91743 ***2-7/8″ API IF2F-3RSpider0.72.44 Add to Quote
K-91744 ***4″ API IF / 4-1/2″ XH4FRing1.03.88 Add to Quote
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