BPM Top drive parts


Explosion-Proof Pressure Transmitter                   MB330A (0-40MPa)

Explosion-Proof Temperature Transmitter                GW200A

Yellow Button                                          3SB3500-0AA31

Flat Button Seat                                       3SB3500-0AA12

Two Bit Selector Switch                                3SB3500-2HA11

Three Bit Knob                                         3SB3500-2DA11

Knob Contact                                           3SB3400-0B

Intermediate Relay                                     3304000221

Inclined Oil Cylinder Seal (Chardonnay)                9705227190

Balance Cylinder Seal (Chardonnay)                     9705221190

O Shaped Seal Ring                                     42.5*2.65

O Shaped Seal Ring                                     31.5*2.65

Sealant                                                1705000140

Thread Glue                                            1705000150

Right Angle Joint                                      W15LCFX

Punching (Metric 35mpa)                                9702032007

Pan Root (Metric 35mpa)                                9702032004

O – Shaped Seal (Public 35mpa, Public British 52mpa)   9702036001

O – Shaped Seal (Metric 35mpa)                         9702032014

Lubricating Pump Unit                                  9702022130

Brake Friction Piece Spare Parts                       5601000070

Six Angle Head Bolt (8.8 Grade)                        4202000692

Flat Steel Wire Cylindrical Spiral Compression Spring  602020210

Centralizer Bolt                                       9703641036

Slotted Nut                                            4204100050

Internal Six Angle Cylindrical Head Screws             4201120300

8 Way Analog Input Module (Band Connector)             3399101090

4 Analog Output Module (Band Connector)                3399101250

The M153 Extension Module Of The Driller Platform      3399100280

Ac Contactor                                           3301030880

Proximity Switch (Omron)                               3301010038

Joint Bearing                                          4301000620

Roller Assembly                                        9703380100

Direct Injection Oil Cup                               5121000511

Lower Internal Blowout Preventer                       2210170197

Upper Internal Blowout Preventer                       2210270197

Upside Blowout Preventer Repair Bag                    9703340900

Lower Inner Blowout Preventer Repair Bag               9703320900

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