Model HS-3400 Centrifuge parts list
Centrifuge spare parts
DescriptionPart no.
O-Ring #10001-020-3393
Gasket #22034-009-000
O-Ring #104001-020-2095
Lip Seal #107001-570-120
Bearing #109, Conveyor Front001-012-716
O-Ring #100001-020-1395
O-Ring #115001-020-1245
Lip Seal #116034-018-000
Lip Seal #118001-570-216
Bearing #122, Conveyor Rear001-012-017
Bearing #307, Main Front Gear Box001-012-415
Bearing #308, Main Rear Drive001-012-2153
Seal #405034-035-000
O-Ring #406001-020-1793
Seal #405001-570-003
Gasket Pinion034-117-000
Gasket #128001-098-702
Gasket #410 Casing034-036-000
Feed Tube #202034-099-000
Casing Liner034-049-000
Csk Screw 8 x 15 SS001-221-0803
Sleeve #407 Speedi001-014-399
Sleeve Speedi001-014-369
Sleeve Speedi001-014-393
Sleeve Speedi001-014-315
Dowel Pin w/Sleeve #518001-051-902
Set (4) Nozzles #210034-023-000
Rotating Assembly034-8SD-001
Gearbox 52:1034-805-000
Feed pump spare parts
DescriptionPart no.
Stator O-Ring593597
Casting Seal516401
Connecting Rod864301
Connecting Rod Pin854834
Connecting Rod Seal594781
O-Ring Seal517018
Retaining Snap Ring512280
Pin Retainer862314
HS-3400 Standard XP drawings
Electrical drawings
Wiring diagram – PI10216
Assembly and installation drawings
HS-3400 centrifuge assembly – A10849
HS-3400 centrifuge installation – P10849
Rotating assembly – SA11684
Gearbox assembly – 034-805-001
Torque control assembly – 034-8SD-006
Wiring diagram – PI10216 parts list
HS-3400 centrifuge assembly – A10849 Parts list
DescriptionPart #
Rotating assembly w/ 52:1 gearbox13811
Casing assembly034-031-000
Bowl cradle assembly034-807-000
Transport skid10663
Electrical sub assembly13991
Motor rails034-090-000
Slide rail adjusting screw001-230-1650
Gearbox cover034-048-000
Sheave P6409-533
Belt 2590-14M-4009-563
Main motor mount8292
Liquid discharge connection5527
Belt guard8040
Shock mount001-705-004
Shock mount001-705-003
Hardware kit13980
Motor 40hp, 60Hz, 480v1BF
Feed tube support034-020-001
Feed tube034-019-000
Fluid clutch21AT
Rotating assembly – SA11684
DescriptionPart #
Bowl extension034-001-102
Bowl shell**13040
Front hub11683
Screw, Soc. HD CAP, M8 x 35 Gr. 12.9001-203-0807
Dowel, 6 dia. x 30001-050-5606
Flange, gearbox034-003-000
Pulley, P44-14M-4009-546
Rear hub034-006-000
Screw, Soc. HD CAP M8 x 25 Gr. 12.9001-203-0805
‘O’ ring BS 3393-57001-020-3393
SCR-SOC HD CAP M10 x 25001-201-1005
Nipple, grease, 1/4″ UNF001-150-001
Flinger – inner034-029-000
Screw Soc SET M6 x 10001-211-0602
Epicentric orifice2030R821
Screw,Soc. HD CAP , M8 x 20001-201-0804
Screw Soc CAP M10 x 35001-201-1007
Wear sleeve034-001-103
Retainer wear ring034-008-101
SCR-SOC CSK M6 x 20001-221-0604
Screw, Soc. SET, M12 x 16001-211-1203
Insert carbide034-008-300
Sprocket adapter6556
Screw, Soc. HD CAP, M8 x 25 Gr. 12.9001-203-0805
Conveyor assembly034-011-000
Spline bushing034-012-000
‘O’ ring, BS 2095-30001-020-2095
Holder, front seal034-013-000
Screw, Soc. SET, M8 x 10001-211-0802
Lip seal 100 x 125 x 12001-570-120
Bearing, angular contact (80 x 140 x 26) 7216001-012-716
‘O’ ring, BS 1395-30001-020-1395
Screw, Soc. HD CAP, M10 x 35001-201-1007
Screw, Soc. HD CAP, M10 x 50001-201-1010
Screw, Soc. HD CAP, M8 x 80001-201-0816
‘O’ ring, BS 1245-30001-020-1245
Lip seal034-018-000
Lip seal, 80 x 100 x 10001-570-216
Holder, rear seal034-015-000
Screw, Soc. SET, M8 x 10001-211-0802
Bearing, ball (85 x 130 x 22) 6017001-012-017
Housing, rear bearing and seal034-016-000
Circlip, spiral (rear seal holder)001-041-393
Circlip, spiral (front seal holder)001-041-492
Screw, Soc. HD CAP M8 x 15001-201-0803
Fibre washers001-098-702
Screw, SOC. HD CAP M8 x 50001-201-0810
Sleeve-speedi 99393001-014-393
Sleeve-speedi 99369001-014-369
Sleeve-speedi 99315001-014-315
‘O’ ring, BS 0745-30001-020-0745
Liner – feed zone034-021-000
SCR-Button HD M10 x 15001-271-1003
Feed cone034-022-001
Nozzle assembly – feed034-023-000
‘O’ ring BS 1745-30001-020-1745
SCR-SOC Set cone PT M10 x 25001-211-9005
‘O’ ring BS 0545-30001-020-0545
Pillow block034-024-000
End plate034-025-000
Flinger cover (outer)034-026-00
End plate (drive end outer)034-027-000
End plate (gearbox end outer)034-028-000
Bearing, roller (75 x 130 x 31) NU2215001-012-415
Bearing, ball (75 x 130 x 25) 6215001-012-2153
Stabilizer ring034-030-000
Nipple, grease 1/8″ BSP, straight001-150-000
Screw, Soc. HD CSK, M10 x 25001-223-1005
Screw, Soc. HD CAP, M18 x 100001-201-0820
Screw, Soc. Set, M6 x 10001-211-0602
Plug, 1/8″ BSP001-151-202
Seal, holder (drive end, gearbox end)034-032-000
Seal, end cover034-033-000
Seal, spacer034-034-000
Seal, rulon034-035-000
‘O’ ring, BS 1793001-020-1793
Sleeve-speedi 99399001-014-399
Screw, Soc. HD CAP, M8 x 60001-201-0812
Screw, Flat SOC. HD, M6 x 20001-221-0604
Bowl liner034-041-000
HHCS 1/2″ 13-UNC x 2 1/222VF
Stabilizer ring034-014-002
Gearbox assembly – 034-805-001 parts list
Part #Description
Double annulus034-100-000
Input cover034-102-000
End cap034-116-000
Sun gear shaft034-101-000
Planet shaft (1st stage)034-105-000
Planet carrier (1st stage)034-104-001
Thrust washer034-107-000
Planet gear (1st stage)034-106-000
Planet gear (2nd stage)034-109-000
Planet shaft (2nd stage)034-110-000
Thrust washer (2nd stage)034-111-000
Output shaft034-112-001
Planet carrier (2nd stage)034-113-001
Planet cover / sun gear034-108-001
Retaining plate034-114-000
HHCS M8 x 20001-203-0804
Bearing ball 35 x 62 x 14001-012-007
Bearing ball 17 x 40 x 12001-012-2035
HHCS M5 x 15001-203-0503
Seal rotary shaft 16 x 30 x 7001-570-003
Plug hex HD 1/8″ BSPT001-153-202
Pin dowel 3 x 20mm001-050-5304
Plug hex HD 1/4″ BSP001-155-204
Washer bonded DOWTY 1/4″ BSP001-094-004
O-ring BS830001-020-830
Pin dowel 3 x 15mm001-050-5303
Cover output034-103-000
Bearing ball 10 x 30 x 9001-012-200
Washer wave spring001-031-030
Pin dowel 8 x 30mm001-050-5806
Pin dowel 10 x 30mm001-050-6006
SHCS CSK M5 x 10001-223-0502
Circlip external 60mm dia001-044-260
Circlip internal 95mm dia001-043-295
Bearing ball 60 x 95 x 18001-012-0127
Seal rotary shaft 70 x 90 x 10001-570-114
Bearing ball 20 x 47 x 14001-012-204
Circlip internal 45mm dia001-043-245
Pin dowel 1/4″ x 5/8001-051-5810
Pin dowel 6 x 20mm001-050-0604
Torque control assembly – 034-8SD-006
DescriptionPart #
Torque arm034-039-000
Locking screw034-040-000
Pivot pin034-056-000
Link, spring compression assembly034-060-000
Stop pin034-062-000
Pivot shaft034-064-000
Overload torque control lever034-065-000
Thrust pad034-066-000
Compression spring001-030-121
Circlip, external, 20 mm dia.001-044-220
Pin, spiral 3 x 10 mm001-052-302
Pin, spiral 3 x 26 mm001-052-306
Cotter/split pin001-056-401
Washer, plain, M10001-095-010
Washer, lock, M5001-096-005
Washer, lock, M10001-096-010
Nipple, grease001-150-001
Screw, soc. Hd cap, M5 x 50 mm001-201-0510
Screw, hex Hd set, M10 x 20 mm001-231-1004
Nut, lock, M10001-261-1001
Limit switch001-355-001
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