CAT-3512B diesel engine parts list

Spare parts for overhaul of diesel engines CAT-3512B (PTM) 2015. (lot indivisible)
983Crankshaft bearing1496031PC42
984Piston bearing10777330PC72
985Cylinder block3533970PC3
986Fuel injector assembly3920206PC360
987Engine rod (connecting rod)1440725PC6
988Piston assembly2995204PC72
989Engine piston pin assembly2638955PC72
990Engine piston pin retainer2531238PC144
991Engine piston ring assembly2236361PC72
992Engine piston ring5096461PC72
993Engine piston ring1445695PC72
994Cylinder liner211-7826PC72
995Engine Seal (Rubber)7N2046PC216
996Cylinder block liner seal (Rubber)352-6061PC72
997Radiator core assembly9Y5983PC24
998Radiator core gasket9Y5992PC48
999Engine inlet valve4688824PC144
1000Engine Cylinder Exhaust Valve4688825PC144
1001Crankshaft seal (Metal-Rubber)5697729PC6
1002Crankshaft seal (Metal-Rubber)5697728PC6
1003Repair kit (consists of: 6 gaskets (metal), 2 rings, 26 seals (rubber))4920914PC6
1004Repair kit (consists of: 7 gaskets (metal-paronite), 25 seals (rubber), 1 seal (metal))5997288PC72
1005Repair kit (consists of: 4 bolts, 4 spacers (rubber), 4 nuts, 9 seals (rubber))4924475PC24
1006Repair kit (consists of: 14 gaskets (metal paronite), 8 seals (rubber))6014618PC6
1007Repair kit (consists of: 5 gaskets (metal paronite), 2 rings, 39 seals (rubber))6020408PC6
1008Transmission System O-ring Seal (Rubber)2M9780PC6
1009Engine gasket (paronite)2W0752PC12
1010Ring seal Braking system (Rubber)3J7354PC12
1011Transmission system ring seal (rubber)3K0360PC12
1012Temperature sensor seal (Rubber)3S9643PC36
1014Engine breather4W3027PC18
1015Laying the supply line (paronite)4W3100PC6
1017Fuel filter ring seal (Rubber)5D 5957PC18
1019Oil filter ring seal (rubber)5P4892PC24
1020Motor Housing O-ring5P7818PC6
1021Engine ring seal (rubber)5P8210PC12
1022Engine ring seal (Rubber)5P8872PC6
1024Oil supply gasket (Metal)6F4868PC12
1025O-ring (Rubber)6J2680PC12
1026Ring cooling system seal (Rubber)6V1454PC12
1027Engine O-ring (Rubber)6V3348PC48
1028O-ring seal for oil filter (rubber)6V3907PC24
1029Ring air line seal (Rubber)6V5048PC66
1030Oil pan O-ring (Rubber)6V5101PC12
1031Oil Filter Seal (Rubber)6V8001PC6
1032Engine ring seal (Rubber)6V9027PC18
1033Oil pan gasket (metal)7E2630PC6
1034Laying the Water Supply Line (paronite)7E6016PC24
1037Engine water temperature regulator gasket (paronite)7N4927PC6
1038Laying the water supply line (paronite)7N4945PC18
1039O-ring seal Fuel Supply Line (Rubber)7N6806PC24
1040Oil supply plunger7N7697PC12
1041Engine O-ring (Rubber)7X4805PC18
1042Oil filter dust cover8C3445PC6
1043Engine ring seal (Rubber)8L2786PC6
1044Cooling system seal (Rubber)8T1919PC12
1045Engine ring seal (Rubber)8T2928PC18
1046Engine Seal (Rubber)8T2929PC18
1047Oil pan gasket (Rubber)9L1480PC18
1048Cooling system gasket (Paronit)9Y6893PC12
1049Engine gasket (Paronite)9Y8389PC6
1050Transmission system O-ring (Rubber)336031PC18
1051Camshaft bearing1011198PC84
1052Motor bearing1011372PC6
1053Laying the water supply line (Paronit)1228856PC12
1054Motor bearing1259751PC6
1055Ring Seal Oil Supply System (Rubber)1367227PC12
1056Motor bushing1409597PC6
1057O-ring seal for Engine Pressure Sensor (Rubber)2147566PC6
1058Transmission System O-ring Seal (Rubber)2147568PC42
1059temperature sensor2193240PC12
1060Oil Line O-ring (Rubber)2287097PC6
1061Laying the water supply line (Paronit)2301072PC12
1062Engine O-ring (Rubber)2385080PC6
1063Water Pump O-Ring (Rubber)2385081PC54
1064Laying the water supply line (Paronit)2432288PC24
1065temperature sensor2485513PC24
1066Engine O-ring (Rubber)2594598PC6
1067Oil Line O-ring (Rubber)2594600PC18
1068Water Line Seal (Rubber)2720759PC72
1069Valve cover seal (Rubber)2720760PC18
1070Water Pump O-Ring (Rubber)3103954PC12
1071Air supply system O-ring (Rubber)4477206PC90
1072Turbocharger cartridge assembly4501416PC24
1073Oil cooler core assembly4W4980PC6
1074Repair kit (consists of: 2 bolts, 4 seals (metal-rubber), 2 filters, 3 washers, 1 ring, 1 shaft, 1 impeller)2225152PC6
1075Pressure meter1946724PC6
1076Pressure meter1619926PC24
1077temperature sensor4152432PC12
1078Pressure meter1946725PC24
1079Speed sensor5221643PC6
1080Speed sensor3181181PC6
1081Pressure meter2746719PC48
1082Pressure meter2746717PC12
1083Engine Cylinder Valve Guide1339306PC144
1084Engine cylinder valve guide1976995PC144
1085Mechanism for turning valves3165979PC144
1086Mechanism for turning valves3165978PC144
1087Intake valve seat1838809PC144
1088Intake valve seat2899745PC144
1089Rem. KIT PUMP GP-WATER222-5152PC6
1091Oil pump4P5638PC6
1092Toothed V-belt kit1N-3713kit6
1093Crankshaft pulley368-7805PC6
1094Fan drive pulley7W-6470PC6
1095Fan assembly128-5631PC6
1096Pneumatic starter Ingersol (Model 2014)PC6
1097Instrument panel (Model 2014)PC3
1099Speed sensor273-5041PC6
1102Transfer pump313-7770PC6
1103Plate Thrust7C-6209PC12
1104Crankcase safety valve repair kit4229537PC54
1105Signal converter1754998PC12
1106Electrical system cable assembly1326469PC72
1107temperature sensor1022240PC12
1108Set of electrical connectors1753700PC6
1109Finger Removal Tool1957970PC175
1110Connector Disassembly Tool1219588PC60
1111Plug removal tool1516320PC60
1112Liquid level sensor430-9449PC6
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