CSF-1300 Mud Pump General Frame Parts list

Sichuan Petroleum CSF-1300 Mud Pump General Frame Parts list

List of spare parts along with CSF-1300 (refer to the Contract)
S/NNameDrawing No.
1Oil seal 9.125″×10.375″×0.625CS36001-03.08
2O ringØ190.9×Ø3.53CS36001-004.07
3O ringØ158.12×Ø6.99CS36001-04.16
4Single-lip oil seal 5″×6.25″×0.563″CS36001-04.06.00
5Two-lip oil seal 5″×6.25″×0.625″CS36001-04.08.00
6O ringØ94.12×Ø5.33CS36001-05.11
7Bonnet seal ringCS36001-05.13
8Cylinder liner seal ringCS36001-05.15
9Cylinder lid seal ringCS36001-05.08
10O ring Ø202.57×Ø6.99CS36001-05.21
11Piston seal ringCS36001-05.20A
12O ringØ183.52×Ø6.99CS36001-05.32
13O ringØ342.26×Ø6.99CS36001-05.38
14Rubber bursaCS36001-05.35.09
15Rubber Ø170CS36001-
16Valve rubberCS36001-05.1205
17Backing ring R44CS36001-28
18Backing ring R39CS36001-01
19Buffer padCS36001-06
20Piston assemblyCS36001-03.00
22Safety pinCS36001-11
CSF-1300driven well pump(CS36001-00 CS37001-00)
1Rack assemblyCS36001-01.01.00A
2Crank shaft assemblyCS36001-02.00
3Pinion assemblyCS36001-03.00
4Crosshead assemblyCS36001-04.00
5Fluid end assemblyCS36001-05.00
6Drive    end    lubricant assemblyCS36001-06A.00
8SprinCSing        Pump assemblyCS36001-08C.00
9Seal packing ringCS36001-07
10Air vent coverCS36001-108.00
11Stud bolt    M12×5CS36001-11A
12CS nameplateCS36001-09
13Small craneCS36001-10.00
14Lifting frameCS36001-11.00
15Cover boardCS36001-12.00
16Seal packingCS36001-13
17Bolt   M12×5CS36001-86
18Indication boardCS36001-17
19Oil gauge assemblyCS36001-18.00
20Spacer groupCS36001-19
21Discharge cover (Ⅰ)CS36001-20.00
22Discharge cover (Ⅱ)CS36001-21.00
23Seal packing ringCS36001-19
24Bolt M12×35CS36001-86
25Crosshead hole coverCS36001-15
26Seal packingCS36001-86
27Bolt   M16×40BG5780-86
28Spring washer 12BG93-76
29Nail   for   indication   boardGB827-76
30Bolt   M27×100BG5780-86
31Nut M27BG41-36
32Spring washer 27BG93-76
33Washe r 12BG848-85
34Washe r 16BG848-76
35Bolt   M16×60BG5780-86
36Nut M16BG41-86
37Spring washer 16BG93-76
38Bolt   M24×110GB5780-86
39Nut M24GB41-86
40Spring washer 24GB93-76
41Rubber bar 40×10×5800
42Copper mesh 20 holes/inch
43Screw   M4×16GB818-85
44Quake-proof pressure gaugeYKJ-150
453″NPT×Z e 1/2″    elbowCS33001-32
46Connection pipe 3″NPTCS33001-33
47Connection pipe 3″NPTCS33001-34
48Right-angle elbow 3″NPTCS33001-35
49Bent pipeCS33001-30
50Screw plug ZG11/2″Q/ZB/286.6
51Backing ring R44CS33001-28
52Discharge strainer assemblyCS33001-27.00
54Tools along with equipmentCS33001-17.00
55KB-75 air domeCS33002-00
56JA-3 shearing safety valveCS33002-00
57Spare parts along with equipmentCS33001-18.00
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