Derrick PG013 Parts List

NamePart NumberUnitQ-ty
1Side support, stainless steel 16710-0116710-01pcs12
2Adjusting bolt SST G0005479SST G0005479pcs42
3Set bolt 303 SST SCM-G0005479303 SST SCM-G0005479pcs160
4Wear insert on the solids outlet side CS10-RA-630-ICCS10-RA-630-ICpcs48
5Ceramic shaft sleeve G0006015 G0006015pcs32
6Gland bushing SCM-G0006004SCM-G0006004pcs16
7Nozzle sleeve (adjustable 0.500-0.375) SCM-10523-03SCM-10523-03pcs544
8Nozzle sleeve (adjustable 0.625-0.500) 403.028 (similar to 10523-02)403.028 (similar to 10523-02)pcs288
9Nozzle sleeve (adjustable 0.625-0.500) SCM-10523-02SCM-10523-02pcs80
10Nozzle bushing 1.0 cone 10″ 6066-7210″ 6066-72pcs160
11Nozzle bushing 1.5 cone 10″ 6066-7310″ 6066-73pcs51
12Cone nozzle bushing 1.250 SCM-6066-571.250 SCM-6066-57pcs107
13Nut 5/8-11BRS NHHB-63-115/8-11BRS NHHB-63-11pcs40
14Triangular tip nut 10523-0410523-04pcs128
15Tension nut G0005480 G0005480pcs104
16Tension nut G0005480 (SCM-G0005480)G0005480 (SCM-G0005480)pcs80
17Lower cone nut 106-205106-205pcs12
18Hexagon nut G0005428G0005428pcs122
19Nozzle sleeve nut SCM-6066-58 SCM-6066-58pcs24
20Net tension comb, adjustable side 14611-0114611-01pcs214
21Net tension comb, fixed side 14612-0114612-01pcs334
22Replacement pad holder PP1494PP1494pcs9
23Conveyor compactor brush holder 1435701A1435701Аpcs6
24Conveyor compactor brush holder 1435702A1435702Аpcs9
25Mechanical jack G0005849 (SCM-G0005849)G0005849 (SCM-G0005849)pcs44
26Front curtain 3/16″х47 1/2″х20 PVK-120 with fastening3/16″ x47 1/2″ x20 PVK-120 with mountingpcs23
27Brush drive sprocket bushing РР1462 РР1462pcs4
28Ball valve APO-BV38APO-BV38pcs40
29Ball valve SCM-APO-BV38SCM-APO-BV38pcs10
30Ball valve Victaulic 2″ G0002077 2″ G0002077pcs50
31Wrench for net tensioning system 14734-01 (SCM-14734-01)14734-01 (SCM-14734-01)pcs15
32Oil flinger bearing SCM-G0006006SCM-G0006006pcs16
33Sealing ring 3/4×3/32 SCM-G00033193/4×3/32 SCM-G0003319pcs24
34Sealing ring 4.875×0.125″ CS10-RA-325-00 covers4.875×0.125″ CS10-RA-325-00 capspcs8
35External sealing ring 8×0.125″ CS10-RA-321-00 covers 8х0,125″ CS10-RA-321-00 capspcs8
36Impeller sealing ring SCM-G0006035 (G0006035)SCM-G0006035 (G0006035)pcs60
37Drum extension sealing ring 13.5×0.25″ CS10-RA-316-0013,5х0,25″ CS10-RA-316-00pcs2
38O-ring feed accelerator CS10-RA-323-00 CS10-RA-323-00pcs3
39Sealing ring, ext. liquid phase outlet end side CS10-RA-321-00CS10-RA-321-00pcs6
40Sealing ring, inner part on the liquid side CS10-RA-322-00 CS10-RA-322-00pcs3
41O-ring, liquid phase drain pipe CS10-RA-316-00CS10-RA-316-00pcs1
42O-ring, solids outlet side CS10-RA-325-00CS10-RA-325-00pcs6
43S3515IC (CS10-RA-630-IC) solids outlet wear insert kitS3515IC (CS10-RA-630-IC)pcs18
44Brush replacement kit CCC-HB-040N30CCC-HB-040N30pcs6
45Set of openers CS10-RA-634-IC extension drum DE-1000CS10-RA-634-IC drum extension DE-1000pcs18
46Set of coulters CS10-RA-650-IC of drum head DE-1000CS10-RA-650-IC drum headrest DE-1000pcs12
47Housing seal kit SCM-G0006033 (G0006033) SCM-G0006033 (G0006033)pcs8
48Cone 10″ SCM-6066-51 complete10″ SCM-6066-51 assemblypcs17
49Cone assembly 10″ 6066-5110″ 6066-51pcs2
50Stuffing box with mechanical seal SCM-G0006017 (H20614-01-30A)SCM-G0006017 (H20614-01-30A)pcs16
51Cone body 4″ 10523-004″ 10523-00pcs76
52Cam mechanism housing 17-4РН SCM-14617-0117-4РН SCM-14617-01pcs8
53Pump housing 6x5x14 G00060296х5х14 G0006029pcs8
54Pump housing 6x5x14 P25D564HR6х5х14 P25D564HRpcs8
55Pump housing 8x6x14 G00060318х6х14 G0006031pcs8
56Rear bearing cap G0006009 G0006009pcs8
57Cone cap 106-208106-208pcs4
58Front bearing cap G0006007G0006007pcs8
59Load limiter cam 12748-00 12748-00pcs11
60Mesh belt G0001913 10 mesh for sieve conveyorG0001913pcs18
61Elastic coupling EM10 6x5x14 for pump Premium 250 6x5x14EM10 6x5x14 for Premium 250 6x5x14 pumppcs44
62Graphite packing SCM-G0006010 (G0006010) SCM-G0006010 (G0006010)pcs96
63Teflon packing SCM-G0006012 (G0006012)SCM-G0006012 (G0006012)pcs55
64Threaded cone tip 10523-01 10523-01pcs200
65Comb guide 14616-0114616-01pcs24
66Load limiter DE-1000 125:1 13184-03 (SCM-13184-03)DE-1000 125:1 13184-03 (SCM-13184-03)pcs8
67Load limiter DE-1000 13184-01DE-1000 13184-01pcs9
68Side support 3/4″х27х3/8″ SCM-16710-01 corrosion-resistant steel3/4″ x27x3/8″ SCM-16710-01 corrosion-resistant steelpcs20
69Cross support 1″x41 SCM-16710-04 corrosion-resistant steel1″ x41 SCM-16710-04 corrosion-resistant steelpcs40
70Cross support 1/2″х40х1/2″ SCM-16710-02 corrosion-resistant steel1/2″x40x1/2″ SCM-16710-02 corrosion-resistant steelpcs28
71Cross support 3/4″x40x1/2″ SCM-16710-03 corrosion-resistant steel3/4″x40x1/2″ SCM-16710-03 corrosion-resistant steelpcs28
72Angled polyurethane fitting Victaulic SCM-6431-00 2″ 180 degreesSCM-6431-00 2 ” 180 degreespcs40
73Floating suspension assembly with bolts SCM-520063 (1129-00) SCM-520063 (1129-00)pcs402
74Rear bearing SCM-G0006008 (G0006008)SCM-G0006008 (G0006008)pcs16
75Main bearing CS10-RA-512-00 solids centrifugeCS10-RA-512-00pcs10
76Main bearing CS10-RA-513-00 liquid outlet centrifuge CS10-RA-513-00pcs8
77Support bearing from the end of the liquid phase CS10-RA-513-00CS10-RA-513-00pcs3
78Support bearing from the end of the solid fraction CS10-RA-512-00 CS10-RA-512-00pcs1
79Support bearing for conveyor CS10-RA-511-00CS10-RA-511-00pcs9
80Front bearing SCM-G0006005 (G0006005)SCM-G0006005 (G0006005)pcs16
81Conveyor thrust bearing CS10-RA-510-00 CS10-RA-510-00pcs8
82Tensioner bearing 1 1/2″ G00018081 1/2″ G0001808pcs8
83Tape tensioner bearing 1″ G0001809 1″ G0001809pcs8
84Flanged bearing 1 1/2″ G0001810 (SCM-G0001810)1 1/2″ G0001810 (SCM-G0001810)pcs4
85Flanged bearing 1″ G0001811 (SCM-G0001811) 1″ G0001811 (SCM-G0001811)pcs8
86Support ball bearing CS10-RA-510-00 at the outlet of the liquid phaseCS10-RA-510-00pcs3
87Support ball bearing CS10-RA-511-00 at the output of the solid phaseCS10-RA-511-00pcs2
88Variable drive assembly G0003579G0003579pcs3
89Pump casing gasket G0006034 (H10399-46-1) G0006034 (H10399-46-1)pcs76
90Front bearing cap gasket G0006042 (SCM-P25IBBCG)G0006042 (SCM-P25IBBCG)pcs32
91Support rib protector X-26″ 3660-05-30 material nitrileX-26″ 3660-05-30 material nitrilepcs3060
92Reciprocating sliding spring SCM-G0005466SCM-G0005466pcs320
93Impeller 8x6x14 Art. No. G0006031 Derrick 250G0006031 Derrick 250pcs16
94Speed controller W954A03BBSF0621W954A03BBSF0621pcs5
95Drive belt BELT-5G3V-1000BELT-5G3V-1000pcs32
96Brush drive belt PP1465 PP1465pcs12
97Pipe connection Victaulic 8″ with seal, 75 SCM-VIC-8-758″ with seal, 75 SCM-VIC-8-75pcs24
98Feeding nozzle assembly 9524-009524-00pcs6
99Drum head coulter (pair) DE-1000 CS10-RA-650-ICDE-1000 CS10-RA-650-ICpcs6
100Outlet pipe 10″(254) SCH 8010″(254) SCH 80pcs3
101Victaulic Seal 10″ (Part VIC-10-75) SCM-VIC-10-GSKT10″ (part VIC-10-75) SCM-VIC-10-GSKTpcs10
102Victaulic Seal 5″ (Part VIC-5-75) SCM-VIC-5-GSKT5″ (part VIC-5-75) SCM-VIC-5-GSKTpcs24
103Victaulic Seal 8″ (Part VIC-8-75) SCM-VIC-8-GSKT8″ (part VIC-8-75) SCM-VIC-8-GSKTpcs40
104Seal built-in support bearings CS10-RA-310-00 CS10-RA-310-00pcs3
105Oil seal G0006037G0006037pcs32
106Mechanical seal SCM-G0006013 (H22451-1A, G0006013)SCM-G0006013 (H22451-1A, G0006013)pcs98
107Outer seal for support bearings CS10-RA-311-00CS10-RA-311-00pcs3
108P-type mesh seat seal, high-quality Mongoose SCM-5837001 SCM-5837001pcs112
109Conveyor Thrust Bearing Seal CS10-RA-312-00 CS10-RA-312-00pcs3
110Brush belt tensioner assembly with spring EF-RT2007SPEF-RT2007SPpcs6
111Mesh tensioner 14623-00 assembly14623-00 assemblypcs54
112Clamp Victaulic 2″ hard VIC-2-072″ hard VIC-2-07pcs152
113Victaulic 5″ clamp with VIC-5-75 seal 5″ with seal VIC-5-75pcs36
114Lock washer WLSS-63 WLSS-63pcs24
115Pump body stud and nut G0006032 (H3862-76/3932-61)G0006032 (H3862-76/3932-61)pcs16
116Tape brush 1″x39″ G00020341″х39″ G0002034pcs9
117Shaft seal brush G0001995G0001995pcs9
118Conveyor seal brush 33-1″ G000203333-1″ G0002033pcs9
119Feeder seal brush 33-1 1/2″ SCM-G0003257 (G0003257)33-1 1/2″ SCM-G0003257 (G0003257)pcs6
120Feeder seal brush G0003256G0003256pcs6
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