29910004Repair kit , Regulator for 1.5 inch Hkr RegulatorBOP POD AssemblyShaffer
344475-2Seal subs & BoltsGilmore
451215Seal kitHaskel
1260140Repair kit,G-4R Flapper Type 4.5″Model 4RBaker Lyman
19145141DQMUFFLER kit 3/4″ QRVTDS-4SAirflex
27RG2AHL0101Kit,Seal,Gland Rod Cylinder 1″ PNRG2AHL0101(Parker)AR3200Hufco
45800 H-DP6ASwitch, Mashroom head, ESD, Used on Varco, iron roughneckAR3200Allen Bradley
47PK3202A005Seal kit, piston, 3-1/4″, Bore CylinderTDS-3Parker
481600419Controller, ES ground board, for Lift, scissor model 2030ES,2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
541600402Controller, drive/steer, for lift scissor, model 2030ES,2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
5641C632667GHolder , brush, F/ Ge 752, Traction motorGE 752US2General Electric
570660D020VElement, Filter, hydac #0660 D 020, V for Varco 60.5 HYD, rotary table In Line Ho filterDimar Valve
5848390380Blade, portable bandsaw, 44-7/8″ X 1/2″ X 020 (Milwaukee cat,48-39-0520) Pack 03 Each)Milwaukee
591600346Controller, Sevcon, For lift scissor model, 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
60927401Head, Water, filter, single , head (everpure)RC6Bailey
613740150Relay, for Lift scissor model, 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
624360328Switch, Toggle, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
634360069Breaker, Circuit, for lift scissor , model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
644360538Switch, Membrane, for Lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
653990013Diode, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
664360539Switch, toggle3762911United Rentals,
674360475Switch, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
682860030Set, Key for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
697023593Plug, fill, power pack reservoi, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
7070000799Coil, Control valve, for lift scissor model 2030 ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
724360469Swich, key, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
734000006Sensor, Analog tilt, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
7470000798Coil, Control valve, for lift scissor model 2030 ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
7528-95-0120Fulley, blade, item 57 Catalog 6220 4-3/4 Deep cut BansawMilwaukee
764360633switch, plunger limit, for lift scissor modi 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
77401884Kit, Repair kit to suit 2″ reduced bore BW series ball valve 3500 PSI rated comprisingIOT DOSCO BW
787023576Element, Filter376291128 Best Way
7928-95-0120Pulley, blade, item 57 catalog 6220 4-3/4 deep cut bansawMilwaukee
801001091965Kit (Service) platform PCB, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
85927401Head, Water, filter, single , head (everpure)RC6Bailey
86133389Spring, Grey valve15000 PSI W.P.Vetco Grey, INC
87617547Spear- water Inlet6758203/0003Houston International
88LK827Stem13 1/2″ LK-600OMSCO
89604SAShaft, RamKV-900 upper kelly valveOMSCO
901X808Guage, boiler, amtek model PT1088K 60-320 DE F 0-75 PSIAMETEK
93LK814Seat, W/seal3 1/2″ LK-600OMSCO
94MB0008Seal, Door, Air operated Mud Bucket, 2 setWeatherford
9514555c14Printed Poly Bags9 x12x .006MC Master Carr
96RG2AHL0201Kit, seal, gland rod cylinder, 2″IR-2000 iron roughneckHufco
99IB412Spring, valve, reverse flow check, (Inside IBOP valve W releasing tools)IB-6375OMSCO
101IB309Seat, DartIB4750 (3 1/2)OMSCO
10356-TThermostat, control valve, model 56 T, 3/8 ” NPT, 60″F-140F,125 PSI Max56-TSterlco
1062 L303Sheave, Dbl, B Taper size, 5″ O>D. browning, vendor, grainger #382W W  Grainger, Inc
10709-22-50-02-99Trolly, Air hose and cableBeebe INC
114IB409Seat, DartIB-6375OMSCO
13848390380Blade, portable bandsaw, 44-7/8″ X 1/2″ X 020 (Milwaukee cat,48-39-0520) Pack 03 Each)Milwaukee
139PU331Bearing, Block, pillow (1-15/16″)1625-DE, SN: T2613FMC, Linkbelt
145927401Head, Water, filter, single , head (everpure)RC6Bailey
147OBCA-LHNValve, Catridge, SunAR3200CHydradyne Hydraulics
148AOR50PVAIndicator, Patriot, Pressure, Filter, 5.0 Bar type AOR5,Dingbto Ltd industrial filters
14933 SF-TDBBlock, Tools distributionClover tool co.
152LK813Spring3 1/2″ LK-600OMSCO
153635SKey, Blind NutKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
155D9/55Kit, repair, Rod sealR.B. Ross Steel  fabrications
1581276462Die, inssert, pyramid tong, 3/8″ x 1″x 37/8 “Misssion
159634SCap, Screw, HX head shaftKV-900 upper kelly valveOMSCO
173SEO14G10BFilter, element, for power dynamics test unitHydradyne Hydraulics
18748390380Blade, portable bandsaw, 44-7/8″ X 1/2″ X 020 (Milwaukee cat,48-39-0520) Pack 03 Each)Milwaukee
193217021Guage, pressure, 0-160- PS, 2-1/2″ Oval 1/4″ NPT centre back connectionshaffer
194217038Guage, 0-160 PSI, liqid filled, 1/” Btm CONN, STAINLESS STEELshaffer
19717601107Guide, ballTCBCrown-O-Matic
201610720Flange, assyconnector specialists
204RRKPVP16R12Kit, repair, for assy pump, rotation group, for pump pVP16302R26A212TAD(TEX-A-Draulics Inc
206627SRing, frictionKV-900 upper kelly valveOMSCO
208123141001Bushing, hinge14.5-50 (HYD power tong)Weatherford
211SKPVP1612Pump, kit,seal, for pump PVP16302R26A212TAD(TEX-A-Draulics Inc
216PC55162Valve, relief, 3/4″ NPT ports (Mfg. rexroth)shaffer
219927404Water filter single headRC6Bailey
220931411Element filter for model 40CN-1-100-M2-25-4-1Parker filteration
226157B4073Solenoid, solenoid valce, PVEH, Hydraulic actuated used on riser cart, replacesDANFOSS
2277 ML-1830-1 BTBracket, mountiong for level sensor intrinsically safe ultrasonicMilltronics
2286 X137Meter, hour 2.5 round 120 V AC (Cramer)Cramer
22971342KIT, repair metal parts5 F-6R drill pipe float valveBaker Lyman
2379910004Repair kit, Regulator for 1 1/2″ HKR regulatorBOP POD Assemblyshaffer
259D2281412Face. Weight Indicator, 10,000 LBS with subdivision for P/N AWC-61Type100Enmource
278618 SCap screw, retainer plate, hex head 3/8 x 1-3/4 LongKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
281G33187Indicator, Pressure, oil 0-200, PSI (Marsh ) Model AR3200EPS
28209-22-50-02-99Trolley, air hose and cableBeebe INC
2839910004Repair kit, Regulator for 1 1/2″ HKR regulatorBOP POD Assemblyshaffer
284LK816Ball3 1/2″ LK 600OMSCO
286D9/36Clevis, female, rod for piston of cylinderR.B. Ross Steel  fabrications
2871001893Ball, valve safty, 4 1/2 kellyguardShaffer
288MB0008Seal. Door, Air operated mud bucket, 2 Set, Set-EAWeatherford
289IB411Valve, dart, reverse  flow check valveIB-6375OMSCO
290617SPlate, retainerKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
291612SRing, Junk MaleKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
292IB312SpringIB4750 (3 1/2)OMSCO
293IB310O-Ring, DartIB4750 (3 1/2)OMSCO
2943 X 580Bushing, Split Taper, type R2, 1-3/8″ bore, mfg browningBrowning
296MR-269CContro, Remote ( assy) hand operated with 25 control hoses quick releaseEULABAngel air repair & speciality
297P59028KKit, repair H3 valve1625-DE, SN: T2613Rexroth
302D9/30Valve, roller lever, 1/4″ NPT 3/2 spring return heavy duty poppet  valveR.B. Ross Steel  fabrications
306V927401Md single head only1 L3010Pantair filteration solutions.
307HF970Block guide, DWG 060 0100 Item 020Outreach
308IB311Valve , DartIB4750 (3 1/2)OMSCO
309Bugel kpl7626E24A00600
314103803Valve, relief valve, A35 Complete, with hand knob for eckle 13-5/8″ , HD-30, power casing13-5/8″ HD-30Eckle International (FSC)
329221592ball, F/3″ ball valveshaffer
3316 ES7322-1HFO1-0AA0RelayN117 made in germanySiemens
332E206ESCO silicon fluidPol, ydimethylsiloxaneESCO products inc
333EA2169Cartridge, filter hydraulic , DWG 020-0700, Item 12Outreach
335157B4268Solenoid, solenoid valve, hydraulic actuated PVEODANFOSS
336144600Gems120V-5A, low sensitivitymade in USA
337302-0007Switch, limit, ,machine guard, mfg telemecaniqueC-RNE92736RS Components
3386ES7322-1 HF01-0AA0Relay,C-RNE92736Siemens
339157B4073Solenoid, solenoid valve, PVEH, Hydraulic actuated used on riser cart, replacesDANFOSS
34130121951Seal, DWG no122090 Item 9Varco1 PKT
345112017Collar, shifting, fig6-3, item 713-5/8″ HD 30Eckle International (FSC)
350272780Control, lower , box assembley, complete for, scissor lift  S/N 2001879172030ES JLG,United Rentals,
3592L255Bushing, Split Taper, type R2, 1-3/8″ bore, mfg browning, vendor, Grainger :#382W W  Grainger, Inc
3673018-2163O-RingAR housing O_RingTBS LTD
3683018-2149TDCR inner faceTDCR inner faceTBS LTD
371112 X 912POLT1-1/2″ x 9 1/2″Fornecedore
373616 SPRubber, ramKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
374613 SBody, ramKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
375626SSpacer, shaftKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
376IB410O-Ring, DartIB-6375OMSCO
377BA43AOverload, thermal, relay, complete , assembely for  use in engin room.Westing house
379IB403Screw, Rod LOCkIB4750 (3 1/2)OMSCO
380M9O-1031-3002Board, Interface, MC-KB 2 EXOutreach
38107-3363-3823Switch, push button illuminated or HPU Control IN DRILL SHACKPatriot, HPUBartec
382HF850ABlock, Guide extension boom, DWG 070 0200, 0701 0300Outreach
383M5Board, Connection JoystickOutreach
384HF849ABlock, Guide extension boom, DWG 070 0200, 070 0300Outreach
38502ATEX459XSaur Danfoss
394224519Assy. Switch, limitShaffer
396216011Kit, repair, valve6″ F#  219825Shaffer
39722152Ball, F/3″ ball valveshaffer
398218239Switch, pressure, 200 PSI range, 7500 PSI, proof, 11A, 1/2 HP<, 125/250VACshaffer
400VBL-4304-MS-155-167Valve, air, 4 way , handle valve 1/4″ NPTVersa Valve1 NO
401217054Valve, air, 4 Way, 3 position spring controlled  cyl portsShaffer
411VXX4324316XISPD024Valve, versa, 4 Way, (40-115 PSI 24 VDC) (1.6 W)Versa Valve
412L1802LL00Lubricator, 1/4″ mfg wilkerson grainger  shock  # 6 D 795Wilkerson
413M5-1071-0080Module, IRX, I/0Outreach
417M-032-0030Module, IRX, I/0Outreach
418EA2169Cartridge, filter hydraulic , DWG 020-0700, Item 12 for cherry picker and stabbingOutreach
433TD314Kit, Seal control system, DWG, PVGOutreach
437M5-2211-0100Joystick, PG, JC100Outreach
449RG2AHL0131Kit, seal, Glan D cylinder 1-3/8″ (Parker)IR-2000-Iron roughneckHufco
452195327-242Abb Vetco Grey (Houston)8-342 N 300-90
45467-000059-00Ring, retainer, spiroloxVetco grey INC
4576100100Switch, selector, 2 position, explosion, proof, panal mountShaffer
46119055069Ring, retaining, F/ locking cylinderKFDS-500Vetco grey INC
462195000346O-Ring, F/locking, CylinderKFDS-500Vetco grey INC
464221592Ball, F/3″ ball valveShaffer
466608463-00Nut, clamp, cutting disks, D28474 grinderD28474Dewalt
467HC9800FKS13HElement, filter, hydraulic, (13″)AR3200Pall corporation
46815570Valve, pressure relief (Haskel)Power dynamics0
47014HUG32AAStarter, 15 HP, fual voltage nema-3, 480 volt, 120/240 volt cool, classic-14Fielder electric supply co. inc
474204097Valve, relief 3/4″, 95 PSI , with certificateShaffer
482HF933Block, guide, DWG 060 0100 Item 20Outreach
483M5-1050-8822Power, supply, (15 Qw /230V, 24V/ 5A)Outreach
4841018-BVDSwitch, float , series, 1005 E for Brand mud vaccume systemNorrisea
4861020-4300Terminal, MC-Ex -PM , PCB EpromOutreach
487HF930Block, guide, extension, boom,  DWG 0700200 ITEm 4Outreach
489HTR4001Block, guide outer boom DWGS  060.0100-070.0100Outreach
490M-2152-1217Switch, toggle, 0-1.2 PoleOutreach
491HF848ABlock, guide extension boom, DWG 070.0200-070.0300Outreach
492HTR2952Pad, slider extension boom, DWGS 070.200 -070-300Outreach
493TD528Kit, seal extension cylinder, DWG PVG, 010.600 Item 14Outreach
494M5-282304003Cable, for mc -KB2/2, 2 POLE  0.14 BlackOutreach
495HTR2953Pad, slider extension boom, DWGS 070.200 -070-300Outreach
496HTR2951Pad, slider extension boom, DWGS 070.200 -070-300Outreach
497EV174Button, peak pressure , DWG 030.100Outreach
498M5-2023-9625Screw, hex, Din912, M6 x 25 A4Outreach
499M5-2129-3002Boot, sealing for toggle switchOutreach
500M5-2009-0304Gasket for MC3000  Terminal unitOutreach
501M5-2023-9670Screw, hex, Din912, M6 x 70 A4Outreach
502M5-2023-9625Screw, hex, Din912, M6 x 25 A4Outreach
503TD507Kit, seal extension cylinder, DWG PVG, 010.600 Item 11Outreach
505M5-1071-0080Module , IRX , I/0Outreach
511731316ShafferMade in USA
513932624QElement for power dynamicsHydradyne hydraulics
5161A697Fuse, 25 AMP, 250 VAC, RK5 SLO-BLO, mfg BussmanW W Grainger Inc
517223184Transmitter, pressure, 0-4000 PSIShaffer
518223183Switch, pressure,Shaffer
519401883Kit, repair kit to suit 1″ reduced bore 3500 PSI rated BW  Series Ball, valve, Comprising 2XIOT Dosco BV
520400282Kit, repair kit to suit 1/4″ to 1/2″ 6000 PSI rated , BH-series Ball valve, comprising of 2 of peek.IOT Dosco BV
52824001660119Chart, flow, 0.15 even (BX 100)Honeywell (microswitch)
529898413Chart, flow 0.100Boxbord
530WA31097V-packing, split guideiine, tensioner 7-1/2″ OD x 6-1/2″ ID 7 PCE SETVCT-1750-5Western Gear
533117210001filter, sunctionLP364-JWeatherford
5353INFNPTSSCoupling, safty, breakaway3″, FNPT SS for transfer hoseKlaw Products ltd.
5381001092354Switch, rotary angel, sensor, for lift scissor model :2030ES. Sea quotation #75280362030ES JLG,United Rentals,
5406100090 Capital safty 3833 SALA Way, red wing, MN 55066FLEX BTM BRKT GALVCountry of origin USA
5428KNKing:8″Forne       Comercial Mar Ltd.
5452W094Chain, single strand, 10 FT Lengths, Size 41, Pitch1/2″, width 1/4″, vendor grainger cataloW W Grainger Inc
5511093-02-G090Plange, 3″, sae 3000, butt weld connectionGlobomar
553110116Valve assembly, relief, main G 6-8 Item:2013-5/8″ HD-30Eckel international (FSC)
559G451-RKKit, repair, for IBOP, lower top drive , 3.625″ OD  X 3.062″ ID, glow torque single crankPH-85 Pipe handlerGlobal mfg.
560RRKPAVC100R22Group, rotating group, for pump type  PAVC100R4H22Hydradyne hydraulics
56457244Filter , regulator, F/drawworks hydrauli brake unit Jevin comercio e servicos ltd.
565143R3VC3Valve, close centre , 1/2 ” NPTBarksdale
574150/ ShaftShaft, cylinder , F/ RBSTDS-4SPetrometal  Eng
576213270O- Fing, SCU connector for ABOP systemParker-Hannifin
58512F50XSAdapter, connector, 1-1/16-12 UNF X 12jiomalParker
586SHKABSBR2F3RShock, Absorber, float valve, model-G2 f-3RBaker Lyman
58961120007Pin, guide5022 AKobelt
5901018-BVDSwitch, float, series, 10005E, for Brand mud vaccum itemNorriseal
595123140001Bushing, liner14.5-50 (HYD power tong)Weatherford
5964802-0600Guage, pressure, 0-60000 pSI, panel moun  lower center Back conn 2.5″ faceBuxton Enterest
59761120007Pin. Guide5022AKobelt
603204261Valve, needle, 1/2″MPT  X FPT , 6000 PSI @2000 / 4000PSI @500DSC-1-1/8-600-R-BHShaffer
605PATG1100KOverhaul for PATG-1102N, air hydraulicsENERPAC
60724780Valve, relief, set at 75 PSIType 1479Consolidated saefty valve
611PATG1100KKit, overhaul for  PATG-1102N  air hydraulics pumpENERPAC
612Series FS 200/400Shuttle type flow switchesInstruction  Bullet No. 45523
615M5-2211-0100Joystick, PG, JC100Outreach
618204097Valve, relief, 3/4″ 95 PSI, with certificate0Shaffer
6198060/1-2-SSwitch, limit, extended plunger, molded plastic, mgf stahlStahl
62341C632667G6Holder, brush, F/ GE 752 Traction motorGE-752US2General Electric
6241760-1400Valce,retractable toggle F/ crown – O-mati on drawworksCrown- O-matic
626LK827Stem3 1/2″ LK-600OMSCO
6352 L250Bushing, split, taper B-type, 1-5/8″ shaft mfg : browningW W Grainger Inc
637RRKPAVC100R22Group, rotating group, for pump type  PAVC100R4H22Hydradyne hydraulics
64660134Repair Kit, valve, float, size4R, Metal parts only4R0Baker Lyman
651123269001Pin, Retainer, F/Jaw14.5-50 HYD, Power TongWeatherford
654107461Guide, spring, FIG-6/8 Item 1413-5/8″ HD-30Eckel international (FSC)
6571760-1400Valve, retractable, toggle F/Crown-O-DrawworksCrown- O-matic
6641-387737Ball, Valve, 3/4″316SS, 3.000PSI160 K Riser tensionepWorcester controls
667111441O-Ring, for relief valve fig 6-8 Item 2413-5/8″ HD-30Eckle International (FSC)
668111443Ring, back up , for relief valve, fig 6-8 Item 2213-5/8″ HD-30Eckle International (FSC)
675110V50/ 60 HZ11WCoil for solenoid valveDanfoss
68573010Band, Brake, ASSYCLE, 7625DP-35Suepr manufacturing
690112974Seal sanction, A35, Valve assembley Fig 6-8 Item13-5/8″, HD-30Eckle International (FSC)
702MG608Set,nut, &bolt, F/end sealOteco
70460132Float valves2 F-3RBaker Lyman
705157B0001Cover PVMDMade in Italy
712ClevisPin, Clevis, complete with clipsR.B. Ross Steel  fabrications
714927401Head, water filter, single headRCBailey
7191096-02-G076Flange, 2-1/2″, SAE6000, butt weld connectionGlobomaar
733RK00123Redress KIT, 0.50IF CMSTD Swivel, includes, O-ring, V-PKG, and setscrewsSmith Services
735114722001Filter, element sunctionLP364-JWeatherford
7404SP6WasherKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
742905101Cylinder, air, Type S, Size12mfg, BelloframBellofram
743154208Shock, absorber, float valve,Model G 4RBaker Lyman
7447624-E-5Spring, Set for isert (safty clamp type C)Holloway drilling equipmentg
74503124RKLine Kit, ChainSpinmaster
74814HUG32AAStarter, 50 HP, Full voltage NEMA3, 480volt, 120/240 volt coil, class 14Fielder electric supply co. inc
757114722001Filter, element suctionLP364-JWeather
758108741001Filter, Element, 10 Micrown Return LineLP364-JWeatherford
766264-Z-3 OffsetlinksLink , Offset, half link chain for 364-Z-3Texas oil paatch serve
77160143Seal kit, compele 5 F-6R Type-G5 F-6R drill pipe float valveBaker Lyman
77311/2-73-R-100-D RCMFlowmeter, 1 1/2 ” 316SS case for Drawworks Disc brakes water inletUnitex global INC
774VXX4324316XISPD024Valve, versa, 4 Way, (40-115 PSI 24 VDC) (1.6 W)Versa Valve
776SA432284MXX31A120Operator, valve mfg, versa, valveShaffer
792MK6191-D-308-FInsert, bronz, 1.5/8Drill pipe clampDreco
8054031010000GAUGE, 4 INCH-10000 PSI,Power dynamics0
8432L311sheace dbl b taper size6.62″ww grainger
847124294033GUIDE SPR14.5-50 SN 5056/MDLWeatherford
848112025PIN, BACKING FIG 6-1 ITEM 1613.5/8-HD30Eckel international (FSC)
849111060POPET, CHECK VALVE,FIG 6-8 ITEM 1713.5/8 HD 30Eckel international (FSC)
850124294037PLATE14.5-50 SN 5056/MDLWeatherford
851124294016GUIDE SPR14.50SN 5056/MDLWeatherford
852107462SPRING FIG 6-8 ITEM 1513.5/8 HD 30Eckel international (FSC)
853107028RETAINER BRAKE BAND13.5/8 HD 30Eckel international (FSC)
854109362SPRING CHECK VALVE13.5/8 HD 30Eckel international (FSC)
857107183RING BACK UP13.5/8 HD 30Eckel international (FSC)
858101741NUT FULL LOCK 3/8″ NF13.5/8Eckel international (FSC)
861101543BOLT HH 3/8 X 1-3/4 INCH, NF,13.5/8Eckel international (FSC)
864vgs3522xx120valve solenoidtcbCrown- O-matic
866124294052GUIDE SPRWeatherford
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