Drilling rig parts

2358Manual regulator QF-503 drum8481809000

2359Manual regulator ArCOO 0.05-0.85MPa8481809000

2360Manual regulator QAL50008481809000

2361Manual regulator Y25-258481809000

2362Manual regulator QY QTY-88481809000

2363Manual regulator FKQ640-7 JYSQ-21.25B8481809000

2364Manual regulator JYSQ 21.258481809000

2365Casing head TF 508 340-245-140 105MPa three four inverted slip casing head7307990000

2366Casing head Casing head grommet seal 115 * 3.14016931000

2367Tubing head 60 (2 3/8 “) level of public 73 (2 7/8”) thick tubing size male head7307990000

2368Well Big Stone KY70 / 78-65 top wire7318159090

2369Well valve regulating valve (Angle) ZBTF10-16 DN25 PN168481804090

2370Well Valve Z11Y35MPa / 50mm high-pressure valve8481804090

2371Well Valve KQ70 / 78-65 PFF70 / 78- manual plate valve8481804090

2372Well Valve 3 “high-pressure valve8481804090

2373Rims R277318220001

2374Rims R397318220001

2375Rims R747318220001

2376Rims R497318220001

2377The plunger and accessories ZB-400 oil ring XJ II-02-01-048413910000

2378The plunger and accessories YLC-700 plunger 127-3ZB70 / 2528413910000

2379Plunger valves and fittings 700 rubber LT118.

2380The plunger and valve assembly LT118. Accessories 7008481804090

2381The plunger and accessories 700 seat LT410.8.2.98481901000

2382The plunger and plunger seal fitting 700 LT410.8.2.4JKZJ inlet assembly4016931000

2383The plunger and car accessories SJX70-30 cement plug connection Clamp 3.5 “4”7307990000

2384The plunger and accessories dual S-1650 crude oil filter 9M2342 54001500358421299090

2385The plunger and accessories dual S-1650 crude oil filter IR0749 54001500438421299090

2386The plunger and accessories dual S-1650 oil filter IR1018 54001510068421299090

2387The plunger and accessories double crude S-1650 air filter 6I-2510 54001500298421299090

2388The plunger and accessories double crude S-1650 air filter 6I-2509 54001500258421299090

2389And accessories GJQ100-30Ⅱ plunger pump cement truck pulling tool SJS6008425429000

2390The plunger and accessories GJQ100-30Ⅱ cement truck triplex pump packing assembly SJS600 4-1 / 2 “6812990000

2391The plunger 700 of the plunger and accessories φ115 LT410. 35CrMo8413910000

2392Plunger valves and fittings 700 polyurethane rubber LT118.

2393The plunger and plunger seal fitting 700 φ115 LT410.8.2.5 polyurethane3926909090

2394The plunger and accessories BQ-70 skid fracturing pump bushing LT 410.8.2.63926909090

2395Top cylinder 700 and accessories Flexible rod cover LT410.

2396Top cylinder head 700 and accessories rubber ring LT118.

2397Top cylinder 700 is discharged and accessories spring LT118.5.2.97320209000

2398Top cylinders and accessories 700 suction spring LT118.5.237320209000

2399Valve boxes and accessories 700 cushion ring LT118.7.4.38484900000

2400Valve boxes and accessories 700 Spring wire rack LT118.5.2.217320209000

2401Valve boxes and accessories 700 Spring frame LT118.5.2.227320209000

2402Torque converter and accessories ALLISON 9000 converter import filter 29,510,910 – * ⑴8421299090

2403Torque converter and accessories S5610HL efficient filter 29,510,9108421299090

2404Torque converter and accessories ALLISON S8610M torque converter oil pressure gauge and sensor plug9026209090

2405Allison torque converter and accessories 9885 highly efficient filter 29,510,9108421299090

2406Torque converter and accessories S6610HL efficient filter 29,510,9108421299090

2407Gearbox control system accessories 700 copper collars LT410.8.2.67419999900

2408Gearbox control system accessories HQ2000 flowmeter 303HTB9026100000

2409Gearbox control system accessories FC2251 diesel filter P5513118421299090

2410Gearbox control system accessories Allison 5001 valve member assembly 852XGAKP-B6XS8481804090

2411Gearbox control system Accessories SJ-HSC gear pump KCB-3008413602990

2412Gearbox control system components 700 oil guide bushing LT410.8.2.2 copper7419999900

2413Fluid end assembly and accessories 2000 internal and external taper thread 90 ° elbow NPT1 / 4 “QBJ6 * ⑴7307920000

2414Fluid end assembly and parts 700 digital display8528519000

2415Winch drum XT-12 quick release valve8481100090

2416Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ deadline anchor assembly 150T XJ4508479899990

2417Crane assembly XJ650 brake cylinder8708302900

2418Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ two-way 23R2-L8 38019500018481804090

2419Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ Festo butt joint pipeline imports 16 # 1530367307990000

2420Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ Festo pipeline imports bent sub 10 # 1507087307990000

2421Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ dryer IA-592 5411510100018419399090

2422After the crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ brake cylinder SE-1/2-B8708302900

2423Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ quick exhaust valve inlet 229 8598481804090

2424Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ shuttle valve IA-3418481804090

2425Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ check valve NPT1-1 / 4 “49003000078481300000

2426Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ play pump belt 6N-6654DF 54010500164010390000

2427Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ converter filter C6121ZG16 29109128421299090

2428Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ throttle cut cylinder P60266-1 P555512- * ⑴8412310090

2429Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ single two-way air valve VSP-3301-31 P * ⑴8481802990

2430Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ pump control valve VSP-3301-31 N06 * ⑴8481804090

2431Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ angle gearbox oil seal assembly E720-0900000 * ⑴4016931000

2432Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ converter efficiency filter 230,493,732,910,9108421299090

2433Crane hanging clamp cylinder assembly XJ450 E302.

2434Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ tires 18-22.54011940091

2435Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ driller valve IDA29558648481804090

2436Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ push plate clutch assembly 30 “Z04120000050AA8483600090

2437Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ bearing 2097938 E33.10.338482800000

2438Crane assembly XJ40 converter cartridge8421299090

2439Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ two-way valve 2HA-1 38019500038481804090

2440Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ air balloon hanging bridge QN-968 P1700349AA4016950000

2441Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ steering cylinder ZJ-30K EDF3018412210000

2442Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ dual circuit air brake valve VSP39028481804090

2443Crane assembly ZJ30 / 1700CZ ring 5402650652 26.5 * 3.54016931000

2444Hook Block seal cartridge XJ650 YG2-2-2-3-0 YG150 traveling block special4016931000

2445Hook Block Assembly XJ60-120 regulator IA-166JX Z03021200003AA8481809000

2446Hook Block Assembly XJ60-120 pump V10-1P7P-11DLJX8413810090

2447Winch assembly XJ250 rotating self-locking hook 5T7326909000

2448Winch assembly XJ-40 had anti-collision volume valve FP-L68481804090

2449Winch assembly XJ-80 main drum combination valve lift HD-2-FX imports8481804090

2450XJ-80 winch assembly clutch master cylinder balloon 24 “4016950000

2451XJ450 winch assembly winch kits 3t8484900000

2452Winch assembly XJ750 Seal PG105 * 130 * 14mm4016931000

2453Winch assembly XJ750 Seal PG110 * 140 * 14mm4016931000

2454Winch assembly XJ450 hydraulic winch assembly 5t8425399000

2455Winch assembly XJ750 airbag suspension bridge4016950000

2456Winch assembly XJ650 check valve IA-160 49003000088481300000

2457Winch assembly XJ650 check valve IA-250 49003000098481300000

2458Winch assembly XJ650 Radiator assembly JH-125KW XJ650-AA89-1128516210000

2459Winch assembly XJ650 dual tone electric horn 50001000348512301100

2460Winch assembly XJ90 crude diesel filter 20,549,350 5,400,200,0348421299090

2461Winch assembly Universal 2-way valve 23JQ-L158481802990

2462Winch assembly Universal double row cylindrical roller thrust bearings LZK-188482500000

2463Following the two-way Universal winch assembly scrubber XSL225 QF506.008481804090

2464Universal hydraulic winch assembly table 0-4MPa9026209090

2465Universal winch assembly intermediate support assembly E52320330028483200000

2466Universal steering winch assembly dispensing valve G21168481804090

2467Winch assembly contains car tire assembly 18-22.5 A200400210104011940091

2468Winch assembly XJ450 hanging clamp cylinder repair kits Z0715000003AA 54002000408484900000

2469Winch assembly XJ450 sand drum clutch assembly ATD324 Z16160100009AA8483600090

2470Winch assembly XJ450 sand drum airbag G301.51.54016950000

2471Winch assembly XJ90Z Seal HG4-692-674016931000

2472Winch assembly XJ650 push plate clutch 24 “8483900000

2473Winch assembly GM oil filter LXZ-400 * 80FS A200400211848421299090

2474Universal winch assembly dryer AD-28419399090

2475Universal dual chamber brake winch assembly EQ140 3514E2-0108481804090

2476Winch assembly line φ12 FST Festo3917320000

2477Winch assembly XJ-40 quick exhaust valve main drum airbag SE-1/2-B imports8431431000

2478Universal push-plate clutch assembly winch airbag ATD218H A200400211914016950000

2479Winch drum cartridge XJ-40 main control valve inlet8481804090

2480Winch winch assembly XJ80 double guide faucet seal PG65 * 90 * 124016931000

2481Winch assembly XJ100 hydraulic winch kits 3t8484900000

2482XJ-650 steel brake assembly with brake assembly JC28-SD-0038431431000

2483Steel brake assembly brake strip GD001-XJ650 XJ6508431431000

2484Brake adjusting screw and nut assembly XJ40 brake band adjustment screw7318159090

2485Emergency brake assembly XJ-650 pump drive gear YOCHJ750 (500Z) 3-28483900000

2486Emergency brake assembly XJ-550 auxiliary brake cooling water cooling water tank7322190000

2487Emergency brake assembly XJ100 braided brake blocks JC21A-03-166813209000

2488Emergency brake assembly XJ-650 universal shaft DOX300F3808483600090

2489Emergency brake assembly XJ-650 universal shaft DOX300F10508483600090

2490Friction disc clutch master cylinder clutch plate 27 XJ350 “54018000028483900000

2491Clutch friction disc clutch XJ650 push plate 18 ‘8483900000

2492XJ450 friction clutch plate clutch plate 30 ‘6813209000

2493Roller clutch assembly ZJ30C airbag airbag sand drum clutch 24 “4016950000

2494Roller clutch assembly XJ350 airbag airbag clutch master cylinder 27 “54019000044016950000

2495Roller clutch assembly ZJ20 airbag airbag 24 “54019000044016950000

2496Airbag roller clutch assembly ZJ40 sand drum clutch airbag Z16160101004AA4016950000

2497Friction brake master cylinder brake system XJ650 WCB224 Eaton return spring 416757-027320209000

2498Main drum brake friction disc brake system XJ650 hydraulic accumulators capsule NXQ1-F10 / 204016991090

2499Main drum brake friction block brake system XJ-350 305 * 254 * 276813209000

2500Main drum brake friction brake assist system XJ650 lining W240M202-A26813209000

2501Friction brake master cylinder system master cylinder XJ-80 clutch plate 24 “6813209000

2502Friction brake master cylinder brake drum system XJ-450 bolt GB30-767318159090

2503Main drum brake friction system ZJ30 main drum brakes JC28A-02.076813209000

2504Master cylinder brake master cylinder rotary friction system XJ450 output sprocket Z47 T = 50.8 LL-8483900000

2505Universal primary drum brake friction brake system block screw M10 * 38 copper7318159090

2506Main drum brake friction brake assist system XJ550 dynamic friction plates WCB2246813209000

2507Main drum brake friction system XJ350 self-locking nut E301.2.3.397318160000

2508Main drum brake friction disc friction system XJ550 G301.52.88483900000

2509Main drum brake friction system XJ550 push plate G301.52.38431431000

2510Main drum brake friction clutch plates bicyclic system MR5000 6971C NF422 28966813209000

2511Friction brake master cylinder brake system XJ650 knit block E301.2.3.346813209000

2512Main drum brake friction system XJ80 winch drum fishing for sand seal PG125 * 150 * 144016931000

2513Friction brake master cylinder brake disc brake system XJ650 strip SCP-XJ6506813209000

2514Main drum brake friction system XJ-80 turntable clutch plates 18 “6813209000

2515Friction brake master cylinder brake system XJ450 secondary fixed disk WCB3248483900000

2516Main drum brake friction disc brake system XJ650 clutch repair kit WCB2248484900000

2517Intermediate gearbox assembly XJ650 imports Liulian valve 1DA6-1178481804090

2518Intermediate gearbox assembly XJ650 air balloon 5600A suspension bridge4016950000

2519XJ650 seal FB100 * 125 X12 5308060201004016931000

2520The drive shaft assembly XJ450 turntable shaft 650-378928-20000N.m8483109000

2521Drive shaft on the drive shaft assembly XJ650 XJ650 54043000128483109000

2522The drive shaft assembly XJ650 shaft bolt M16 * 1.5 * 507318159090

2523Under the next drive shaft assembly XJ650 car front propeller shaft 50007000938483109000

2524Power input device assembly XJ-80 stretch buckle cylinder assembly8412210000

2525XJ-550 power input shaft transfer case input shaft needle 3 * 30mm8482910000

2526Angle gear box assembly XJ450 P3200003AA8483409000

2527Angle gear box assembly XJ450 P3200004AA8483409000

2528BG-75 turntable repair kits8484900000

2529Torque converter gearbox filter assembly BY620 DM41-2008421299090

2530Torque converter assembly BY302 single two-way air valve VSP-3301-31-4957 * ⑴8481802990

2531Torque converter assembly XJ-450 converter cartridge import 23,049,373 square8421299090

2532Torque converter assembly XJ-450 converter oil pressure gauge ZTY265PB9026209090

2533Torque converter assembly XJ350 steering hydraulic pumps V101P7P38C20L8413503990

2534Torque converter assembly XJ450 converter oil filter 295101910/54001500228421299090

2535Torque converter drive plate assembly XJ450 54026506518483409000

2536Torque converter assembly XJ450 Radiator 54010000057322190000

2537Torque converter assembly XJ-40 pitch control seismic oil pressure gauge Y-609026209090

2538Torque converter assembly XJ-650 converter efficiency filter 23,049,3738421299090

2539Torque converter assembly THR40432 exchanger ZLQGW-A2.11L8419500090

2540Torque converter assembly XJ450 converter filter P1662548421299090

2541Torque converter assembly XJ650 bicyclic clutch assembly SP314P18483600090

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