Drilling rig parts list

No p/nThe name of the object. The content of the work.  Name and brief technical description of the materials used to perform the work, purchased components, equipment, spare parts, etc.Units. ism.Quantityprice per unit,      
 Total for section 5:       
6.Repair of DEMCO 4″ x 5000 psi manifold high-pressure gate valves       
6.2Materials for work:       
6.2.1Stem seal assembly p.n. J001951-001state.11.00     
6.2.2Saddle assembly p.n.J002207-0XXstate.11.00     
6.2.3Cap seal p.n. J005526-433 (Buna)state.22.00     
6.2.4Cap seal p.n. J005520-361 (Buna)state.22.00     
6.2.5Shiber p.n. J001926-00Xstate.11.00     
6.2.6Bearing cage p.n. 19108-1state.2.00     
6.2.7Thrust bearing p.n. 5931-09state.2.00     
6.2.8Rod adapter p.n. 630301-01state.1.00     
6.2.9Stuffing box sleeve p.n. 140143-01-01-11state.1.00     
6.2.10Flange seal p.n. 21793-11state.4.00     
6.2.11Saddle p.n. 140137-01-71-2 HT608301state.8.00     
6.2.12O-ring p.n. 140146-02-01-03state.16.00     
6.2.13O-ring p.n. 140146-03-01-03state.16.00     
 Total for section 6:       
9.Repair of plunger pumps of the air defense station BD-30 “Bear Pump & Equipment, Ink.” 2pcs. (operating time 3816 hours)       
9.2Materials for work:       
9.2.1Slider axle seal cover strip p.n. W141B0624200state.6.00     
9.2.2Slider axle seal cover p.n. W94111000103state.1.00     
9.2.3Hexagon bolt for lid p.n. B9101A0610A1state.12.00     
9.2.4Slider trunnion oil seal p.n. B94111000103state.12.00     
9.2.5Slider axle deflector p.n. B123A0617800state.2.00     
9.2.6Oil seal crankshaft p.n. B94111000134state.2.00     
9.2.7Crankcase cover gasket p.n. V620B0625400state.2.00     
9.2.8Valve seat in suction and discharge lines p.n. B322B0824400state.12.00     
9.2.9Valves in the suction and discharge lines p.n. B320B0792300state.12.00     
9.2.10Valve springs in the suction and discharge lines p.n. B334B0634701state.12.00     
9.2.11Gasket of the valve cover in the discharge line (synthetic) p.n. B619A0608403state.12.00     
9.2.12Gasket of the valve cover in the discharge line (copper) p.n. B619A0608403-1state.12.00     
9.2.13Valve stopper in the discharge line p.n. B370B0727700state.3.00     
9.2.14Cylinder head and valve cover in the discharge line p.n. B317B0727600state.1.00     
9.2.15Stuffing box flange stud p.n. B824A0155022state.4.00     
9.2.16Cylinder head nozzle p.n. B367C0625701state.1.00     
9.2.17Stuffing box gasket (spirally wound gasket) p.n. B622B0647503state.6.00     
9.2.18Stuffing box packing without lubrication (steel) for piston at 1,250 p.n. B337B0644300state.3.00     
9.2.19Tapering sleeve (cast iron) for 1.250 inch piston p.n. B341B0720503state.3.00″ square piston seal kitstate.6.00     
9.2.21Piston, nickel-based alloy coating (colmonoy) 1.250 inch piston p.n. B353B0657603state.6.00     
9.2.22Oil seal collar (cast iron) for 1.250″ piston, square seal p.n. B339B0720903state.3.00     
9.2.23V-belt 5VX900 SPBX2280state.6.00     
9.2.24Mobil 600XP150 Oil (MobilGear 629)l30.00     
9.2.25Hydraulic filter element, 22 microns, length 8″, filler No. 9, setting 10/17/22 B(X), fineness of filler filtration (cell size) 22-micron Cameroon p.n. 2762149-03-03state.2.00     
9.2.26Filter element “Donaldson” P165876 10 micronsstate.2.00     
 Total for section 9:       
10.Inspection and repair of cementing unit systems       
10.1Repair of high-pressure valves of the cementing manifold ANSON 2″ PLUG VALVE (COMPACT) FIG 1502 Miff ENDS – STANDARD p.n A15561 CWP 15000 psi       
10.1.2Materials for work: kit for plug valve ANSON 1″ COMPACT PLUG VALVE 2″ FIG 1502 MxF CWP 15000 psi p.n. 22809state.4.00 kit for plug valve ANSON 2″ PLUG VALVE (COMPACT) FIG 1502 MxF ENDS CWP 15000 psi p.n.22810state.15.00 kit for Chiksan Swivel Joints FMC Technologies MODEL 2″LS10, LS15 p.n. 3139666state.10.00 Swivel Joints CWP-10000psi ANSON p.n. 2F Repair Kitstate.10.00     
11.Repair of universal preventer “HYDRIL” 135/8″ x 5000psi        
11.2Materials for work        
11.2.1Sealing element for universal preventer GL 13-5/8 – 5000psi Part. No.3105077 (46823-MR)state.1.00     
11.2.2Ring Part. No. 48728state.1.00     
11.2.3Part head seal. No. 50084state.1.00     
11.2.4Part head gasket. No. N.40912state.1.00     
11.2.5Ring Part. No. 46826state.2.00     
11.2.6U-seal Part. No. 46825state.1.00     
11.2.7Ring Part. No. 40914state.2.00     
11.2.8U-shaped seal, internal part. No  40913 (0135-40913)state.1.00     
11.2.9Ring Part. No  41480state.2.00     
11.2.10U-shaped seal, lower part. No  41479state.1.00     
11.2.11Ring Part. No  1900001-473state.2.00     
11.2.12Ring Part. No 46828 (0135-46828)state.2.00     
11.2.13U-seal Part. No. 46827 (0135-46827)state.1.00     
11.2.14Ring Part. No. 1900001-328state.26.00     
11.2.15Piston Part. No. 1002405state.1.00     
11.2.16Screw Part. No. 1002415state.12.00     
11.2.17Plate Part. No. 1002439state.1.00     
11.2.18Screw Part. No. 1920026-08007state.6.00     
11.2.19Sealing ring R-63 (RX-63), low carbon steelstate.1.00     
11.2.20Hydraulic oil MOBIL DTE -10l80.00     
11.2.21Mobil Lubricant – EP2kg18.00     
11.2.22Paint two-component oil-chemically resistant redkg10.00     
11.2.23Two-component oil-chemically resistant primerkg5.00     
11.2.25Linen ragskg7.00     
 Section 11 total:       
12.Repair of the Stewart & Steewenson CIW “U” 13-5 / 8″ shear preventer – 5000 psi.       
12.2Materials for work       
12.2.1Non-return valve Part. No  M517988state.2.00     
12.2.2Ring Part. No  012469-24 (12469-24)state.3.00     
12.2.3Ring Part. No  018586-01 (18586-01)state.3.00     
12.2.4Oil seal Part. No  212741-36-00-01 (11741-36)state.2.00     
12.2.6Flange seal Part.No 644197-03-00-01state.2.00     
12.2.7Ring Part. No  702640-45-51state.6.00     
12.2.8Ring Part. No  018492-90           (18492-90)state.4.00     
12.2.9Cuff Part. No  710538state.3.00     
12.2.10O-ring Part. No  212741-34-00-01 (11741-34)state.3.00     
12.2.11Ring Part. No 702645-33-71 (702640-33-71)state.3.00     
12.2.12Ring Part. No  702645-32-81state.6.00     
12.2.13Ring Part. No  702645-33-31 (702640-33-31)state.6.00     
12.2.14Ring Part. No 702645-34-61 (702640-34-61)state.6.00     
12.2.15Ring Part. No  702645-42-51 (702640-42-51)state.6.00     
12.2.16Ring Part. No  702645-33-81 (702640-33-81)state.6.00     
12.2.17Ring Part. No  702645-23-21 (702640-23-21)state.10.00     
12.2.18Nipple Part. No  017454-08state.2.00     
12.2.19Part stub. No  017454-09state.2.00     
12.2.20Sealing packing Part. N 007650-25state.14.00     
12.2.21Washer Part. No  689523-01state.4.00     
12.2.22Part retaining ring. No  018572-85state.4.00     
12.2.23Wear ring P/N 049223-01state.2.00     
12.2.24Knife seal Part.No 644435-01-00-01state.1.00     
12.2.25Cutting insert Part.No 644581-01-00-01state.1.00     
12.2.26Cutting insert Part.No 644581-02-00-01state.1.00     
12.2.27Top seal Part. N 644223-01-00-01state.2.00     
12.2.28Packer Part. No 46751-01-00-01state.2.00     
12.2.29Packer Part. No 46752-01-00-01state.2.00     
12.2.30Sealing ring R-63 (RX-63), low carbon steelstate.1.00     
12.2.31Hydraulic oil MOBIL DTE -10l60.00     
12.2.32Mobil Lubricant – EP2kg18.00     
12.2.33Paint two-component oil-chemically resistant redkg10.00     
12.2.34Two-component oil-chemically resistant primerkg5.00     
12.2.36Linen ragskg7.00     
 Total for section 12:       
13. Repair of spot preventer (double) HYDRIL GL 13 5/8″ – 5000 psi.       
13.2Materials for work        
13.2.1Saddle Part. No  3100787state.2.00     
13.2.2Part retaining ring. No  3100783state.2.00     
13.2.3Ring Part. No  1900001-458state.3.00     
13.2.4Retaining ring Part. No  1920012-958state.3.00     
13.2.5Ring Part. No  1900001-383state.3.00     
13.2.6Screw Part. No  3101976-2state.10.00     
13.2.7Ring Part. No  1900001-226state.16.00     
13.2.8Retaining ring Part. No  1920012-226state.16.00     
13.2.9Spring Part. No  3100062-5state.16.00     
13.2.10Sealing sleeve Part. No  3103808state.10.00     
13.2.11Ring Part. No  1900001-335state.10.00     
13.2.12Ring Part. No  1900001-215state.10.00     
13.2.13Bearing Part. No  3100808state.10.00     
13.2.14Bearing Part. No  3101152state.10.00     
13.2.15Washer Part. No  3101783-2state.10.00     
13.2.16Part lid seal. No 3100782state.4.00     
13.2.17Oil seal Part. No 3100236-3state.4.00     
13.2.18Spacer ring Part. No 3100244-3state.4.00     
13.2.19Part retaining ring. No 3101869-3state.4.00     
13.2.20Seal Part. No 3101789-6state.4.00     
13.2.21Seal Part. No 3101789-9state.4.00     
13.2.22Ring Part. No 1900001-235state.10.00     
13.2.23Ring Part. No 1900001-232state.20.00     
13.2.24Plastic Ring Part. No 3100233-3state.5.00     
13.2.25Ring Part. No 3100234-3state.5.00     
13.2.26Non-return valve Part. No 3103199state.4.00     
13.2.27Plastic sealant Part. No 3100453state.4.00     
13.2.28Screw Part. No 1900056-1616state.4.00     
13.2.29Ring Part. No 1900001-215state.10.00     
13.2.30Piston seal Part. No 3101789-10state.8.00     
13.2.31Ring Part. No  1900001-450state.6.00     
13.2.32Ring Part. No  1900001-454state.5.00     
13.2.33Part retaining ring. No  1900102-163state.5.00     
13.2.34Spacer ring Part. No  3100244-5state.5.00     
13.2.35Oil seal Part. No  3101789-9state.5.00     
13.2.36Dirt remover Part. No  3100225-1state.5.00     
13.2.37The top seal of the die is 5″ Part. No  3101477state.2.00     
13.2.38Packer dies 5″ Part. No  3101474-1 ( 3101470-10)state.2.00     
13.2.39Plate packer 3-1/2″ – 6″ Part. No  3104438   ( 3112126 )state.2.00     
13.2.40The top seal of the die is 3-1/2″ – 6″ Part. No  3101477state.2.00     
13.2.41Stem 10″ p.n.3100096state.4.00     
13.2.42Piston assembly p.n.3100094state.4.00     
13.2.43Screw p.n.1920047-10014state.40.00     
13.2.44Mechanical stopper p.n. 3100096state.4.00     
13.2.45Screw p.n1900044-12046state.20.00     
13.2.46Screw p.n.1900042-8010state.40.00     
13.2.47Sealing ring R-63 (RX-63), low carbon steelstate.1.00     
13.2.48Hydraulic oil MOBIL DTE -10l60.00     
13.2.49Mobil Lubricant – EP2kg18.00     
13.2.50Paint two-component oil-chemically resistant redkg20.00     
13.2.51Two-component oil-chemically resistant primerkg5.00     
13.2.53Linen ragskg10.00     
 Section 13 total:       
14. Repair divertor HYDRIL 21 1/4 -2000 psi        
14.2Materials for work        
14.2.1Packing unitp/n 1003273-3state.1.00     
14.2.2Head gasket p/n 37377 (1004922)state.1.00     
14.2.3U-seal upper p/n 37379state.2.00     
14.2.4U-seal lower p/n 37378state.2.00     
14.2.5U-seal inner p/n 37380state.2.00     
14.2.6O-seal, body sleeve p/n 37381state.1.00     
14.2.7Sealing ring R-73 (RX-73), low carbon steelstate.1.00     
14.2.8Hydraulic oil MOBIL DTE -10l120.00     
14.2.9Mobil Lubricant – EP2kg18.00     
14.2.10Paint two-component oil-chemically resistant redkg15.00     
14.2.11Two-component oil-chemically resistant primerkg7.00     
14.2.13Linen ragskg10.00     
 Total for section 14:       
15. Repair of hydraulically controlled ball valves of flow lines of the Valtor Offshore A \ S 2000psi divertor       
15.2Materials for work:       
15.2.1Repair kit of divertor outlet valve, p / n according to the results of fault detectionK-t2.00     
15.2.2Mobilux EP 2kg18.00     
15.2.3Sealing ring, low-carbon steel, standard size to be specified according to the results of defect detectionstate.1.00     
 Total for section 15:       


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