Drillmec parts list

Drillmec HTD250
NameCat. №pcsNote
Pump control controller P146S23-1266 RI5077HD00-187
Body (ball valve opening mechanism)198139954
Idle roll pin620300574
NameCat. №pcsNote
 Drillmec ETD 250
Hydraulic cylinder repair kitRI55070308-015
Nipple for lubricating the stuffing box assembly610000065
STROP hydraulic cylinder repair kitRI55070413-015
Body screw mechanism – all-welded ball valve7102029710
Hydraulic actuator rocker – all-welded ball valve (assembled)198139952
Gasket kitRI55050327-014
Flow regulator (needle valve )heat exchanger508523332
Pressure reducing valve weight compensator508531132
Pressure reducing valve508531072check valve 3/4”BSP 6BAR AISI316
Check valve 6 Bar cooling system5085310726 Bar система охлаждения
Pressure-reducing valve (heat exchanger)508531152reducing pressure (7/350Bar) Cetop ( rexroth Reducing Press Valve)
Flow regulator (heat exchanger)508531562Flow regulator (compensated) 3/8″BSP
Check valve (heat exchanger)508522622check valve 3/4”BSP 0,35 Bar AISI316
Valve (lubrication system)508515962check valve 3/8”BSP 0,35 Bar AISI316
Exhaust valve508531162Relief Valve 1/2″ BSP
Solenoid valve monoblock508531591Auxiliaries Service Block
Flow regulator5085315623/8 BPS
Solenoid valve (rotary manipulator)50853109 – 12
Compensator valve50853111 – 12
Contamination indicator509812282
Solenoid valve heat exchanger506953892
Support block19454412
Dryer, analog of Canrig 60271901429650
Cylinder550704132Strop cylinder ETD-250 70×40 stroke 460
Guide190157538Tube clamp spring cup ETD-250, HTD-250
Spring406302358Pipe clamp alignment spring
Support block19454395
Support block19454415
Replaceable guide bar194548650
Gasket kitRI55050327-012Hydraulic cylinder of the ball valve actuator
Flow regulator508523332
Pressure reducing valve508531132
Pressure reducing valve508531152
Flow regulator508531562ETD-250 heat exchanger flow controller
Check valve5085226223/4″
pressure sensor471088722
Exhaust valve508531162
Valve508507822REXROTH 1/4″ SHUTTLE VALVE P-054350-00002
pressure transmitter471088502
pressure transmitter471088512
Solenoid valve monoblock508531592
Flow regulator508531562rexroth Reducing Press Valve 3/8 BSP AISI316
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