DSJ38Q Winch parts list

AEquipment Part-No. Equipment NameDrill Line Reel (Rope Pouring Machine), Model DSJ38Q  (one unit on board)
ItemAMOS Part-No.OEM Part-No.Q-ty in StockQ-ty requiredUoMDescription / НаименованиеBudget Item
1 DSJ45-2002 1eaSleeve                for support 1 
2 DSJ45-3001 2eaPin bushing         for Ring gear assembly    
3 DSJ45-3002 2eaPin shaft             for Ring gear assembly    
4 DSJ45-3004 2eaNut                     for Ring gear assembly    
5 DSJ45-3006 1eaPin I                   for support 1    
6 DSJ45-5001 1eaPin II                  for support 2    
7 DSJ45-5003 1eaBearing bushing    for support 2    
8 XJFH-5/35-2005 1eaGasket                 by Taian/juling    
9 XJFH-5/35-2007 1eaSteer wire 25×100  by Taian/juling    
10 XJFH-5/35-2011 2eaPacking                by Taian/juling    
11 XJFH-5/35-2014 5eaCylinder cover       by Taian/juling    
12 XJFH-5/35-2015 5eaGasket                 by Taian/juling    
13 XJFH-5/35-2016 5eaFuel ring               by Taian/juling    
14 XJFH-5/35-2017 5eaAir ring                 by Taian/juling    
15 XJFH-5/35-2018 5eaPiston                  by Taian/juling    
16 XJFH-5/35-2019 5eaCylinder cover cap     by Taian/juling    
17 XJFH-5/35-2020 5eaPiston pin             by Taian/juling    
18 XJFH-5/35-2021 5eaConnect rod          by Taian/juling    
19 XJFH-5/35-2024 1eaPacking δ 1          by Taian/juling    
20 Diameter 25 10eaRetainer ring 25     by Taian/juling    
21 HG4-692-67 1eaOil seal  PD38x50x12    
      All of the above parts are from Baoji Engineering Hydraulic Components Plant 


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