ROSSHILL SCR electric control cabinet accessories

SCR electric control cabinet accessories ROSSHILL

1 0521-2500-14 600V 3PHASE AC generator module 50HZ Ross Haier ROSSHILL 2 power limit box PC14 Ross Haier ROSSHILL 3 generator excitation in ROSSHILL 4 PC11 Ross Haier grounding fault detection in PC13 Ross Haier ROSSHILL 5 HOC power board PC3 Ross Hare ROSSHILL

6 current meter conversion board PC12 Ross Haier ROSSHILL 7 AC active power meter BM10014 2000KW/AC, KILOWATTS 8 AC reactive kilovar meter BM10015 2000KVAR/AC, KILOVARS 9 BM10016 0-750V/AC 10 AC voltmeter AC current meter BM10017 0-2000A/AC

The 11 frequency meter BM10018 45 ~ 55HZ 12 synchronous table BM10019 SLOW-FAST, 120V 13 AC ground surface BM10020 0 to 100% AC 14 DC 15 100-0-100% DC ground surface BM10021 single-phase bridge rectifier JQL98M

16 synchronous relay with 9088800102 Model PRS250 17 KLA1 0100-1518-01 18 running at idle speed switch power supply of T04 BM10046 CVT220V:220V 1.1KVA 19 purification GEN Chronograph (black) BM10022 3.0W 120V, 50HZ 20 GEN Chronograph (white) BM10023 3.0W 120V, 50HZ

21 GEN BM10025 110V 22 GEN running lights on the Internet BM10026 110V 23 containing GEN lamp light button BM10027 24 power limit lamp BM10028 25 ground test button BM10030

26 K2, K7, K8, K96702ED584, 1850A, 74VDC 27 grounding detection indicator BM10029 PL-18V, 6W shade (colorless) GE 28 indicating lamp BM10031 6.3V 29 BM10032 130V (synchronous indicating lamp lights indicating bulb) 30 BM10033 18V, 6W (ground detecting lamp)

The 31 current switch BM10034 32 synchronous switch transformer T15 BM10038 600V/24V BM10035 33 250VA 34 T07 BM10039 600V/115V 150VA single phase transformer single-phase 35 T08 BM10040 600V/115V 1.8KVA single-phase transformer

36 transformer T10 BM10041 600V/115V 1.1KVA six phase 37 BM10042 600V/115V 38 150VA single-phase transformer T12 transformer T13 BM10043 600V/115V 1.5KVA BM10044 220V/31V 50VA 39 T14 single-phase transformer single-phase 40 T11 BM10045 600V/31V 50VA three-phase transformer

41 current transformer BM10048 relay 800:1 (2.5A) 42 (RL01) 700-CF220P 120VAC AB 43 0-180s AB 44 the delay relay 100-FPTB180 relay (RL10) 700-HD33A1 120VAC 45 relay (RL02) 700-HD33Z24 24VDC

The 46 relay (RL03) 700-CF220P 120VAC 47 relay (RL09) 700-CF400P 120VAC 48 charger 4NIC-CD480 “input: 220VAC + 10% 50HZ 4NIC-CD480, output: 24VDC 20A (B) industrial products” 4NIC-Q560 “49 regulated power supply input: 220VAC + 20% 50HZ 4NIC-Q560 output: 24-28VDC 20A” 50 “triode type circuit breakers (AC cabinet use the” E3S 2000 E3S 20 PR112/P-LSI), 3P, F, HR Ue=690V ICW=75KA*IsABB

51 “triode type circuit breakers (600/380 transformer)” E3S 1600 E3S 16 PR112/P-LSI, 3P, F, HR Ue=690V ICW=75KA*Is ABB 52 “triode type circuit breakers (top drive with)” E3S 1250 E3S 12 PR112/P-LSI, 3P, F, HR Ue=690V ICW=75KA*Is ABB 53 “triode type circuit breakers (AC cabinet use the” MT20H1 MT20H1,3P, F), Ue=690V Schneider 54 “triode type circuit breakers (600/380 transformer)” MT16H1 MT16H1,3P, F, Ue=690V Schneider 55 “triode type circuit breakers (top drive with)” MT12H1 MT12H1,3P, F, Ue=690V Schneider SCR cabinet

56 DC control module 0522-2400-23 Ross of Haier ROSSHILL 57 power supply board PC01 Ross of Haier ROSSHILL 58 belt wheel skid plate PC05, PC08 Ross of Haier ROSSHILL 59 solid state relay board PC15, PC16, PC17, PC18 Ross of Haier ROSSHILL 60 voltage feedback plate PC02, PC06, Haier PC07 Ross ROSSHILL

SCR electric control accessories ROSSHILL
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61 single row diode board PC03 Ross Haier ROSSHILL 62 double diode plate PC04, PC20, PC21 Ross Haier ROSSHILL 63 DC voltage meter DB40 1000VDC 64 DB40 2000ADC 65 SCR DC ammeter operation indicator KXPA1G 110V (green) and Schneider (SQ)

The 66 surge suppression indicator KXPA1R 110V (red) and Schneider (SQ) 67 slip indicator KXPA31A 24VDC Schneider (SQ) 68 “temperature control switch (SCR cabinet” BM20016 RS 69 “331-528 90 DEG C temperature control switch (DWDB resistance box with)” BM20017 RS 228-2529 250 C 70 controllable silicon BM20024 2000V, 1400A 71 SCR cabinet fan BM20028 600V 50HZ

71 SCR BM20028 600V 50HZ 72 cabinet fan pulse transformer DC contactor 6702ED584 BM20029 73 1850A, 74VDC 74 CCZ38-1250/10 74VDC 75 bi-directional DC DC contactor contactor CCZ38-1000/40 74VDC

76 DC contactor CCZ38-1250/110 110VDC 77 Holzer transformer JKD-FC 1200A 78 resistance (resistance capacitance absorber with) RXGB-55 25R MYL8-750/70 79 varistor 80 locking button KR1BH8 driller console

81 flash buzzer AD16-22SM/r 26-110VAC 82 “current bar chart (electromagnetic brake with)” 99C2/1-1mA 83 BM30016 0-100% 84 dial indicator power limit DC ammeter BM30017 0-2000ADC 85 micro switch YS L2-15C

86 the two position switch CR104PSM21 GE 87 three position switch CR104PSM36 GE 88 twelve position switch 508A451G43 89 given potentiometer RHS1K0 1K 25W 90 BCW-25W 200 ohm 25W pedal potentiometer

The 91 foot switch assembly BM30026 92 rotary current limiting knob BM30027 93 duplex potentiometer 0002-0390-12 1K 25W of Ross Haier ROSSHILL 94 BM30029 95 BM30030 pressure relief valve pressure switch

The 96 button / button cap BM30031 GE 97 driller control board PC01T Ross of Haier ROSSHILL PLC 98 PLC power module 307-1EA00-0AA0 SIEMENS SIEMENS 99 CPU315-2DP SIEMENS 315-2AG10-0AB0 IM360-3AA01-0AA0 SIEMENS SIEMENS SIEMENS 100 interface module

101 IM361-3CA01-0AA0 interface module of the SIEMENS SIEMENS 102 interface module IM153-1AA03-0XB0 SIEMENS SIEMENS 103 I/O SIEMENS SIEMENS 104 I/O module SM331-7KF02-0AB0 module I/O module SM332-5HD01-0AB0 SIEMENS SIEMENS 105 SM322-1HF01-0AA0 SIEMENS SIEMENS

106 SIEMENS SIEMENS 107 I/O SM321-1BH50-0AA0 I/O module SM321-1FH00-0AA0 module I/O module SM321-1FF01-0AA0 of SIEMENS SIEMENS 108 SIEMENS SIEMENS 109 I/O module SM322-1BH01-0AA0 SIEMENS SIEMENS 110 SM321-1BH02-0AA0 SIEMENS SIEMENS I/O module

111 photoelectric module 6GK1 502-3CB10 SIEMENS SIEMENS 112 “512K card” 953-8LJ11-0AA0 SIEMENS 113 SIEMENS nine core plug (RS485) 972-0BA41-0XA0 SIEMENS 114 SIEMENS driller console cable 115 indoor cable

116 outdoor cable shielded twisted pair line of SIEMENS RH:0000-6982-84 117 6XV1830-0EH10 SIEMENS SIEMENS 118 WAS4 PRO sampling relay DC/DC Wade Miller 119 MP370 touch screen 6AV6-545-0DA10-0AX0 SIEMENS SIEMENS 120 T01 BM40027 transformer electromagnetic eddy current brake cabinet

121 intelligent rectifier module MJYS-QKZL-200 122 RC absorption protection plate PC1 Ross of Haier ROSSHILL 123 fault detection in PC2 Ross of Haier ROSSHILL 124 fault detection in PC2N Ross of Haier ROSSHILL 125 4NIC-B364 380/220V T2 transformer

126 rectification and regulated power supply 4NIC-Q24 220VAC/12VDC 2A 127 axial flow fan 220V 38W 128 DC transformer WB1222 129 AC voltmeter SQ-96C 500V 130 AC current meter SQ-96C “0 – 5V (panel carved 100A)
131 “brake handle (driller table for” SK-1 220/18V 132 of the other three level of drawer type circuit breaker MT20H1 2000A, 690VAC, MT20H1 drawing frame, the control unit 5.0A, annex MT20H1: undervoltage tripping coil Schneider 133 grade three drawer type circuit breaker “MT08H1” “800A, 690VAC, MT08H1 drawing frame, the control unit 5.0A, MT08H1 accessories: undervoltage tripping coil” Schneider 134 three level NS80H circuit breaker with MA12.5 Schneider 135 three level NS80H circuit breaker with MA25 Schneider

136 three level NS80H circuit breaker with MA50 Schneider 137 three level NS100N circuit breaker with MA100 Schneider 138 three level NS160N circuit breaker with MA150 Schneider 139 three level NS100N circuit breaker with TM63D Schneider 140 three level NS100N circuit breaker with TM100D Schneider

141 three level NS160N circuit breaker with TM160D Schneider 142 three level NS250N circuit breaker with TM200D Schneider 143 AC current meter 89T2-A 80A 144 AC current meter 89T2-A 125A 145 AC current meter 89T2-A 200A

146 AC current meter 89T2-A 100A 147 AC voltmeter SQ-96C 500V 148 screw type diode ZP200A 1200V (anti burn) ZP200A 1200V 149 screw type diode (positive burning) MYL8-750/70 150 varistor

More than 151 turn potentiometer WX13-12/22K 152 smoke detector YW-21S (24VDC) 24VDC 153 three-phase quadrupole plug / seat YT25A/GZ25A 154 three-phase quadrupole plug / seat YT60A/GZ60A 155 three-phase quadrupole plug / seat YT100A/GZ100A

156 three-phase quadrupole plug / seat YT150A/GZ150A 157 three-phase quadrupole plug / seat YT200A/GZ200A 158 three-phase five polar plug / seat 25YT-5J/GZ-5K 159 three-phase five polar plug / seat 60YT-5J/GZ-5K 160 three-phase five polar plug / seat 100YT-5J/GZ-5K

161 three-phase five polar plug / seat 150YT-5J/GZ-5K 162 three-phase five polar plug / seat 200YT-5J/GZ-5K 163 three-phase four pole plug pin 25A, 1 sets of 4 only 164 three-phase four pole plug pin 60A, 1 sets of 4 only 165 three-phase four pole plug pin 100A, 1 sets of 4

166 three-phase four pole plug pin 150A, 1 sets of 4 only 167 three-phase four pole plug pin 200A, 1 sets of 4 168 two core plug / seat P20K2HJG-1/P20J2MQJG 169 three pin plug / seat P20K3HJG-1/P20J3MQJG 170 four pin plug / seat (four fine) P28K9QJG/P28J9MQJG

171 four core plug / seat (two crude two fine) P28K10QJG/P2810MQJG 172 seven pin plug / seat P28K4QJG/P28J4MQJG 173 eight pin plug / seat P32K2QJG/P32J2MQJG 174 twenty pin plug / seat 16YT-20J/16GZ-20K 175 twenty pin plug / seat YT57J20ZY /YT57K20ZY
176 five core plug / seat CD1-5-J/K 177 cable 535-MCM

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