F-1000 Mud pump parts

 F-1000 Mud pump parts BOMCO
 Fluid End
2Valve Assy., including 1 PC of valve body assy. AH000002-010200, 1 PC of valve
rubber AH000002-010205, 1 PC of valve seat AH000002-0101
3Valve rubberAH000002010205each200
4Valve springAH33001-05.16each180
5Liner sealAH1001010504each120
6Valve sealAH1001010508each200
7Valve guide, UpperAH1001010510each60
8Valve guide, LowerAH10010101052200each100
9Spring GuideAH33001-05.13.00each100
10Valve Guide RetainerAH33001-05.14each80
11Valve SpringAH33001-05.16each150
12Valve pot coverAH1001010509each70
13Double-lip seal 4.5″x5.5″x0.5″AH1001010416each50
14Liner 5-1/2″AH33001-05.22C.00each24
15Liner 6″AH33001-05.22C.00each30
16Liner 6-1/4″AH33001-05.22C.00each30
17liner 6-1/2″AH33001-05.22C.00each30
18Piston 5-1/2″ (Containing polyurethane rubber)AH33001-05.19A.00each72
19Piston 6″ (Containing polyurethane rubber)AH33001-05.19A.00each90
20Piston 6-1/4″ (Containing polyurethane rubber)AH33001-05.19A.00each90
21Piston 6-1/2″ (Containing polyurethane rubber)AH33001-05.19A.00each90
22Piston rod clampAH33009-05.02.00each9
23Piston rodAH33001-05.21each6
24Piston nut M39x3AH33001-05.18.00each12
25O ring 41.2×3.55530301010412036000each200
26Clamp AssyAH100102-050500each8
27Sealing ringAH1001010404each50
28O-ring 175×3.55530301011750036000each200
29O-ring 140×7530301011400070000each200
30O-ring 97.5×3.55530301010975036000each200
31O-ring 185×7530301011850070000each200
32O-ring 115×5.3530301011150053000each200
33O-ring 165×7530301011650070000each200
34O-ring 200×8.6AH10010120605each100
35O-ring 80×5.7AH100101210607each100
36Retainer ring 80x70x2AH100101210606each100
37Retainer ring 200x185x2.5AH100101210604each100
38Oil seal 8.5″x10.5″x0.625″AH1001010311each90
39Pony rodAH1001010407each6
40Gear oil pump, 2S512601010031000000each2
41V-belt, A3150140301012031500000each10
42V-belt, 5ZV25J-8000140302025408000000each10
43O-ring 175×3.55530301011750036000each200
44O-ring 140×7530301011400070000each200
45O-ring 97.5×3.55530301010975036000each200
46O-ring 185×7530301011850070000each200
47O-ring 115×5.3530301011150053000each200
48O-ring 165×7530301011650070000each200
49Oil seal 8.5″x10.5″x0.625″AH1001010311each90
 Ring Gasket
50Ring gasket R-24T508-5004each10
51Ring gasket R-27T508-5003each10
51Ring gasket R-35T508-5005each10
52Ring gasket R-39T508-5001each10
52Ring gasket R-44T508-5002each10
53Fluid End Studded AssyAH34007-05.01.00set1
53Thread RingAH33001-05.02each1
54Cylinder HeadAH33001-05.03Aeach6
54Cylinder Head PlugAH33001-05.05each6
55Liner CageAH33001-05.06each1
56Locking ClipAH33001-05.30each1
57Double Lip Seal 4.5″x5.5″x0.5″AH34001-04.23each1
58PISTON & LINER WASHAH33009-08.00each1
59Cylinder Head Plug ToolAH36001-17.02Aeach1
  Lifting Tool        –
60Seat Lifting ToolAH33001-31.09.01each1
61Charging HoseAH33001-31.10.00Aeach1
62Manual Hydraulic Pump 70MPaPSH-IIeach1
63Sealing Ring 39T508-5001each5
  Pulsation Dampener
64Bottom PlugAH33002-02each5
66Pressure Gauge 0-25MPaY-60each4
67Needle Valve 1/4″JZR3-L8each4
68Sealing WasherT514-1001each10
69Adapter BushingAH33003-01each2
70Plain WasherAH33003-02each20
 Shear Relief Valve
71Plunger SealAH33003-03.00each50
73Plunger StemAH33003-05each5
75Roll PinAH33003-07each20
76Shear BarAH33003-10each10
77Shear PinAH33003-11each100
79Swivels, model XSL170, details please refers to attached specification.each1
80Upper Kelly cock, working pressure: 10000PSI, Max. OD: 5-3/4″,    Min. ID:3”,
Connection : 4-1/2” Reg LH, details please refers to attached specification
81Lower Kelly cock, working pressure: 10000PSI, Max. OD: 6-5/8”, Min. ID:2-1/4”,
Connection: NC50, details please refers to attached specification
82Lower  Kelly  cock,  working  pressure:  10000PSI,  Max.  OD:  4-3/4”,     Min.
ID:2-1/4”, Connection : NC38, details please refers to attached specification
83Kelly Save sub Pin, 4-1/2” IF PIN X 4-1/2” IF BOX, details please refers to
attached specification
84Kelly Save sub Pin, 3-1/2” IF PIN X 4-1/2” IF BOX, details please refers to
attached specification
85Cross over, 4-1/2” REG LH BOX X 6-5/8” REG LH PIN, details please refers to
attached specification
86Rotary hose , W/hammer union type 1002, Max. working pressure: 5000PSI, Bore
size: 4”,    Length: 17 m, details please refers to attached specification
87Screw, M6x25, C/w 1 PC of nut and 1 PC of gasket, used to fasten side/cross
88Butterfly valve 6″GK001200each30
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