Fluid Module

Heat-treated and internally hardened for high durability; available in various materials to meet a wide range of applications; standard one-and/or-two-piece configuration, with designs available for pressure of 5000psi(35.1Mpa), 7500psi(52.7Mpa), and 10000psi(70.3Mpa); discharge connections available on each side; suction connections on each side or front center.
● 100% interchangeable with OEM
● Premium forged alloy steel
● Made on CNC boring mills
● Strict computer controlled heat treat procedures
● Rigid inspection

Fluid End Accessories 
Eastland offers a complete line of accessories for OEM fluid end modules, CNC machining
makes these accessories uniformly dimensional and interchangeable with OEM.
The perfect exterior surface reflects the superior inside quality.
Fluid end accessories include,
● Valve and cylinder head plug
● Valve and cylinder head thread ring
● Upper and lower valve guide
● Stud and nut
● Gasket, Cylinder Head Gasket, etc.
Avaliable Mud Pump ModuleTypes:
“I” shaped module, “L” shaped module, 5000 psi module,7500 psi module, Southwest type module
Avaliable Mud Pump Models:
Gardner Denver:PZ-7/PZ-8/PZ-9/PZ-10/PZ-11
Ideco: T-500/T-800/T-1000/T-1300/T-1600
LS National: 3NB-500C, 3NB1000C,3NB1300C, 3NB1600
Drillmec:7TS600, 9T1000, 12T1600
RussianPumps:UNBT-950, UNB-600, 8T-650, UNBT650, NBT600, UNB1180, UNB1180L
Romania: 3PN-1000,3PN-1600, 3PN-2000
OPI:700-HDL | 1000-HDL

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