Fuse and Thyristor

Integrated supplier of oil and gas field components — special fuse for oil rig SCR cabinet BRLE-6076, BRLE-6051, LE-1076, LE-1051, 0807H75, LE-1078, KT33g-600A / 700V, KT30i-60A / 1000V Thyristors KP9 900-24, KPA 1800-18, KPA 2000-24, KPX 2300-24, etc.
Fuse FNQ-2 FNQ-4FNQ-6FNQ-8FNQ-10FNQ-12FNQ-16FNQ-20FNQ-25FNQ-32
Fuse RT18-32, 690V, 1A / 2A / 4A / 6A / 10A / 32A
Fuse LE-1076 107RSM Fuse LE-1051 105RSM
Fuse Z301552 Fuse E300453 Fuse SPJ-4M60
Fuse KT-33g fuse KT30I
Thyristor / thyristor KP900-24
Thyristor / thyristor KP1400-22
Thyristor / thyristor KP1800-25
Thyristor / thyristor N540CH18
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