GE Gas Turbine

GENERAL ELECTRIC make Gas Turbine at the earliest.



GE Part Number

1Fire detector , setting : 316 DegC

Fenwal make Model : 27121-0-600

2Flame Detector261A1812P0121
3Limit Switch328A7435P0011
4Vibration Transducer329A3529P0011
5Velocity Transducer 10 meter long Cable with Connector with SS armoured,344A9322G0051
6Power supply module for MK-IV, I/P : 125VDC, O/P : +28DS3820PSCC1
7Power supply module for MK-IV, I/P : 125VDC, O/P : +5DS3820PSCB1
8Pressure Switch, 63 FG226A1706P2081
9Pressure Switch, 63QT-2A114A4316P0051
10Pressure Switch, 63QQ-3226A1593P0011
11Pressure Switch, 63HG-1114A4315P0161
12Pressure Switch, 63QA-2114A4315P0051
13Pressure Switch, 63HQ 1
14LVDT, Kavlico Make311A5178P002 (Old P/N- 185A1328PT8)1
15Limit Switch, Haydon Switch make P/N : 62105-3KT8050527X91
16Servo Valve,312A6077P0011
17AComplete Temperature Regulating Valve,158A7585P0051
17BSpares Sensor for above Temp. Regulating Valve 1
17CGasket for above Temp. Regulating Valve 1 set
18Tee Seal Ring for Compressor Bleed valve, Laurence make Type : 496 3-D-SHTE, Cat. No. : 6509, Sr. No. Y102326-1WKN 1 set



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