GE GT6 HGPI spare parts list

SN Name NTC GE  Drawing Number Unit Quantity
twelve point bolt M20-6gX75(40Cr2MoV-5)
NB5159N733AP35048 Piece150
twelve point bolt M20-6gX65(40Cr2MoV-5)
NB5159 Piece100
34 M8X16(35CrMoA-5)
Bolt M8X16(35CrMoA-5)
GB/T65-1985N57P23012 Piece60
35 M12-6gX38(40Cr2MoV-5)
twelve point bolt M12-6gX38(40Cr2MoV-5)
NB5159N733AP29024 Piece120
twelve point bolt M12-6gX32(40Cr2MoV-5)
NB5159N733P29020 Piece80
Bolt M16X50(35CrMoA)
GB5783-1986N14P33032 Piece80
38 M20X50(35CrMoA)
Bolt M20X50(35CrMoA)
GB/T5783-1986N14P35032 Piece8
39 lock-down type screw-thread bush  M12-8 1/8NB5151 Piece20
40 lock-down type screw-thread bush M16-8 3/8NB5151 Piece20
41 lock-down type screw-thread bush M20-9 5/8NB5151 Piece24
42 lock-down type screw-thread bush M20-13 3/4NB5151 Piece50
43 10X20
Pin 10X20
GB/T879-1986 Piece10
44 lining boardR031.14.00.05G2178C6065G02 Piece20
45 Round tube 20R011.14.00.14279A1887P001 Piece10
46 sealing press plate disc 16MNRO11.14.00.16178C6066P001 Piece20
47 flexible spiral wound sealing gasketRO14.14.00.01318A9713P012Piece20
48 flexible spiral wound sealing gasketRO14.14.00.13318A9713P003Piece20
49 sealing gasketRO11.14.00.15287A1614P001Piece40
50 fuel nozzle gasketR014.14.00.18324A9109P004Piece10
51 sealing ringRO14.14.00.19324A9109P107Piece2
52 flame detector gasketR014.37.05.05324A9243P002Piece4
53 spiral wound gasket 1.25″NB5157Piece40
54 rear side sealing plate239C7211G001 Piece10
55 locking plate rear side sealing plate (material is 1Cr18Ni9Ti steel platewith 1.5 thickness)R011.14.04.15216B6755P001 Piece10
56 locking plate (1Cr18Ni9Ti thickness 1.5)R011.14.04.11224B9719P001 Piece10
57 Front gasket (1Cr13)R011.14.04.18287A1613P005 Piece40
58 locking plate (1Cr18Ni9Ti steel plate thickness 1.5)R011.14.04.04224B9719P002 Piece10
59 Sealing sheet guade plate239C7223P001 Piece10
60 Hinged BoltsR011.14.04.10219B6733P001 Piece20
61 Bolt (35CArMov-5)R011.14.04.12216B6753P001 Piece20
62 locking plate (support frame)(1Cr18Ni9Ti steel plate thickness is 1.5)R022.14.04.01258B8740P001 Piece10
63 Bolt GH132-5R011.14.04.16216B6753P002 Piece10
64 transition pieces positioning pin (35CrMov-5)R011.14.04.17219B6731P002 Piece10
65 support frame239C7206G002 Piece10
66 combustion chamber transition pieces117E8207G001Piece10
67 outer side sealing227C9290G001Piece10
68 inner side sealing227C9291G001Piece10
69 borescope inspection hole plug (1Cr13-5)R031.01.01.13213B1339P002 Piece8
70 clearance gap plugR011.01.01.09213B1358P001 Piece8
71 springR011.01.01.52279A1674P001 Piece8
72 clearance gap plugR029.01.01.08213B1344P001 Piece4
73 clearance gap plugR031.01.01.14213B1343P001 Piece4
74 borescope inspection hole plug (1Cr13-5)R029.01.01.09213B1341P002 Piece1
75 borescope inspection hole plug (1Cr13-5)R031.01.01.18248A4454P002 Piece3
76 borescope inspection hole plug (Cr18Ni12MoTi-T6)R031.01.01.19213B1356P001 Piece3
77 clearance gap plugR011.01.01.10213B1359P002 Piece1
78 borescope inspection hole plug (1Cr13-5)R031.01.01.20279A1632P002 Piece2
79 clearance gap plugR031.01.01.11213B1359P002 Piece1
80 borescope inspection hole plug (1Cr13-5)R029.01.01.14213B1340P001 Piece4
81 Bolt  (40Cr2MoV)R011.01.01.59 Piece4
82 twelve point nut M39*3-6H(40Cr2MoV)NB5160N271P50 Piece44
83 twelve point bolt M39*3*300(40Cr2MoV)NB5159N733AP50192 Piece22
84 twelve point bolt M39*3*200NB5159N733AP50128 Piece2
85 Bolt(40Cr2MoV)R011.01.01.60 Piece2
86 Bolt(40Cr2MoV)R011.01.01.62 Piece4
87 Bolt(40Cr2MoV)R011.01.01.63 Piece2
88 positioning pin (stud bolts M39X350)(40Cr2MoV) Piece4
89 positioning pin (stud bolts M39X240)(40Cr2MoV) Piece2
90 Metal woven rope Φ6X236691-44397091443970P001Piece2
91 pin bolt M27X3X140(35Cr2MoA)N733AP44072 Set4
92 bolt M27X100GB/T5783-1986N14P39064 Set14
93 Nut  M27-6HNB5161974A827P010 Set22
94 stud bolt  M20X100(GH2132)R031.01.02.147P291432202P002 Piece24
95 NUT M20(GH2132)GB/T6170-198691444728P007 Piece48
96 Gasket (thickness is 14mm)(GH4169)R031.01.02.25191313222P001 Piece48
97 ceramic fibre gasket  (80mm×5mm×20m) alumino-silicate refractory fiber felts (A grade)91444662P001 Piece1
98 ceramic fibre gasket  (60mm×3mm×20m) alumino-silicate refractory fiber felts (A grade)307A9242ST05 Piece1
99 bolt M12X80(0Cr18Ni11Ti)R031.01.02.142293A911P016 Piece28
100 locking plate(1Ci18NiTi 1.5 steel plate)R014.01.02.146279A1652P001 Sheet4
101 heat-insulating materials(400x400x80mm) alumino-silicate refractory fiber felts (A grade)307A9242ST05 Piece15
102 Bolt M10X50(35CrMoA-5)GB/T5783-1986N24P25012 Piece32
103 lock-sheet(1Ci18NiTi 1.5 plate)R031.01.02.253P5261A7644P005 Sheet16
104 twelve point bolt M20X50(0Cr18Ni11Ti)NB5159 Piece18
105 Bolt M12X35(1Cr12WMoV-5)R014.01.02.143 Piece24
106 Gasket 12(1Cr18Ni9)GB/T96-1985 Piece24
107 Bolt M27X75(0Cr18Ni11Ti)R031.01.02.140293A914P012 Piece14
108 spacer shim (0Cr18Ni11Ti)R031.01.02.13691314961P001 Sheet14
109 guide bushing (0Cr18Ni11Ti)R031.01.02.137P291314960P002 Piece14
110 Segment junction plate 1Cr18Ni9Ti steel 1.5 thicknessR031.01.09.1435279A1146P1 Piece14
111 LF2 aluminium plate 0.5 gasketR031.01.09.1436279A1148P1 set1
112 thermal insulating blockR037.01.09.143491308646G1 Piece42
113 segment barR031.01.09.143791309538P1 Piece28

bolt  M12X45(35CrMoA-5)

GB5783-86 Piece56
115 segment junction plate(1Cr18Ni9Ti 1.5 steel plate)R031.01.09.1438279A2644P1 Piece14
116 LF2 aluminium plate 0.5 gasketR031.01.09.1439279A2645P1 set1
117 segment barR031.01.09.1440279A2641P1 Piece28
118 twelve point bot M39X3X150(30CrMnSiA-5)NB5159N733BP50096 Piece8
119 screw-thread bush M39X3 Piece8
120 Bolt M16X50(35CrMo)GB/T5783-1986 Piece300
121 Nut  M16(35CrMo)GB/T6170-1986 Piece300
122 Gasket M16(A140)GB/T97.1-1985 Piece600
123 Bolt M20X55(35CrMo)GB/T5783-1986 Piece200
124 Nut  M20(35CrMo)GB/T6170-1986 Piece200
125 Gasket M20(A140)GB/T97.1-1985 Piece400
126 High temperature gasket(80mm×5mm×78m)RO32.05.05.403M78M
127 Ceramic fiber thermal insulation layer KG20
128 Aluminum silicate ceramic fibre thermal insulation layerJSGW-100020
129 Stainless steel screen10um KG20
130 ceramics fiber sealing gasketZ97A1187P001 Piece2 drums
131Expansion Joint fibre cloth Length 17200mm and width 450mmS/N:NG1602-101Nos1
132 High temperature proof gasketRO32.05.01.403M64M
133 lock-down type screw-thread bush M27*3M27*3 Piece10
134 bolt M20X90(35CrMnSiA-5)GB5782-86 Piece56
135 bolt M20X50GB5782-86 Piece2
136 bolt M20X65GB5782-86 Piece16
137 bolt M12X40GB5782-86 Piece4
138 bolt M16X70 with selflock nut (35CrMoA-5)NB5161 Piece48
139 nut  M12GB6170-86 Piece4
140 nut  M20GB6170-86 Piece50
141 bolt M20X80(35CrMoA-5)GB/T5872-1986 Piece32
142 gasket 6 inchNB5156 Piece4
143 selflock nut M20-6H(35CrMnSiA-5)NB5156 Piece56
144 flexible metallic tube (tube outer diameter159X960mm )R019.60.02.29Piece1
145 flexible metallic tube (tube outer diameter159X620mm )R019.60.02.32Piece1
146 flexible metallic tube (5)(tube pipe diameter is 150X, tube outer diameter is 158X, single side tube length is 100X, flexible metallic tube length is 740mm)R019.60.03.248Piece2
147 flexible metallic tube (1) (tube outer diameter is 113X550mm)R019.60.03.234Piece1
148 flexible metallic tube (6) (tube outer diameter is 159X830mm)R041.60.03.250Piece2
149 flexible metallic tube (2) (tube outer diameter is 113X550mm)R019.60.03.245Piece1
150 flexible metallic tube (4) (tube outer diameter is 113X560mm)R019.60.03.247Piece1
151 flexible metallic tube (3) (tube outer diameter is 113X660mm)R019.60.03.246根Piece1
152 flexible metallic tube (tube outer diameter is 73X270mm)Piece4
153 flexible metallic tube25JRH32FPJF/FRJF-670L=670,mmPiece10
154 gasket 6″NB5156Piece6
155 gasket 20X39X105X1.5NB5153Piece10
156 copper gasket79*64*3Piece20
157 copper gasket69*53*3Piece20
158 gasket DN40NB5259Piece5
159 gasket DN80NB5259Piece4
160 gasket DN100NB5259Piece20
161 gasket DN150NB5259Piece22
162 gasket DN80NB5259Piece2
163 gasket Dg65NB5227Piece8
164 gasket DN150NB5229Piece16
Switch over valve
hydraulic turning gear pile-up valve (VH14)
R011.28.03.01277A2918P001 Set2
167 steel pipe Φ6X1X2300mm(00Cr18Ni10)Φ6X1X2300mm(00Cr18Ni10) M2.3
168 steel pipeΦ10X1X10000mm(00Cr18Ni11)Φ10X1X10000mm(00Cr18Ni11) M10
169 right angle pipe fittings (stainless steel)SS-6Mo-9Piece4
170 right angle pipe fittings (stainless steel)SS-10Mo-9Piece9
171 pipe fittings(Φ10, Z3/8 inch)SS-10Mo-1-6Piece5
172 T-P pipe fittings Φ10X Z3/8 inch 1Cr18Ni9TiNB5164Piece3
173 pipe fittings(Φ6, Z3/8 inch)SS-6Mo-1-6Piece1
174 four-way junctionSS-10Mo-4Piece1
175 T-P pipe fitting Φ10X Z1/2 inch 1Cr18Ni9Ti-T5NB5164Piece2
176 T-P pipe fittings Φ10X Z3/4inch 1Cr18Ni10Ti-T5R011.28.03.29Piece6
177 straight-through pipe jointSS-10M0-6Piece3
178 T-P pipe fitting 1Cr18Ni9Ti-T5R011.28.03.22Piece1
179 straight-through pipe joint (stainless steel)SS-6Mo-9Piece3
180 Tee pipe joint (stainless steel)SS-10Mo-3Piece5
181 T-P pipe fittings Φ6X Z3/8 inch  1Cr18Ni9TiNB5164Piece1
182 T-P pipe fittings Φ6X Z1/4 inch 1Cr18Ni9Ti-T7NB5164Piece2
183 T-P pipe fittings Φ6X Z1/8 inch 1Cr18Ni9TiNB5164Piece2
184 T-P pipe fittings Φ10X Z1/4 inch 1Cr18Ni9TiNB5164Piece3
185 pipe fittings Φ10-Φ6SS-6Mo-R-10MPiece5
186 metallic spiral wound gasket5″150LB ASME B16.20 piece10
187 metallic spiral wound gasket4″150# 304/FG ASME B16.20  304-IR piece10
188 spiral wound gasket73*50*4.5 piece10
189 spiral wound gasket78*39*4.5 piece10
Following spare parts might need to be urgent purchase after open casing inspection,suggest Owner to inform local supplier to spare one (1) set follow spare parts for back-up purpose
1 2nd stage nozzleR031.22.03-1119E2094G039set1
2NZ6 Pulg/dugo279A1768P001Piece16
3NZ6 Stg2 pin nozzle213B1487P001Piece16
4NZ6 reducer,conduit,vezetek302A4537P001Piece4
5NZ6 turing adapter/cso adapter255A4330P001Piece4
6NZ6 tube termocouple cso287A7874G001Piece4
7 3rd stage nozzleR031.22.04G3-1201E1231G006set1
8nozzle positioning pin213B1487P001Piece16
9fixing plate279A1772P001Piece16
10 BOLT HX HD293A0900P008Piece32
11locking plate294A0150P003Piece16
12tubing thermocouple279A1763G001Piece4
13tube adapter255A4330P001Piece4
14reducer conduit302A4537P001Piece4
15 BUCKET TURBINE STG2101T1327G004set1
16BKT SEAL PIN279A1741P002Piece92
17SEAL PIN, BUCKET-RADIAL302A1153P001Piece92
20 STAGE 3 BUCKET, MACH314B7164G019set1
22SEAL PIN, BUCKET-RADIAL279A1705P003Piece92
23LOCK PIN239B5791P006Piece92
24 2nd stage shroud-blockR031.21.02G2-1234B8962G002set 36 pcs in one set
25 2nd stage shroud ring sealing pin (1Cr17-5)R011.01.01.49213B1363P001Piece2
26 2nd stage shroud ring sealing pin (1Cr17-5)R011.01.01.50213B1362P001Piece34
27 square head screw plug Z    1/4″NB5200286A6290P002Piece32
28 square head screw plug Z    3/8″NB5201286A6290P003Piece4
29positioning pin (cylinder type positioning pin)R031.01.01.21P2213B1338P006Piece2
30 positioning pin (cylinder type positioning pin)R031.01.01.21P3213B1338P007Piece28
31 positioning pin (cylinder type positioning pin)R031.01.01.21P1213B1338P005Piece2
32 3rd stage shroud-ringR031.21.03G1-1132B5019G002set1
33 3rd stage shroud ring sealing pin (1Cr17-5)R011.01.01.31279A1659P002Piece2
34 3rd stage shroud ring sealing pin (1Cr17-5)R031.01.01.16P2279A1660P002Piece28
35 square head screw plug Z    1/4 inchesNB5200286A6290P002Piece30
36 positioning pin (cylinder type positioning pin)R031.01.01.21P4213B1338P008Piece30
37 #2 bearing air sealR022.08.02.07P1164C2819P001 Set1
38 #2 bearing oil sealR022.08.02.08177D9782P001 Set2
39 #2 bearing air seal pinR011.08.02.13279A1622P001 Piece1
40 #2 bearing oil seal pinR011.08.02.14239A5648P001 Piece2
41 12 corner nut Φ52XP3牙 (25C2MoVA)R014.27.04.02Piece12
42 12 corner bolt Φ52XP3牙(25C2MoVA)R014.27.04.01Piece12
43 hexagon head bolt (British system Φ28.5XP12牙)R011.27.02.01279A2632P001Piece48
44 self lock nut (Brithsh system Φ28.5XP12牙)R011.27.02.02279A2658P001Piece48
45 positioning pin5NQ.939.014 piece1
46 bolt   M16X70GB70-85 piece4
47 bolt   M16X70GB70-85 piece20
48 Generator exitation end bearing sealing device5NQ.373.013 item 1 set1
49 Generator exitation end bearing sealing device5NQ.373.014 item 1 set1
50 Generator steam end bearing sealing device5NQ.373.013 item2 set1
51 Generator steam end bearing sealing device5NQ.373.014 item 2 set1
52 Gasket 12GB95-85 piece42
53 BoltM12X45GB70-85 piece40
54 Epoxy laminated glass fabric tube3640 piece40
55 insulation lining gasket 2 (3240 glass fabric tube)NB6030 piece40
56 Gasket 12GB95-85 piece40
57 BoltM12X40GB70-85 piece40
58 Sealing pin of 2rd stage nozzle193D2432PO16 Piece16
59193D2432POO3 Piece16
60193D2432POO2 Piece16
61193D2432POO1 Piece16
62193D2432PO15 Piece16
63193D2432PO14 Piece16
64 Sealing pin of 3rd stage nozzle193D2432P007 Piece16
65193D2432P006 Piece16
66193D2432P005 Piece16
67193D2432P004 Piece16
68193D2432P011 Piece16
69193D2432P012 Piece16
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