Slip Type Elevator

Slip type elevators are holding and hoisting tools for handling drill pipe, small casing and tubing in oil and gas field. They are especially fit to integral joint tubing, non-coupled casing, electric submersible pump and other tubular goods. They feature four slip designs which give an optimum contact on the pipe to prevent bottlenecking and gauge damage. The “YC” type elevator is capable of handling dual tubing strings. All type “Y” series elevator operate with the latch lock combination for safety. The “YC” provide a 7″ insert contact to grip your casing or tubing. They are designed and manufactured according to APl Spec 8A/8C-specification for drilling and production Hoisting Equipment .

ModelPipe sizeMax .load
YT1.315-3 1/233.4-88.967075
YC3 1/2-788.9-177.867075
MYC3 1/2~789~1781130125
HYC2 7/8~7 5/889~1941800200
HYT2 3/8-3 1/260.3-88.91350150
MYT1.315-2 7/833.4-7336070
LYT1.05-2 1/1626.7-52.418020

TYPE TA Elevator 

The TA style elevator used for lifting tubing, casing and drill collars. The elevators are balanced for easy handling with safety lock and latch and guarded operating handles. Sizes range from 35ton to 150ton and cover all size tubular up to 11-1/4”. Please note: BJ type is straight latch door. API type has bevel latch door. Please state clear BJ or API type when you order.

The main body of elevator is made of high-strength alloy steel, processed by special heat treatment ad to obtain the good plasticity and tenacity. It is designed in accordance with API Spec 8A/8C for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment. Its residual deformation is not more than 0.2% through the max. Test load, and no damage and deformation happen through Non-Destruction Examination after twenty-four hours.

SizeTypeRated Capacity (Tons)
1.050-2 1/227-73TA35
1.66-2 7/842-73TA65
3 1/2-4 1/289-114TA65
2 3/8-2 7/860-73TA100
3 1/2-589-127TA100
4 3/4-8 5/8121-219TA100
4 1/2-8 5/8114-219TA150
4 3/4-8 5/8121-219TA150
8 1/2-11 1/4216-286TA150



Sucker rod Elevators are the necessary tools to handle Sucker rod in oil well repairing operation. The plate style rod elevators are unique with interchangeable heat treated steel plates for different size rods and ease of changing plates when worn to limit wear on elevator body. The elevators are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 8A-Specification for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment.

modelSucker rod style (in)Elevator bores (mm)Max. Load (tons)Weight (kg)
SE19  1/2192012
SE23 5/8- 3/423
SE321 1/832


modelSucker rod style (in)Elevator bores (mm)Max. Load (tons)Weight (kg)
SE19  1/2192512
SE22 5/8- 3/423

Sucker Rod Wrench

It can change the plate style inserts to fit for different size of rods.

  • Snap-Up, Hammer-Action
  • Balanced Design
  • Easily Serviced
Type GSHandling Rod Size (in)Max Torque (ft-lbs)Weight (lbs)





Heavy lift short snap-in rod hook

Purpose: The special designed snap-in latch mechanism lets rod elevator bail hook in without operator releasing latch and bail is held secure in place until released.

Sizes and Capacities: The Model FH-25 has a rated capacity of 20 tons and the Model RH-25 has a rated capacity 25 tons in accordance with API standards.

Suck rod hook is composed of hook ,bail and locking assembly .The bail of suck rod is able to get into the hook  without opening the locking arm  After the bail is on right place ,locking arm reset (preventing the bail of suck rod get out of hook )under the function of spring which ensures the lifting safety of suck rod hook .In addition ,put a bush on the spring in case the something gets into the locking assembly and get the locking assembly lost the function .

Max Related25tons(225kN)25tons(225kN)35tons(315kN)25tons(225kN)
Hook Open Dimension1.7/8 in(47.6mm)1.7/8in (47.6mm)1.7/8in (47.6mm)1.7/8in (47.6mm)


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