HH 70DBS Rig parts

BAPEX TenderHH 70DBS Rig parts

Draw- Works  Model- JC123-TC:
1Rope stop P/N- DSQ-0.100EA4
2Pressure gauge 0-0.6Mpa P/N- Y-60EA1
Main HPU
1Oil return filter element  P/N- FBX-400×10EA3
2Disc brake oil return filter element P/N- FAX-63×10EA3
3Oil suction filter element P/N- TFX-400×100EA3
4Disc brake oil suction filter element P/N- TFX-63×100EA3
5Air filter P/N- QUQ3-10×40EA2
6Hose, ؾ”,L=52”, W.P.-21.5MPa, both male conn.EA4
7Hose, ؾ”,L=61”, W.P.-21.5MPa, both male conn.EA2
8Hose, ؾ”,L=65”, W.P.-21.5MPa, both male conn.EA2
9Hose, ؾ”,L=20’, W.P.-25MPa, both male conn.EA8
10Hose, ؾ”,L=15’, W.P.-25MPa, both male conn.EA2
11Hose, ؼ”,L=55’, W.P.-21.5MPa, both male conn.EA1
12Hose, ؾ”,L=65’, W.P.-21.5MPa, both male conn.EA2
13Hose, ؽ”,L=24’, W.P.-27.5MPa, both male conn.EA3
14Hose, ؾ”,L=20’, W.P.-25MPa,  male-female(swivel).EA2
15Hose, ؾ”,L=16’, W.P.-25MPa, both male conn.EA4
16Hose, ؼ”,L=16’, W.P.-21.5MPa, both male conn.EA1
17Hose, Ø1”, L=75’”, W.P.-21.5MPa, both male conn.EA1
18Hose, ؼ”,L=25’, W.P.-21.5MPa, both male conn.EA1
19Hose, ؾ”,L=20’, W.P.-25MPa, male-female(swivel).EA2
20Hose, ؼ”,L=20’, W.P.-25MPa, both male conn.EA3
21Hose, ؾ”,L=75’, W.P.-21.5MPa, both male conn.EA1
22Hose, Ø1”,L=16’, W.P.-21.5MPa, both male conn.EA2
23Disc Brake Hydraulic Pump with motor/Brake Pump Set: HYD. SYSTEM HTY05 00 including motor bell jar coupling and oil pump. This is for Draw- Works  Model- JC123-TC (50 Hz)EA1
24Hydraulic Pump and Motor(Coupled) 160YCY-Y315S-6, 75kw, 400V, 3 phase, 50Hz.EA1
Air supply system
1Air cleaner P/N- C-013EA2
2Air cleaner P/N- T-013EA2
3Ball valve NPT 2”EA2
4Ball valve NPT ½”EA2
5Air Hose NPT 2” 511EA2
6Check valve P/N- Aa-L40EA2
7Hose, ؼ”,L=80’, W.P.-28MPa, both side female(swivel)EA1
8Hose, ؼ”,L=27’, W.P.-28MPa, both side female(swivel)EA1
9Hose, ؽ”,L=35’, W.P.-28MPa, both side maleEA1
10Hose, ؽ”,L=16’, W.P.-28MPa, male- female(swivel)EA1
High Pressure Mud Circulating System
14” Flanged metal seat mud valve API 4 1/16” – 35EA4
22” Flanged metal seat mud valve API 2 1/16” – 35EA4
34” 1003 Union Seal ring j125×j10EA12
42” 1502 Union seal ringEA8
5Seal ring Rx39EA8
6O ring Rx24EA12
7Pressure Gauge 0-105Mpa 1/2NPT ConnectionEA1
Mud Pump Model-NOV 12-P-60
1Pressure gauge 0-6000 psi P/N – YN150BEA2
2Combined narrow V-Belt P/N -25(J)5-8000EA4
Mud Pump Model- NOV 12-P-160
1Liner 6½” P/N-05466650EA12
2Liner 5 ½ P/N-05466550EA18
3Liner 5” P/N-05466500EA18
4Piston 6½” P/N-1502062FT12
5Piston 5½” P/N-1502058EA18
6Piston 5” P/N-1502056EA18
7Valve ,complete assy  urethane insert P/N-1560985EA30
8Valve seat, full  open P/N-1561440EA30
9Valve spring P/N-1560702EA12
10Valve cover P/N-1540138EA2
11Liner spray system P/N-1292120EA6
12Hose 1”×40” P/N-6100036EA2
13Hose 1½”×46” P/N-6100037EA2
14Valve insert, urethane P/N-1560557EA12
15Piston replacement rubber 6½” P/N-015180300EA18
16Piston replacement rubber 5½” P/N-015180227EA18
17Piston replacement rubber 5” P/N-015180185SET18
18Valve insert guide P/N-1292141EA18
19Holder, valve insert guide P/N-1292140EA18
20Valve cove gasket P/N- G-787UEA18
CAT Generator, Model -3512B
1Primary air filter P/N-8N-6309EA8
2Secondary air filter P/N-8N-2556EA8
3Fuel filter P/N-1R-0756EA40
4Oil filter P/N-1R-0726EA36
5Kit seal and vane P/N-5N-8390EA4
CAT Generator, Model- C15
1Fuel –water seperator P/N-1R-0781EA4
2Oil filter P/N-1R-0716EA4
3Air cleaner filter element P/N-9Y-3879EA4
4Primary air filer element  P/N-151-7737EA4
5Secondary air filter element P/N-189-0202EA4
6V-Belt P/N-9L-6641EA2
Air Compressor,  Model-Quency QDT-45 KW HT
1Element Air filter P/N-23458-4EA8
2Element Fluid  filter P/N-128381-050EA8
3AO separator P/N-124487-018EA8
4Coupling  Drive P/NG35099119-001EA4
5Compressor Oil, 18.9 L Container   P/N-144046-055EA8
6Inlet valve Group P/N126650-005EA6
LOT -4
Solid Control  circulating system
1Butterfly valve DN300SET6
2Butterfly valve DN250EA10
3Butterfly valve DN200EA10
4Butterfly valve DN150EA8
5Butterfly valve DN80EA10
6Butterfly valve DN50EA10
7 Centrifugal pump SB 6”×8 -12½”EA4
8 Centrifugal pump SB 3”×4” -9½”EA2
9 Centrifugal pump SB 2”×3”-10”EA2
10Mud hose DN80, L-3500 with union fig100,3”EA8
11Mud hose DN80, L-4500 with union fig100. 3”EA8
12Pin and sheath loop (forSB 6×8)  P/N- SB68J0015SEA100
13Pump jointer P/N- SB68J0003SEA3
16Motor jointer P/N- SB68J0004SFT3
17Key P/N- SB68J0005SEA3
19Key P/N- SB68J0006SEA3
20Union sub seal ring 12”EA10
21Union sub seal ring 8”EA10
21Union sub seal ring 6”EA10
22Union fig100 3”EA6
23Hopper, Model-ZHP150EA1
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