Honghua HHF-1300 Fluid End parts list

Honghua HHF-1300 Fluid End and power end Parts list

HHF-1300 Valve Assembly
No.Part No. (HHF-1300/1600)Part NameQty.
111-3161-0511-01Valve Body1
211-3161-0511-02Valve Nut1
4262Sealant: 2621
6B0308-005Steel Ball:Φ546
711-3161-0511-05Valve Rubber1
811-3161-0511-07Valve Guide1
911-3161-0511-06Valve Cup1
1011-3161-0511-01-00Valve Body Complete (Remark: this item includes the part from item1~8)
HHF-1300 Piston
No.Part No. (HHF-1300/1600)Part NameQty.
111-3161-0524-0100Piston: 5 1/21
211-3161-0524-0200Piston: 61
311-3161-0524-0300Piston: 6 1/41
411-3161-0524-0400Piston 6 1/21
511-3161-0524-0500Piston: 6 3/41
611-3161-0524-0600Piston: 71
HHF-1300 Piston Rubber
No.Part No. (HHF-1300/1600)Part NameQty.
111-3161-0524-0102-00Rubber 5 1/21
211-3161-0524-0202-00Rubber 61
311-3161-0524-0302-00Rubber 6 1/41
411-3161-0524-0402-00Rubber 6 1/21
511-3161-0524-0502-00Rubber 6 3/41
611-3161-0524-0602-00Rubber 71
HHF-1300 Cylinder (block) assembly
No.Part No. (HHF-1300/1600)Part NameQty.
111-3161-0501-01Fluid end (not nickel plating)1
211-3161-0501-02Stud bolt: 1-8UNC (14UNS) -2A*18512
311-3161-0501-03Nut: 1-8UNC-2B (SPL)12
411-3161-0501-04Stud bolt: 1 1/2-8UN (12UNF) -2A*17010
511-3161-0501-05Stud bolt: 1 1/2-8UN (12UNF) -2A*12010
611-3161-0501-06Nut: 1 1/2-8UN-2B (SPL)20
711-3161-0501-07Stud bolt: 1 1/4-8UN (12UNF) -2A*1954
811-3161-0501-08Nut: 1 1/4-8UN-2B (SPL)4
911-3161-0501-09Anaerobic fluid sealant 2771
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