Honghua HHF-2400 General Frame parts list

Honghua HHF-2400 Mud pump General Frame parts list

Assembly NB005.001
Frame assembly NB005.01.002
Crankshaft assembly NB004.02.003
Connecting rod component NB004.02.01.004
Right-hand bull gear assembly NB001.02.01.005
Left-hand bull gear assembly NB001.02.04.006
Pinion shaft assembly NB001.03.006
Crosshead component NB005.04.007
Lubrication system assembly NB005.05.008
Lubrication system pipeline10
Fluid end assembly NB005.06.0012
Hydraulic cylinder and liner assembly13
Suction pipeline assembly15
Mud guard clamp assembly NB004.06.11.0016
Liner water retaining device 1 NB004.06.12.0017
Liner water retaining device 2 NB004.06.13.0018
Spray system assembly NB005.08.0019
Spray pipe assembly NB005.08.04.0020
Skid assembly NB005.07.0021
Discharge five-way block assembly NB004.09.0022
Guard cover NB004.12.0023
Guard seal NB004.12.09.0025
Assembly NB005.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)Qty.
1Pinion shaft assemblyNB001.03.001
2Right guardNB005.28.001
3Crosshead componentNB001.04.005
4Frame assemblyNB005.01.001
5Spring safety valveHSV51-52-F-00-001A1
6Safety valve seatNB004.11.001
7Fluid end assemblyNB005.06.001
8Discharge five-way block assemblyNB004.09.001
9Spray system assemblyNB005.08.001
10Skid assemblyNB005.07.001
11Crankshaft assemblyNB004.02.001
12Guard coverNB004.12.002
13Left guardNB005.29.001
14Lubrication system assemblyNB005.05.001
Frame assembly NB005.01.00
No.DescriptionDrawing No. (code)Qty.
1Rear cover plateHBZ013.325
3Cylindrical pin with internal thread: 16X80GB/T1184
4Bolt M36*100NB001.378
5Cover, motor mounting baseNB001.01.072
8Bolt M12x50GB/T578325
9Cylindrical pin with internal thread:Φ16×60GB/T 118-200010
10Bolt M16x60GB/T578346
11Flat washer ΦI6GB/T848-200246
12Side cover plate 2HBZ013.201
13Side cover plate 1 (right)HBZ013.48.001
14Bolt M12x35GB/T57838
15Drainage coverNB800G. 19.002
16Sealing washerNB800G.202
17Crosshead cover plate assembly 4NB005.01.06.001
18Crosshead cover plate assembly 1NB005.01.03.002
19Crosshead cover plate assembly 2NB005.01.04.001
20Crosshead cover plate assembly 3NB005.01.05.001
21Liner chamber cover plateNB005.36.01.005
22Side cover gasket 1HBZ013.172
23Side cover gasket 2HBZ013.192
24Side cover plate 1 (left)HBZ013.52.001
25Side cover plate 2 (left)NB005.201
26Bolt M12x25GB/T578360
27Flat washer 9I2GB/T848-200260
28Bolt M12x25GB/T578390
29Flat washer 9I2GB/T848-200290
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